Dominic Kinnear's Weekly Conversation

Suradech, from Fremont, Calif. asks: It seemed to me that when the score was 1-1 with the Galaxy playing a man down, the Earthquakes didn't take that opportunity to go forward and win the game, instead they sat back and lost all momentum. Is it your strategy to always play for a tie on the road?

Dominic Kinnear: "The strategy is never to play for a tie on the road. We always want to win. We wanted to keep the ball and take advantage of having an extra player and we had some chances to get a goal. We made one mistake in the back and they punished us for it."

Russ, from Seattle, Wash. asks: Is Mark Chung going to be a regular starter for the team?

DK: "We brought Mark in to play and we think that he is a good player who can contribute a lot. Our squad is very deep and we have a lot of players that we consider starters and he is one of them. He is also a very versatile player so that gives us a lot of options with him. I think that he is going to fit in well with the team."

Matt, from San Jose, Calif. asks: What are the long-range plans for the goalkeeper position? Who can step in after Onstad?

DK: "I don't like to look beyond seasons. Right now I am remaining focused on our games every week because I want to maintain my focus on this season and make it as successful as possible. I am happy with our goalkeeping situation right now."

Daniel, from Chico, Calif.: There have been a number of injuries in the defense. Are there any plans to trade for any young defenders?

DK: "We are always trying to upgrade our squad whether it be up front, in the middle or in the back. We have to be willing to listen to any offers and if we feel that something could help us, we will make that move. We have some good depth on this team so I believe that we can overcome these injuries."

How important was Wednesday night's win against Colorado for the team's confidence?

DK: "Any time you get a win whether on the road or at home, it is good for confidence of the team. Sometimes on the road you have to be gutsy and gritty and just pull out a win. The win over Colorado makes the team forget about the L.A. game last weekend, and gives us confidence going into the game against Kansas City on Saturday. We are looking forward to that game and we want to get a good result there."

The Quakes have had good success in Kansas City the past few years. What has been the key to getting those good results against a tough team?

DK: "We approach every game the same way and we always believe that we can win. We know that K.C. is a good team so we enjoy playing against them. We have played well against them the past few years, but we know that Saturday is going to be difficult game and we will have to be on top of our game to get a win there."

Is the team looking forward to the four home games in June after playing five out of six on the road recently?

DK: "Yes. Any team would prefer to play at home in front of your own fans and I think that Spartan is a great place to play. We know that we have great fans and that they are going to be behind us. So far we have had a good road trip, but we definitely want to finish strong against K.C. before heading back to San Jose."