Carina Ibarra

Ibarra wins Father's Day Twitter giveaway

On Saturday, June 19, MLS held a special Father's Day Twitter giveaway contest. By tweeting the link of a MLS father/child photo @MLS with the #MLS and #HappyFathersDay hashtags, the first 20 participants were entered into a random drawing to win a scarf.

Congratulations to Carina Ibarra (@Aggie9), whose tweet "@MLS my husband and our baby at the babies first Quakes game. #happyfathersday #MLS" was the lucky winner. The photo is featured above and includes Carina's son Alex Donovan and her husband Christopher with "Q", the Earthquakes mascot.  

We'd like to share a special thanks to all the fans who participated, and we've posted a few of our favorite photos below.

To view all of the entries (there are some great ones) log into Twitter and search #MLS (or just click here). In the right-hand column you'll see a button to "Display Media," where you can select "Top Images" or "Top Videos." This is a new feature from Twitter that you can read all about on the Twitter blog

Savorcin Father's Day pic Father's Day
@savorcin @MLS #HappyFathersDay from a little @LARiotSquad member to her papa! #MLS #LAGalaxy @JAShock @MLS #HappyFathersDay #MLS Me n Dad freezing for #Crew96 game
Father's Day BMO rain
@rwilemusic @MLS #HappyFathersDay #MLS me and my dad at BMO in the pouring rain!
Father's Day - DFBJeff Father's Day Chamuko_12
@DFBJeff @MLS #HappyFathersDay #MLS Two huge Fire fans. @Chamuko_12 @MLS #HappyFathersDay #MLS this one is better. :)
Father's Day Mile High Soap Box
@milehighsoapbox @MLS my son and I at the #Rapids game. #MLS #HappyFathersDay
Father's Day Great Memory Father's Day baby sunset
@edwardjames59 @MLS great memory :) #HappyFathersDay #MLS @ChrissySakers @MLS our daughter at her first Philadelphia Union game #MLS #happyfathersday