Dominic Kinnear's Weekly Conversation

Pulamare, from Fremont, Calif., asks: What is the status of Danny Califf and what do you think he will add to the back when he returns?

Dominic Kinnear: "Danny's status is that he is still a little bit away from coming back. We are still hoping to get him some time in the reserves game on Sunday. He has responded well to the treatment that has been given to him. We are hoping he can get healthy. Obviously, he is a very good player and a very good center back with a lot of experience in MLS and with the national team. I think it definitely makes our squad a better squad when he is healthy."

Dmitriy, from Walnut Creek, Calif., asks: Now with the injury to Craig Waibel, are you concerned that his absence leaves the Quakes with just three healthy defenders at the moment?

DK: "We feel bad for Craig because he was having a very good season. Obviously, it is a personal setback for him, and as far as the team goes it is a setback for us. But, we always know going into the season that injuries are going to happen, just like call-ups and suspensions are going to happen, so people are going to be in and out of the team. Sometimes it is by freak accident like this that it happens. I think it will affect us, because he has been playing well for us and now we have to find somebody else to step in and play well. We have many options there, like Chris Aloisi, Ryan [Cochrane], Wes [Hart] and Ricardo Clark. We've got to just evaluate it, discuss it and pick who we feel at the time is going to be the best option for us."

After viewing again the Quakes 1-0 win on May 7, what are your final thoughts on the team's performance against the MetroStars on the road at Giants Stadium?

DK: "I thought the team played great. I was really happy and proud. I thought that New York came out very motivated and very aggressive in the first 20-25 minutes, and I thought that after our first chance that Brian Ching had around the 35th minute, that is when the momentum shifted. We got a good chance there and we started playing well. I thought we thoroughly deserved a goal, and I thought that we were the better team. It is very difficult to play away from home. To win on the road sometimes you have to weather the storm, take your chances well, then keep the ball and make the other team chase it. I thought we did all those things and played very well."

The Quakes have only one home game in the month of May. How are you approaching the Quakes lengthy road trip this month?

DK: "To be honest I don't like to look too far ahead. I always like to look from Saturday to Saturday. Actually, I didn't know that we had so many games in a row on the road until I saw the schedule on TV when I was watching the game on Saturday, because I do like to focus from game to game. I think when you look too far ahead that you may lose focus a little bit, so I just look to the next game. I think we are going to be a very good road team this year, and I think this is definitely going to test us."

This weekend, the Quakes have a tough conference match-up against a rejuvenated FC Dallas team. What do the Earthquakes need to do to get the victory against Dallas on Saturday?

DK: "They are a very dangerous team. Ronnie O'Brien, Carlos Ruiz and Eddie Johnson are the first three names that grab your eyes, and rightly so because they are all good players. Richard Mulrooney's had a good season attacking-wise for them. But, we feel that coming into our place, we can play them very tough. We are not afraid to attack teams, and we won't be afraid to go forward and make them work hard for everything. We are confident in our abilities and I think that it is going to be a good game, a tough game, but one that we can be successful in if we play the way we are capable of. We have heard a lot of talk about how well Dallas is playing, but I also feel that we are playing well and that we are one of the better teams in the league, so this is going to be a big game for us."