POLL: Spending Friday night with the MLS team you support – love it or hate it? | SIDELINE

Sporting Park pre-game in the rain

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11 am, eight hours to kickoff; noon, seven hours to kickoff; 2 pm, five hours to kickoff; 3 pm, four hours to kickoff. Enough already, I'm clocking out early.

That's likely the thought process of roughly 20,000 Kansas Citians this Friday morning and afternoon, as well as thousands of others in Philadelphia.

That's because the two cities' MLS teams face off tonight on NBCSN's nationally televised Friday night spectacle (8 pm ET, NBCSN/TSN2), and only the longest day of the work week — so close to the light at the end of the tunnel, yet still so far — is all that stands between them and offering up their full support from the stadium, bar or couch.

So tell us: do you love the scheduling of Friday night MLS games for your favorite team? Do you hate it? Somewhere in between? Vote in the poll on the right and let us know.

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