MLS Fantasy: Four midfielders to choose from and $10.0m in the bank...who would you pick up?

MLS Fantasy:Graham Zusi or Landon Donovan

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Decisions. We face any number of them on a daily basis in MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager. As "experts," we might not be the first to admit it, but even we have a tough time deciding what to do every now and then.

There's been a lot of talk around the office lately about who to pick up, who to drop and who to captain for Round 9. Today we're kicking off a new series that will let the average fantasy owner share their thoughts. Review the stats and then vote. It's as simple as that.

Today we're looking at four midfielders who've made a name for themselves so far this season for one reason or another. If you had $10.0m to spend and could only choose one of them, who would it be? Below are the four candidates we're looking at this week and some of their stats.

Player Name


Percentage Owned by

Total Score

Graham Zusi (SKC)




Landon Donovan (LA)




David Ferreira (DAL)




Brad Davis (HOU)




Note: The final results of this poll will be shared in this week's episode of Starting Lineup on Thursday afternoon.

If there's a question you would like to have answered on the show this week, post it in the comments section below or tweet it to @MLSFantasy.

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