Fire 2, FC Dallas 0 -- quote sheet



On tonight's game:

"Obviously, it's a big win for us. Three points goes a long way. We're
starting to feel very comfortable at Soldier Field again. I think
we've begun a little bit of a good run right now where we understand
what we're about, we were well prepared and very organized. Getting
the first goal is always important in any game and at home it
certainly was key. I thought we handled their physical plays very

On FC Dallas' play in tonight's game and the Fire's reaction:

"They had a certain mindset in this game to be very physical with us
and we never lost our composure. We never lost our shape, and we just
kept plugging away. I was very pleased that we got the second goal to
put the game out of hand."

On Fire forward Nate Jaqua's four goals in the past two games:

"He's a forward and that's what forwards do. He's playing with
confidence, and he's on a good run right now. He's a young guy and
I'm very pleased for him."

On shutting out FC Dallas:

"Any time you get a zero, it's an accomplishment, not only for your
goalkeeper, but for your back four and your whole group. I thought
defensively we were very solid. There were very few chances we allowed
Dallas and I think [we] are beginning really to have a good
understanding of one another."


On tonight's win:

"Dallas is ahead [in the Western Conference] and they're doing well.
This was a big game for us. Some of the other teams we've played in
the past weeks have been kind of more bottom of the table. To beat
them definitely give us some confidence."

On scoring four goals in the past two games:

"I've just got to keep it going. We were getting a lot of good
service [in tonight's game] and I was able to get on the end of one. I
probably could have had a couple others."

On FC Dallas' aggressive playing:

"It was a very physical game. They kind of drop off and lure you in.
Then when they go, they go hard and all over the field. I think it was
physical both ways."

FIRE FORWARD LUBOS REITER (through a translator)

On his goal in tonight's match:

"I had problems trying to get the first goal. After I finally got it,
I felt relieved and very good."


On tonight's game:

"I thought we started the game very brightly, very well. In the final
third, our quality just wasn't as good as it has been. It's one
defeat, one game. We'll move forward and we'll be better for it."

On playing seven games in a row on the road and its effect on tonight's match:

"[Traveling] is not an excuse. We knew what we were going into at the
start of the year. It'd be nice to get home next week, but I give full
credit to my boys and what they've put on the board so far after 12

On FC Dallas' substitutions in the second half:

"We had to get as many offensive bodies on the field as possible. We
don't have a whole lot on the bench, but we put them under pressure
and it just wouldn't fall for us in the final 10 or 15 minutes."


On tonight's game:

"We didn't play well in the first half. There's no getting around
that. [The Fire] just wanted it a little bit more, I think. They
really created the luck for themselves. We felt we were coming out in
decent position in the second half, only down 1-0. Unfortunately, we
didn't turn [the second half] into any real chances."

On the Fire offense:

"I watched their game last week and they scored in the third or fourth
minute of the game. We knew coming straight away that they would try
to pressure us at their home. This is a good place to play for them
and we just wanted to be ready. Unfortunately, I was still warm from
the warmup, I guess."

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