Kinnear's weekly conversation

Adam Thomas from Bremerton, WA asks: What is the latest on Chris Roner and his injury and how has it effected the team?

Dominic Kinnear: "Chris is out of his waking boot and now walking with a cane, but as we suspected he will not play this year. Missing Chris affects the team because he was becoming a good defender and an important part of our team. He could play in the midfield and defense, while also being a good target on set pieces."

Mark Hyde from Mountain View, CA asks: It's been a tough season so far, what can you do as the coach to try and get the team back on the winning track?

DK: "As the coach, I will always show confidence in the team and show my belief in the players. It is important to keep a positive atmosphere around the team and make sure that this is an environment where we can work hard and continue to improve and win."

Ben from Fremont, CA aks: Do you think that Brian Mullan should have been picked for the All-Star team? And what do you think about Dwayne De Rosario's ability to play as a left mid fielder?

DK: "Yes, I do think that Brian Mullan should have been selected to the all-star team. I think that Dwayne can play up top and on the left side. We have experimented with him at left midfield a few times this year, and I do think we will use him there again this season. He is a talented player who I know can play up top or on the left."

Samuel Jenkins from San Jose, CA asks: Can you give us a mini-scouting report on the Colorado Rapids for Saturday's game?

DK: "Colorado can be a very dangerous team for us to play against. They have a lot of talented players, like John Spencer, Chris Henderson and [Jean Phillippe] Peguero. They are strong on defense with Pablo Mastroeni and Joe Cannon. We need to defend well against them and work the ball around. They are tough to break down in the midfield, but if we control the ball and have our forwards hold it up for us, I think we will be able to create some scoring opportunities. We need to continue to be dangerous on set pieces also."