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2012 record: 7-18-9 (30 points); 24 GF / 58 GA (-34 GD)

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Final Standing
9th, Western Conference

Team Leaders
Juan Pablo Angel, 4 G
Miller Bolanos and Ryan Smith, 4 A
Dan Kennedy, 1.69 GAA
Dan Kennedy, 109 SVS

Robin Fraser

The Home Depot Center

Somewhere along the line during 2012, the wheels fell off the Chivas USA express. Then, things got really dire. Within striking range of a playoff spot heading into August, Chivas had an epic implosion as the team’s defense went from stingy to porous while the attack completely disappeared.

Hanging over the club, though, was a bit of a cloud that eventually smothered the campaign and changed the face of the franchise once the season ended. Jorge Vergara bought out former partners Antonio and Lorenzo Cue and became Chivas USA’s sole owner. The sale was first announced in late August, but the Vergara era began in earnest after the Goats put the finishing touches on a disastrous 7-18-9 campaign.

Vergara wasted no time in cleaning house, getting rid of head coach Robin Fraser, right-hand man Greg Vanney and general manager Jose Domene, among others. No replacements were immediately announced, but the club’s focus and identity appear headed for a stark transformation from what it had come to represent in previous years.

Still, even without the change in ownership, the team was headed down a road filled with despair and heartache. Perhaps, then, a drastic change was necessary.

Best Moment of the Year

Not since 2007 had Chivas beaten the LA Galaxy, but lightning struck on May 19. The Galaxy, suffering through some early season woes, were vulnerable and no match for los Rojiblancos. Former Chivas man David Júnior Lopes was whistled for a penalty and sent off after a handball on the goal line, and José Erick Correa converted the penalty kick that eventually gave Chivas their first SuperClasico win in five years.

Worst Moment of the Year

The bottom didn't fall out on Oct. 3. When Vancouver pummeled Chivas 4-0 on that day, the bottom was long gone. But that loss ensured that 2012 would be in the running for the team’s worst season ever. Chivas lost their seventh consecutive match that night, a team record that is made even more remarkable considering the fact that the atrocious 2005 squad did not set it. But this year’s team earned it – opponents outscored the Goats 18-1 during that stretch.

Best Goal

Juan Pablo Ángel scored an acrobatic goal against former club New York on May 23. Rauwshan McKenzie headed down a ball from a corner kick towards Ángel, who spun and slammed the ball past Ryan Meara. A longtime standout with the Red Bulls, JPA showed no emotion after the goal, simply raising his hands as a show of respect towards his former team.

Best Save

Lost in an otherwise forgettable defeat at San Jose on Sept. 2, Dan Kennedy made a spectacular save that kept the Quakes from pummeling Chivas even more thoroughly. Marvin Chávez tried to finish off a counterattack by picking out the far post, but Kennedy, sliding over from the right side of the goal area to the left, reached out with his right hand and pushed the shot just wide of the goal. In one fell swoop, Kennedy showed his awareness, agility and quick reflexes, just some of the attributes that helped him make tremendous save after tremendous save throughout 2012.

Team MVP

Dan Kennedy. When things were going good defensively, Kennedy played a large part, racking up acrobatic saves and demonstrating a calming presence in the back. When things fell apart, Kennedy was there to ensure that they did not unravel to catastrophic depths. That Kennedy finished second in Goalkeeper of the Year honors despite giving up 54 goals in 32 games is testament to how well he performed for an otherwise dreary and destitute club.

Best Newcomer

Oswaldo Minda. The Ecuadorian midfielder developed a bit of a bruising reputation in 2012 by picking up caution after caution. Minda racked up 13 yellow cards in just 22 games, but the cautions were simply side effects of his tough-as-nails play and attitude in the center of the park. On a competent team, Minda possibly could have gotten into the conversation as one of the best defensive midfielders in MLS.

— This season recap by Luis Bueno was originally featured on on December 6, 2012.

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