San Jose Earthquakes

Quakes mascot 'Q' hits the diamond

While the Quakes traveled to Washington to play D.C. United this past weekend, Earthquakes mascot "Q" embarked on a road trip of his own.

On Friday night, July 15, "Q" took a break from soccer and hit the baseball field when he voyaged to Modesto to partake in the Modesto Nuts Mascot Night. The 109-degree weather didn't phase "Q" as he entertained the Nuts fans at John Thurman Field. He joined a slew of mascots at the Single A baseball game, including Al the Almond, Wally the Walnut, PeaNUT, and other local mascots.

"Q" and the rest of the crew competed in relay races, a limbo contest, and even a mascot dance-off. Between events, "Q" visited the Nuts faithful and made a bunch of new friends in Modesto. To top off an already fun-filled Friday night, the Nuts defeated the Inland Empire 66ers 6-3 with support from "Q" and all of the other mascots at the event.

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