Dominic Kinnear's Weekly Conversation

Knowing that you have to play the Galaxy again in two days, what did you tell the team after the Earthquakes 2-1 loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy in the Open Cup on Wednesday?

Dominic Kinnear: "I told the guys that we made two mistakes and they scored two goals off of them. Sometimes the game is cruel like that, so let's learn from it. Sometimes when you make mistakes in your own half against good teams, it comes back to bite you. That is what happened. I told the guys in the locker room there, that the way we played in the second half should be the way we approach the game on Saturday. Against good teams that are motivated and playing with confidence, you have to give everything you've got to win the game. [Kevin] Hartman pulled out some good saves and we had some dangerous opportunities, but I think the important thing was that the fight from the guys tonight was excellent, especially in the second half."

Herculez Gomez scored two goals for the Galaxy on Wednesday. What will you do differently on Saturday to try to minimize his impact?

DK: "We know him and the guys in the back know him. The thing was, on Wednesday our back line was just caught out of whack. It was almost like we were playing one-on-one at times instead of playing a nice, tight back four. I told the guys that it was a bit irresponsible, and we got punished for it. We were a bit out of shape, especially when the ball turned over, which I always say is one of the keys to our game."

Do you think the Earthquakes loss to the Galaxy on Wednesday will impact Saturday's match?

DK: "No, I think when you start Saturday, this game doesn't matter. It will not matter who won or who lost; Saturday is totally different. Emotions might be running high and carry over from Wednesday, which I hope they do. That makes for a more competitive game. But no, I don't think there will be a psychological edge for them or anything like that."

The Earthquakes and Galaxy rivalry is known for being intense and heated. Were you surprised that Wednesday's Open Cup game was another physical chapter in the rivalry?

DK: "No, I've said it before, but if this game was played on that field behind the fence with nobody watching, it would have been the same way. It is a good rivalry, and once one tackle goes down, then that leads to the next one and then tackles just keep on coming. It makes for an exciting night no matter what the competition is or how well the teams are playing coming in."

Brad Davis left Wednesday's game in the first half with an injury. Do you have an update of his status for Saturday's game?

DK: "Right now he is struggling. I think for Saturday it is probably not going to happen, he probably will not be able to play against the Galaxy. It is the same injury as before, and now we just have to see how he comes along."

What do you expect on Saturday when the Quakes play the Galaxy yet again in an important regular season match-up?

DK: "I think you will see the same type of game as Wednesday night. I think the games with L.A. do get chippy, but I never think it gets dirty for these games. Even with Todd [Dunivant] getting sent off on Wednesday, I don't think it was a dirty play or that he even really deserved a second yellow. It was a foul though, but not a dirty one. I think it is never dirty with these teams, you don't really see punches thrown or things like that too much. You see emotions running high and tempers getting heated, but I think the guys on both teams respect themselves enough where they don't do the dirty stuff. I think it is always a hard fought contest, and it is going to be another one on Saturday."