Kinnear's weekly conversation

Since the all-star break the Quakes defense has allowed only one team (the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sept. 11) to score more than one goal in a game. Can you comment on the play of the Quakes defense in the second-half of the season?

Dominic Kinnear: "I think that really shows the mindset of this team. We have had a number of different line-ups and combinations in the second half, yet we have been a tough team to breakdown and score on. Obviously, having guys like Troy [Dayak] and Jeff [Agoos] back there helps, but I think that is a reflection of our whole team coming back to defend. It is not just the back four, we have had both Pat [Onstad] and Jon [Conway] in goal, and every single player has been helping to defend, and when we do that, it is difficult to score on us."

While the Quakes defense has been playing well, the team has struggled scoring lately. What do you attribute that to?

DK: "It is hard to say. I think for the most part we have had chances to score, and that is important. We created scoring chances in New England (Sept. 4) and against Columbus (Setp. 8) at home we had several opportunities that we should have scored on. In L.A. (Sept. 11) maybe we didn't have great clear-cut chances, but I felt that we did control the ball well and should have been more aggressive with some chances. The goals will come, but I would like to see us do a better job of holding the ball up and getting guys to run off the ball, like we were doing earlier in the season."

The Galaxy handed San Jose a 2-1 loss in L.A. on Sept. 11, but the lineup the Quakes will face this Saturday could be drastically different. How will the Quakes adjust to that?

DK: "I don't think that will really affect us. We know their players and we know that they have a very dangerous team. Of course, Carlos Ruiz is someone that we have to watch out for, but we just have to make sure that we play our game. The last time they played up here, we showed that we could score some goals on them, so we need to play with that kind of intensity and continue to defend well as a team. We need to be dangerous in the box and continue to go at the Galaxy, no matter who they have out on the field."