Dominic Kinnear's weekly conversation

Michael, from Castro Valley, Calif. asks: Do you prefer to play the Saturday games at 7:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m.?

Dominic Kinnear: "I prefer the 7:00 p.m. games. We have a summer schedule and I think that for the most part the 1:00 p.m. games are too hot to see an exciting, up-tempo brand of soccer for 90 minutes. I think our team always gets up for night games at Spartan Stadium. Especially with the weather, it is a great place to play at night, and I believe if you look at the difference in our record between day games and night games, you will see that."

Andy from Fremont, Calif. asks: After a lot of Quakes home games, it seems the visiting team complains that the field at Spartan Stadium is too small. How much/little of an impact do you think the smaller field at Spartan has with visiting teams?

DK: "I think it does have an impact on the way the game is played. It is a smaller field and the game is a bit faster here. Teams know that we like to get out and really pressure them here on the small field, and I think that can have an impact on the game."

Kelly, from Mentor, Ohio asks: Are you planning on keeping Landon Donovan as a midfielder for the rest of the season?

DK: "I don't know right now. Where Landon is going to play is dependent on a lot of things, like injuries and how the team is doing. The great thing about Landon is that he is such a talented player that you can really put him anywhere on the field and he is going to help the team. But I feel equally comfortable playing him in the midfield or at forward."

Stefan, from Raleigh, North Carolina asks: Do you think a youth training program is necessary to be a successful club in the long-term future?

DK: "I think that especially the way the league is structured now, individual youth programs run by clubs would be a very difficult thing. I think that a youth program on a league level is more realistic, and I believe that the current youth system, with Project-40 and the (U.S. Soccer) Bradenton Academy, is really working well and we are seeing a lot of young American talent coming into MLS through those programs."

Jason, from Passiac, NJ asks: Obviously, the last time the Quakes played the MetroStars it was an incredible game [a 5-5 tie on May 8]. What do you expect this Saturday when the teams play?

DK: "I expect a really good game on Saturday. I expect our team to come out with a high-level of intensity and play that way from the first minute to the 90th minute. The MetroStars are a good team, but I expect our team to play with the intensity and the passion necessary to win the three points."