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Parents and Coaches

The MLS WORKS Get Active with MLS program is a soccer-centered community outreach initiative that provides resources to motivate and reward children for being mentally and physically fit.

We encourage you to access the resources below as well as encourage your kids to Get Active with MLS!




Physical Activity

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides Physical Activity Guidelines for children and adolescents and provides a toolkit on how to get involved in keeping your child healthy, at home, at school and in your community.

Check out the Youth Physical Activity Guideline Toolkit

Summer Fit Learning

Don't forget to check out Summer Fit Learning, the workbook series that focuses on keeping young minds and bodies in shape during the summer months.

You will find tips to help you create simple, fun routines in your home that will positively impact your child's academic, physical and social performance throughout the school year.

Health Canada

Health Canada provides Activity Plans as part of their Eat Well Be Active Educational Toolkit.

These plans will help your children achieve their goal of 60 minutes of physical activity every day and learn about proper nutrition.

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