Fire 5, Chivas USA 2 -- quote sheet



On today's match:

"The end result was important. It was one of those games like we've
faced so far this year ... 12 games in, where we feel we're doing fine
and we get an early goal and they get one back pretty quick on a
deflection, and then a header on a corner, and all of a sudden we're
down 2-1. I think after we talked about a few things at halftime and
made a few adjustments, the team came together [and] was determined
that we weren't going to get out of Soldier Field without a victory. I
thought it was a great team response and nobody hung their heads. We
just came out in the second half and imposed our will on Chivas."

On MLS expansion team Chivas USA:

"I respect Chivas. I respect any team we face and they have a quality
group of guys. We didn't take them lightly by any means."

On the team's overall performance and room for improvement:

"Obviously scoring five goals is great, but we've got to be a little
better on the defending end as a team, not just as four defenders and
a goalkeeper, but collectively. Overall, it's a good win for us. What
we have talked about was getting the little things right. For them to
score off a corner is unacceptable for us. If we're going to be a
team that's going to contend for a championship then we can't allow
three headers in the box, which we've been the victims of. We've got
to clean up those little things."

On Forward Nate Jaqua:

"With Nate, what you see is what you get in terms of his ability to
battle and work and fight. I was thrilled that he got rewarded with
goals today because he's come so close all year long and today he was
on the end of balls. He deserves the game ball today."


On today's match:

"Things just were going right for us in the second half. I got that
early one [in the second minute] and then we were just flat in the
first half. We realized we had to come out a lot harder in the second
half and we did. Jesse [Marsch] and Ivan [Guerrero] got two big goals
for us and then I was able to get on the end of those two."

On the going into the second half with Chivas USA leading:

"We were pretty mad when we came in. We didn't have a lot of life and
we knew we needed to pick it up. This was not a game we wanted to lose
at home."

On the outlook for the next game:

"I think it's definitely good for us [today's win]. I think it gives
us some confidence and definitely gives me some confidence going into
the next game, so hopefully we can keep scoring some goals."


On his first MLS assist:

"I'm very excited. I've been looking for it for a long time. In [New
Jersey] I almost scored a goal. But today, thank God, I had my first
point and I'm pretty excited about it."

On his steady playing time:

"In the beginning of the season I was struggling a little bit coming
from college and getting into the pros. They play differently [in the
pros], much faster. I think I've gotten a little bit steadier as the
season has gone on and I've built my confidence. I can help the team
more and hopefully keep getting better."


On today's match:

"Well, I thought we started flat, but we got a goal early, and I think
that made us relax a little bit. Then they came back and showed a
little energy with a new coach, and we were pretty unhappy about it at
the end of the first half. When we came in the locker room, we all
felt like we needed to raise it. And we did."


On the game:

"It was a tough game. We have to improve many things, and our
communication has to get better. We have a lot of work ahead of us but
I have enough confidence in the team and I feel we will get better."


On his goal:

"The goal doesn't mean much when you don't win. It was a tough day for
us. At one point we were leading 2-1. Ezra had a great goal. At the
end of the day the goal doesn't really count."

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