Dominic Kinnear's weekly conversation

Suradech, from Fremont, CA asks: How important do you feel it is to have the players work on finishing and how often do you do that at practice?

Dominic Kinnear: "I think it is very important to work on finishing. Scoring goals is the hardest thing to do in soccer, and we work on finishing every day. Every day at the end of practice we do different finishing drills, working on headers, left-footed shots, right-footed shots, etc."

Ron, from Scottsdale, AZ asks: With the 30th anniversary of professional soccer in San Jose upon us, as a Bay Area native, who was your favorite NASL San Jose Earthquakes player and why?

DK: "Stan Terlecki was my favorite player from the Earthquakes (11 goals and 14 assists in 1983). Every time he would get the ball at his feet, you felt like something was going to happen. He had great skills, great movement off the ball - he was really just a complete attacking player and exciting to watch."

Stacey, from San Jose, CA asks: With so many strong players to choose from, how do you decide the starting line up? Do you think Arturo Alvarez is ready for a starting position at this stage of his career?

DK: "I decide the starting lineup based on the best team that we can have out there each week. Obviously, different factors like injuries and national team comes into play, but I always need to concentrate on which players will give the team the best opportunity to win. As far as Arturo goes, I think that all the players on this team are good players who can start for us, so yes, I think he can be a starter and I think he can and will do a good job for us as a starter."

Maximillius, from San Jose, CA asks: So far this season, what are you pleased with in the way the team has played?

DK: "I am pleased with the way we have constantly been attacking the goal, from the opening minutes of the game to the end, regardless of the score or if we are down, we have not given up. I think that so far this year we have been dangerous on set pieces, and that is something that we work a lot on, and I think that on most set pieces we are capable of scoring. I am pleased with the way we have worked together this year and the way this team always plays hard and displays the same kind of intensity at the end of the game as they do at the beginning."

William, from San Jose, CA asks: Saturday is obviously a big game for the Quakes against the first-place Wizards. Can you give us a "mini-scouting report" on the Wizards?

DK: "Right now, Kansas City is playing really well. The tough thing about Kansas City is they have been getting results recently when they play well and when they are not at top form. They have strong attacking players that we need to watch out for. Josh Wolff and Chris Klein are obviously two guys who stand out for them, but they have a very good overall team, and like us are dangerous on set pieces, so we really need to defend well against that."