David Beckham

This Super Bowl Sunday, buy yourself a pair of David Beckham underwear like never before | SIDELINE

International superstar David Beckham launched the David Beckham underwear line just in time for Valentine's Day 2012, because ... well, he's David Beckham. Of course he did.

That means anyone in the world has been able to wear Beckham's special line of H&M underwear for two years now. Not bad.

What they have not been able to do, though, is buy a pair of Beckham's signature undies through the television. That all changes Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014.

Once H&M's Super Bowl XLVIII commercial airs, and Becks has finished walking around your TV screen in his underwear, you'll just hit the pop-up screen on your Samsung Smart TV, which will promptly direct you to an H&M webpage where you can peruse Beckham's spring line. The pop-up will even remain functional after being digitally recorded and played back.

I've never bought underwear through my TV. Have you ever bought underwear through your TV? You should buy these underwear through your TV and report back.


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