KICKTV's weekend rewind: Cristiano Ronaldo's stunner, Jonjo Shelvey's volley | SIDELINE

Every Saturday and Sunday morning/early afternoon prior to kickoff of the day's MLS action, there are other leagues around the world — predominantly in Europe, we're told — that play soccer games which are often times readily available to you on television.

No, really. Who knew? Anyway, these are KICKTV's five must-see GIFs from those games, with a little MLS sprinkled in.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, please just stop already. You're scaring me the young American children.

2. Ajax won their fourth straight Dutch title; this FK goal from Schone helped.

3. Sebastian Fernandez lets rip from far out to salvage a last-second equalizer.

4. Jonjo Shelvey, not to be outdone, with the goal of the weekend in the EPL.

5. Manu Trigueros scores for Villarreal with the pinpoint header. Precise.