Kinnear's Weekly Conversation

How would you assess the Quakes performance on Saturday against Columbus?

Dominic Kinnear: "I thought we played very well from front to back. The only thing missing with us was finishing our chances. Columbus was sitting back for a long stretch of the game and that was because we played well, we just didn't finish like we needed to."

The Quakes have struggled to win in Columbus against the Crew, not winning in the regular season there since 1996. Do you think there is there anything specific about that trip that makes it more difficult for San Jose to win there?

DK: "Well, we won MLS Cup 2001 there in Columbus, so it will always be a special place for the Earthquakes. Seriously, I don't think there is anything specific about the trip, we just seem to give up goals there at inopportune times and we haven't taken advantage of the chances that we have had."

How did you feel Jon Conway played in his first MLS start of 2004?

DK: "I thought he played well. All aspects of his game were exactly what we expected them to be and he had a very strong game for us."

How are you and the Quakes approaching this week's game against Frank Yallop and Canada? Do you think it will be strange to have Frank on the opposite sideline on Saturday?

DK: "I think it will be strange to see Frank on the opposite sideline. Clearly, he has done great things for the club and everyone here has so much respect for him. We have been through a lot on the sideline together, so I think it will be a little odd to see him on the other sideline. As far as the way we are approaching this game, we are approaching it just like any other game. We are playing to win. It is a good opportunity for some of the other guys to get some minutes and it is a good situation for us to play a national team like Canada. We know they are going to take it seriously and so are we. We are playing to win, we are going to approach this game just like we went into the Sporting Lisbon game [a 4-1 Quakes win on May 12]."

After a frustrating game like the Quakes played on Saturday against the Crew, do you think it is a good thing for the team to have a week off from league play?

DK: "No. From our perspective we would like to have a league game this week. I think that sometimes after a game like we had, we are anxious to get back out there in league play and make up some points. Now we will be sitting on that result for two weeks before we have another league game, so I think we would be a little better off if this Saturday was an MLS game."