Dominic Kinnear's weekly conversation

Hannah, from San Jose: How do you think the Earthquakes have been playing as a team? Do you think they have been communicating enough on the field?

Dominic Kinnear: "The team has been playing very well recently. Communication is something that we work on a lot and the team has gotten better at communicating throughout the season. We have not made many mistakes with our communication recently, so we have gotten better at that from the beginning of the year. I think that since the team is playing with confidence they are communicating even better."

Hannah, from San Jose: How do you think the team is playing in different climates? Do you think that the team plays better at home or away?

DK: "The team has handled the conditions very well this month. The only climate we have dealt with really is hot and humid this month, but we have responded well and had some good performances. I like the way the team has gotten through this stretch. They have shown a lot character and I think the team plays well on the road. Of course we are a little more comfortable at home. The players get to sleep in their own beds, they ride to the game in their own car and they don't have to deal with airports and hotels. The team loves playing at Spartan in front of what I think are the best fans in the league. It is always a great atmosphere there."

How do you think the team has played during this four-game road trip? Are you satisfied with the results?

DK: "This is a pretty proud group and they did not want to end this trip on a bad note. We lost in D.C. last week, so it was nice to finish off the trip with a great result in Colorado. Considering all the travel back and forth across the country and the difficult conditions, we are very satisfied to come out of these four games with two wins and a tie. During the trip we were also able to move a little closer to Dallas for the top spot in the West and with a number of home games coming up we are happy with were we are right now. I think we played some good soccer on this trip and we just want to continue that this weekend against the MetroStars."

How did you feel about the team's performance against Colorado?

DK: "It was an excellent performance by the guys. The first thing I wrote on the board before the game was 'passing and moving,' because I think that when we do that we are a very hard team to beat. We moved very well off the ball and we had guys like Brian Mullan running at the defense and opening up spaces. All in all, we had a good positive start and 1-0 lead in the first 20 minutes was great. I am very pleased with the result and we are happy to take the three points out of there."

After all of this travel in July, is the team excited to get back to Spartan Stadium for the game against the MetroStars?

DK: "We are a good team at home and we are home for a while now, starting with the game on Saturday, so we are definitely looking forward to getting back to San Jose. We had a good string of performances at Spartan Stadium before we started this road stretch, so hopefully we can keep our positive play going against the MetroStars."

How important is it to get a win against the MetroStars on Saturday as the team heads into the All-Star break?

DK: "It is not important just this weekend, but every game to go out and play for a win. That being said, I think that it would be great to get three points going into the break. The team has had a good stretch recently and we want to continue that so the guys go into this little break feeling good. If they are feeling good, they will be looking forward to coming back and getting into it again. A win could also bring us into a tie with Dallas if results go our way so that would give the team a sense of achievement."