MLS Injury Report

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Last Updated: March 25, 2015

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OUT: F Mike Magee (hip surgery 9/9/14, 6-8 months) - READ

OUT: M Patrick Nyarko (torn ACL and sprained MCL 10/18/14, 6-8 months) - READ

OUT: M Razvan Cocis (plantar fasciitis, DNP 3/14)

OUT: D Drew Moor (torn ACL and lateral meniscus 8/18/14) - READ

OUT: D Marlon Hairston (shoulder injury)

QUESTIONABLE: M Romain Gall (left knee sprain, DNP 3/14)

OUT: M Markus Halsti (right knee injury)

OUT: F Luis Silva (right hamstring injury)

OUT: F Eddie Johnson (heart condition) - REPORT

OUT: F Michael Seaton (left knee surgery 1/22, out 6-8 weeks) - READ

OUT: M Michael Farfan (right groin injury)

OUT: Coy Craft (left shoulder surgery)

OUT: Stephen Keel (right foot surgery)

GK Dan Kennedy (back spasms, did not train 3/24)

M Michael Barrios (foot, did not train 3/24)

DOUBTFUL: Raúl Rodríguez (right hamstring strain, DNP 3/21)

M Ricardo Clark (chest)

D DaMarcus Beasley (hamstring)

M Nathan Sturgis


OUT: D Adrian Lopez (knee injury)

OUT: M Justin Mapp (dislocated elbow 3/8, out 4 months) - READ

OUT: GK Maxime Crepeau (shoulder injury)

OUT: M Dilly Duka (tightness in left leg)

OUT: F Cameron Porter (left ACL surgery 3/21, out 9-12 months) - READ

OUT: M Jermaine Jones (sports hernia surgery 2/10, out 4-6 weeks) - READ

OUT: M Teal Bunbury (right shoulder sprain) - READ

OUT: D Donnie Smith (groin surgery)

OUT: D Kevin Alston (right hamstring strain)

OUT: D George John (knee surgery 7/31/14) - READ / UPDATE

OUT: M Sebastian Velasquez (pulled groin) - REPORT

D Josh Williams (viral pericarditis)

OUT: D Roy Miller (knee sprain) - REPORT

QUESTIONABLE: D Ronald Zubar (slight hamstring injury, DNP 3/22) - REPORT

OUT: GK Tally Hall (torn ACL 9/2/14, out 4-6 months) - READ

OUT: F Martin Paterson (groin strain, DNP 3/21) - REPORT

M Cristian Higuita (groin, DNP 3/21) - REPORT

M Carlos Rivas (hamstring, DNP 3/21) - REPORT

M Lewis Neal (neck injury, DNP 3/21) - REPORT

M Tony Cascio (sore back) - REPORT

OUT: GK Andre Blake (left knee surgrery 2/23, out 4-6 weeks) - READ

OUT: F C.J. Sapong (concussion, fractured cheekbone) - READ

OUT: M Cristian Maidana (left MCL sprain, DNP 3/21) - REPORT

OUT: M Eric Bird (hernia)

OUT: D Sheanon Williams (hamstring tightness) - REPORT

F Conor Casey (sports hernia, DNP 3/21, did not train 3/25) - REPORT

OUT: M Will Johnson (broken leg 9/27/14, 6 months) - READ

OUT: M Diego Valeri (torn ACL 10/28/14, 5 months) - READ

OUT: M Ben Zemanski (torn ACL 2/22, 5 months) - READ

OUT: M Michael Nanchoff (sports hernia surgery 3/17, 4-6 weeks) - READ

M Jack Jewsbury (concusssion) - REPORT

OUT: F Joao Plata - (fractured fifth metatarsal 1/26, 3-4 months) - READ

OUT: M John Stertzer (broken toe)

D Justen Glad (right knee, full training 3/25) - REPORT

M Pecka (hip flexor, DNP 3/14, full training 3/25) - REPORT

D Demar Phillips (hamstring, did not train 3/25) - REPORT

OUT: F Mark Sherrod (left knee arthroscopy 2/27, out 3-6 weeks)

OUT: F Steven Lenhart (right knee arthroscopy, DNP 3/22) - REPORT

D Jordan Stewart (right calf strain, DNP 3/22, did not train 3/24) - REPORT

OUT: D Paulo Renato (left hamstring injury, DNP 3/22) - REPORT

OUT: M Osvaldo Alonso (right groin 2/7, 6-8 weeks) - READ

OUT: D Tyrone Mears (slight hamstring tear)

OUT: F Clint Demspsey (hamstring strain 3/23, 2-3 weeks) - READ

OUT: D Chance Myers (ruptured Achilles tendon 5/25/14, expected return: 6/1) - READ

F Krisztian Nemeth (knee sprain, day-to-day)

QUESTIONABLE: D Steven Caldwell (Achilles injury) - REPORT


PROBABLE: D Damien Perquis - REPORT

OUT: M Andre Lewis (right ACL sprain) 

OUT: M Mauro Rosales (right ankle sprain) - REPORT

OUT: D Sam Adekugbe (rib injury)

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