Fire 1, Rapids 0 -- quote sheet



On the result:

"It's a good three points, I'm pleased about that. We emphasized getting a good start to the

game and I thought our start was very good tonight. Henry [Ring] again had to come up with a

couple of saves, but I thought for the most part we were in pretty good control tonight. We got

the goal and maybe we could have had a couple more, but it's an important three points."

On whether he thought Nate Jaqua's goal was indeed a goal:

[Laughing] "A 100% goal. No, I couldn't see it, but obviously the linesman was in a good

position. Over the course of the year you're going to get some and not get some and we're

pleased that was ruled a goal. We'll take it."

On the different look of the Fire lineup:

"We made a few changes. In the back we went with Kelly [Gray]; C.J. had a bit of a head cold

throughout the week and wasn't quite 100% and Kelly had a good week so we made that change."


On his game-winning goal:

"Yeah, I thought it was a goal. I didn't know whether they were going to call it a goal or not,

but I looked over to the linesman and saw his flag."

On his place in the starting line-up:

"It's been a while since I've started a game. It was just great to get back out onto the field

and get playing."


On the match:

"[Colorado] had a couple of chances, and I thought we got behind them a little bit better. They

didn't put their shots away and they had their chances. It could have easily been 2-0 at one

point with all the chances they had. But we were able to knock that one away or get a break, I

haven't seen [the goal] yet."

On the difference between tonight and last Sunday's loss:

"It's big. It kind of shows you the nature of the game, that sometimes you're playing a team and

sometimes the ball bounces their way every single time. This game was a bit more evenly matched

- and I don't really believe in luck, it's what you put into a game - but sometimes the ball

bounces the right way for your team."


On Colorado's objection to Nate Jaqua's goal:

"I think they were saying Damani [Ralph] was offside."

On the effort of the Fire tonight:

"I thought we played well compared to what we did last week. We haven't put two back-to-back

games together."

On next Saturday's first-place showdown with D.C. United:

"Every conference game is a big game. Peter [Nowak]'s coming back, so it's going to be a huge



On the result:

"I'm extremely proud of the effort. If we continue to fight like this and battle and believe in

ourselves this way, I think good things will happen to us. Both teams played hard for 90 minutes

and have to feel good about the effort that was put in. It's just a shame that a game like

tonight was decided by a person that was not in a player's uniform, and that was the shame of it.

It steals the effort of what the players put in."

On having a week off:

"It gives Mark Chung a chance to rehab; I think he may have pulled a muscle tonight. Zizi Roberts

goes to Liberia for a qualifier and Pablo [Mastroeni] goes to the U.S. national team. I think

with those absences, we need the time right now. It will also give [John] Spencer the time to

work on his sharpness as well."

On the attitude of his squad:

"I think the group believes in itself and we'll keep preaching what we're preaching because we

believe in these guys and what they can do on a given night."


On the match:

"It was a close game. It was very even and I think coming out of here with no points isn't a fair

result. You have to look at it in an optimistic way in a sense that if we're not going to get

these breaks in the beginning of the season that we'll just get them towards the end. We had

opportunities to put the ball in the net and weren't able to finish."

On the Rapids' play on the road:

"The last two games on the road we pretty much shut the other team down. In the L.A. game, they

had a half chance here or there, but their goal kind of came randomly. And again tonight it was

the same thing, a random goal that we weren't able to get back."

On the Rapids next match at home in two weekends:

"Obviously we need those three points. We need to gain some ground on some Western Conference

opponents. We know what to do at home. There's a confidence in the team there that for some

reason we're lacking on the road, but it's tough to get results in any league on the road."

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