Revolution 2, Fire 0 -- quote sheet



On the game:

"They were the better team for the first 20 minutes, and then I think we started getting in the game, from then on. I wouldn't say we were in
control, but we certainly had the edge on them."

On being able to hold on to the lead:

"I think the discipline of the whole team is better, defending starts right
up front. Taylor Twellman and Pat Noonan start it off and it just snowballs
down from there. [Chicago] had some balls tonight, but defensively we didn't
really give them an open chance."

On the Revolution's offensive prowess:

"At this moment in time we look dangerous going forward. We've got guys who
are confident and enjoy playing, so when you have that combination and you
are winning games, it's a great environment to play football."

On Clint Dempsey's play:

"I think Clint will be the first guy to thank the other guys, because without
what they do, he can't make his runs forward and get himself in the box. But
at the end of the day Clint has ability. The fellas go about making it easy
for him, but he still has to finish it off and do all the things you see him
doing. He's just enjoying playing."


On the Revolution's play so far this season:

"We're putting the ball in the back of the net and we're getting leads, which
is important. Whoever it is, as long as we're getting the ball in the net
and getting that 1-0 lead. We get a little confidence and it opens the game
up and then we get to do what we want to do, which is keep the ball on the
ground, work through the middle of the field with those three guys who are
very dangerous and then we're finding the width and services in the box. That's really helping us."

On his goal:

"It was a nice little run at him by Clint. He waited until the
defender chose myself or him, and when he chose Clint, he laid up a good ball and I was able to cut it back. I didn't think I had an angle to get a
good shot and then I was able to put it into the corner."


On the Revolution's play this season:

"We've been on a steady run. It hasn't been too high or too low. We just keep
passing the ball and things will open up for us because, out of our midfield
we are so dynamic. And we have Taylor and Noonan who are
finishing chances. Whereas last year we would get the chances, but we'd
tattoo the post or hit the goalie and now we're getting those same chances
and we're burying them. It's making it easier on the team."

On his confidence after four shutouts:

"I haven't really faced many tough shots and that's really a testament to our
team and the guys in the back. As you saw tonight, there were two chances
where [Chicago] got in and they were covered up. Jay [Heaps] came across on
one and someone else made a sliding tackle on [Andy] Herron right at the end
there too. The balls aren't really getting back to me. And the ones that are
aren't as difficult to handle. So for myself, I'm in a good rhythm and have
a good feeling going into every game."


On his state of mind after scoring five goals in five consecutive games:

"All of the goals that I am scoring are coming off of crosses. [Steve
Ralston] got a good flick to it and I was able to get an end to it and put
it in the back of the net. So I think the team is in the zone. Everything's
going our way and we are just going to continue to ride this wave and see
what happens."

On his feelings after scoring to give New England the 2-0 lead:

"I think the guys were excited, because we felt like we had the game in
hand. Because a 1-0 lead, they can be right back in it if they score a
goal. We felt like, in the second half, when we put the goal in, that we were going to be able to hold them off and that's what we did. We're just
happy with the three points."


On the game:

"I thought there were stretches certainly in the first half where I thought
we played very well. Possession with the ball, we dictated the game the
first 30 minutes. But then they got a break and a chance and they stuck it.
That is the kind of roll they are on right now. Going in at halftime 1-0, we
felt we played a very good first half other than not creating a goal. The
second half when they got their second goal it made it pretty hard on us to
come out of that hole. They are on a good run right now. We have got to do a
better job creating more scoring opportunities."

On the play of Clint Dempsey, Pat Noonan and Taylor Twellman:

"They like to catch you on the break. They seem to find a way to find enough
space to get shots off and they are finishing their chances. We got good defenders, but we think we have to tight it up even more."


On the Revolution's play:

"Well I think that their three guys, Noonan, Dempsey and
Twellman, are playing with a lot of confidence right now. When they
are around the goal, they have a different demeanor than they do around the
rest of the field. A lot of teams are having trouble dealing with them right
now. We knew that coming in, but we just were not able to handle it as well
as we thought. On the other end, we need to be a little bit more dangerous
in our attack."


On playing his first minutes in a Chicago uniform:

"The first 15 minutes were OK. It felt good to be playing again. It is a
work in progress, but the fact that I am back and pretty healthy is a good
thing. I just need to play my way into shape and developing a contributing

On the Revolution's play:

"We started out really well and they got the goal and that changed
everything. They are really a counterattacking team. If they don't score first you kill them, because it's no problem to keep the ball from them. They drop so many guys behind it and that is hard. We got behind and their
strategy became effective and we just did not get shots on goal and get the
ball in the box."


On why the Fire has struggled with the Revolution this season:

"Their three key guys that everyone talks about: Noonan, Dempsey and Twellman. They're just hot right now, everything seems to be going in for them. The goal Dempsey scored, I don't even know if he meant to do what he did, but everything seems to be going right for them. To their credit, on their home field they beat us pretty good tonight."

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