Kinnear's weekly conversation

After Wednesday's tough last-minute loss to Columbus, how do you think the team will be able to re-group for Saturday and the rest of the season?

Dominic Kinnear: "I met with the team this morning before practice, and I told the team to be disappointed, to be upset after that game. But, we have to look at the reality of the situation, and that is that we are four games out of first place. We've got six games remaining all against teams in our own conference, so we have to put that loss behind us and start winning games. It is up to us. Now is the time for us to show what kind of a team we are, and we can do that. We are in fourth place now, but we have an opportunity here to move into second and get very close to first. We haven't taken advantage of those kind of opportunities earlier in the season, but I am 100 percent confident in this team that we are going to come together now when it matters most."

The Galaxy are coming off a 3-1 loss in their last game and have not won since July 10. What do you expect out of them on Saturday?

DK: "Whatever they have done in the games leading up to this doesn't matter. They are a good team and they are going to be up for this game on Saturday. When these two teams meet, you can just throw out records or past performances, because everyone is going to play hard and it is going to be a difficult game."

The Quakes have had a difficult schedule recently as the season comes to a close. With a veteran team, how do you handle the fatigue factor that comes into play at the end of the season?

DK: "That is a factor, and we know that sometimes we have to take a light practice to give guys a chance to rest and get ready for the games. At this time of the season, everyone is feeling that, and we know we have to be careful. For the rest of the season, though, we will just be playing on Saturday's, so that should help because we don't have anymore mid-week games to worry about. We have also seen that guys like Chris Brown, Ian Russell and Jon Conway are ready to step in when needed, and down the stretch everyone will be needed. We do have a veteran team, but I believe that with the proper time off during the week, everyone will be ready to give a solid 90 minutes on Saturdays."

Can you comment on the recent play of Jon Conway in the past two games for the Earthquakes?

DK: "I thought Jon played very well and made some great saves. He came up with some very big saves at the end of the New England game and was confident in the goal. He had a solid game against Columbus, and I felt bad for him because it was a difficult game for him to come out of with a loss. Overall, those were two strong performances from Jon."