MLS WORKS | Greener Goals

MLS WORKS | Greener Goals

GREENER GOALS aims to support the environment by undertaking community initiatives in partnership with our clubs and educating the soccer community about the importance of environmental sustainability.

MLS WORKS GREENER GOALS helps to identify ways to reduce our carbon footprint and raise awareness about environmental issues throughout the soccer community. The greening of our game will encourage MLS clubs, players, partners and fans to create a cleaner, healthier environment.

Learn how you can score Greener Goals.  Click here.



Green Tips for Greener Living From our Partners

Major League Soccer and its partners understand the importance of becoming more enviromentally friendly and we continue to find ways to limit the impact we have on the environment by raising awareness and continually greening the facilities in which we work and play.  Learn some helpful conservation tips from our partners.


  • Top up your tires - To maximize your vehicle's fuel economy, make certain that your tires are always inflated to the recommended pressure. Purchase a pressure gauge so you know when it's time to add air. When replacing your wheels, opt for the new fuel-efficient tires. Due to new materials in these tires, they use less energy when rolling along the road, but maintain excellent wear and traction characteristics.
  • Instead of idling, shut off your vehicle's engine if you are waiting for passengers, stopped at a train crossing, or in similar situations. Especially don't idle when you're picking up or dropping off children at school - this will lower their exposure to exhaust.
  • There are ways to drive called hypermiling that can dramatically increase fuel efficiency. Brake less by anticipating an upcoming stop, stepping off the gas, and let your vehicle run out of momentum. Hypermiling in a hybrid vehicle can get you 100 miles per gallon!
  • To learn more about how Continental tires can help keep you and the environment safe, click here.

Earth Day Canada

Earth Day Canada (EDC), a national environmental charity, provides Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools they need to support a healthier environment. EDC educates, empowers and inspires Canadians, of all ages and backgrounds, to achieve local solutions to improve the state of the environment through year-round and award-winning programs.

The success of EDC programs - focused on education, action, recognition and financial support - lies in the way they teach Canadians about simple, easy-to-accomplish actions that any person can do.

Check out EDC's Top 10 Easy Actions that are better for the environment here.

Learn more about EDC's 2014 campaign's for kids, classrooms and schools (Act for the Planet) and for youth, adults, families and businesses (Make it Count for Earth Day). For more resources in Canada and to learn more about Earth Day Canada, visit

NRDC Green Tips

MLS WORKS has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for all League environmental messaging and consulting for stadium and office operations in the U.S.  For more information on how we reduce our environmental footprint, please visit

Here are some Greening Tips for home, work, on the road and around the holidays brought to you by the National Resources Defense Council:


For more information on saving energy at home, visit


Green Sports Alliance

MLS WORKS is a member of the Green Sports Alliance, a nonprofit organization that leverages the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. 

The Alliance does so by inspiring sports leagues, teams, venues, their partners and millions of fans to embrace renewable energy, healthy food, recycling, water efficiency, species preservation, safer chemicals and other environmentally preferable practices.

Alliance members currently represent nearly 300 sports teams and venues, including 6 MLS Clubs and their respective venues, from 20 different sports leagues and 14 countries.

Find out more at and follow the conversation on Twitter at @SportsAlliance and #GreenSports.

Discover a better way to play and register for the 2015 Green Sports Alliance Summit