VIDEO: David Beckham plays Egg Roulette with Jimmy Fallon, smashes egg on his head | SIDELINE

World soccer superstar — and possible future MLS franchise owner? — David Beckham was a special guest on Friday night's edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and in appearing on the show, endured an evening he will not soon be able to forget.

More specifically, it was his world-renowned hair that was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, thanks to a few rounds of the timeless game Egg Russian Roulette against Fallon.

The premise is simple. There's a carton of one dozen eggs, eight of which are hard-boiled, while four are raw. You and your opponent take turns picking eggs at random and smashing them against your head. The first person to suffer two raw eggs is the loser.

Most of the time late-night television appearances are cheesy and not worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch them, but seeing Beckham do this, along with that facial expression that says, "Why am I doing this?" make this one totally worth watching.

Way to be a good sport, David.


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