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MLS Expansion Draft series - Part 2

Cory Gibbs was acquired with an allocation in February 2004.

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Rick Yeatts/MLS/

This is the second of a four-part series on the MLS Expansion Draft as looks at how to build an expansion team. With the rules MLS has set before the two expansion teams, Real Salt Lake and CD Chivas USA, they will begin to strategize on how to create their 2005 roster.

MLS will conduct an Expansion Draft prior to the regularly scheduled postseason Waiver Draft, which will likely be in late November. This expansion draft will expose players unprotected on the 10 current existing MLS teams for the two new teams entering play in 2005. Those two teams are Real Salt Lake and CD Chivas USA who will play in Los Angeles. The following is a list of rules and methods for stocking expansion teams.


Both expansion teams will receive three allocations. One expansion allocation for each expansion team shall take precedence over all other team allocations, with the remaining two expansion allocations per team having no precedence over other team allocations.

Expansion Draft

MLS will conduct an Expansion Draft in late November. The draft will be 10 rounds as each existing MLS team will be allowed to protect 12 Senior Roster players and may leave only one Senior International unprotected. After a player has been selected from an existing team, such team shall have the right to protect an additional player and each MLS team may lose no more than three players during the Expansion Draft.


During the SuperDraft, the two expansion teams will have the first two selections.

Discovery Players

Each expansion team will be granted six discovery picks in their first season, four in their second season and in their third season, and thereafter shall be subject to the discovery rules applicable to all other MLS teams (at present, MLS teams are permitted up to two discovery picks each year). Also, expansion teams will have the lowest priority with respect to Discovery claims until all teams have played three matches, in which case it will be determined by points-per-game.

Waiver Drafts

Real Salt Lake and CD Chivas USA shall have the last selections for waivers and all waiver drafts until all teams have played three matches, in which case it will be determined by points-per-game.

Lottery Drafts

Expansion teams will have the lowest percentage chance for all lotteries until the end of their first season, in which case it shall be determined in the natural course.

We hope that helps in educating you on the rules for stocking an expansion team. Please join us next week as we will post "MLS Expansion Draft - Part 3" which will focus on how a team determines the criteria for protecting or not protecting players.

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