05 February 3:45 de la tarde

Diffuseurs officiels de la Major League Soccer au Canada, TSN et RDS ont donné le coup d’envoi de leur troisième saison à ce titre en annonçant la programmation de 30 matchs impliquant tous un club canadien.

La programmation de TSN et RDS s’ouvrira à l’occasion du premier match à domicile de Vancouver, le 2 mars à 18h30 (HE) contre Toronto. Les réseaux diffuseront également les débuts à domicile du Toronto FC, le 9 mars contre le Sporting Kansas City, et de l’Impact de Montréal, le 16 mars contre Toronto.

Toutes les rencontres de MLS diffusées sur TSN, TSN2, RDS et RDS2 pourront aussi être regardées en direct sur TSN Mobile TV et Télé Mobile RDS. 

TSN a aussi conclu un partenariat avec le Toronto FC pour retransmettre 11 rencontres de saison régulière supplémentaires, pour un total de 41 de matchs de MLS diffusés à l’échelle nationale. Regardez le calendrier du Toronto FC pour plus de détails.

En outre, TSN et TSN2 retransmettront des matchs de MLS mettant aux prises deux équipes basées aux États-Unis.

Retrouvez ici l’horaire de diffusion complet de la prochaine saison de MLS sur TSN, TSN2, RDS et RDS2.

04 February 7:16 de la tarde

Great defenders think alike.

Sporting Kansas City All-Star defender Aurelien Collin agrees with former USMNT legend Alexi Lalas that MLS' competitive set-up is one of its most attractive features.

When asked by about what he likes most about MLS, SKC's French defender, who has played pro in Scotland, Greece and Portugal, practically mirrored Lalas' stance from last week. His answer comes at 4:10 of the video below:

"MLS? I like that any team can beat any team," Collin says. "It's not like leagues back in Europe. Most of them there are three or four clubs and after them the rest is behind. And in MLS you have like 15 teams that can beat each other. And that's competition. And I love it."

Have your say on the topic below. Agree with Collin and Lalas?

04 February 7:01 de la tarde

I can't always make out what's being said in this video from the Impact – my French is a bit rusty ... and by rusty, I mean nonexistent – but this really is must-watch stuff.

It seems owner Joey Saputo and head coach Marco Schällibaum aren't opposed to some nontraditional team building, in this case a rag-tag, Quebec-style Amazing Race complete with snow-shoe races, paddle ball and insect consumption.

I'd try to describe it in more detail, but you just have to watch to understand. And yes, Saputo chomps down on his full share of creepy crawlies.

04 February 5:53 de la tarde

L’Association canadienne de soccer a publié aujourd’hui un rapport indépendant sur le développement du soccer de club « hors-MLS ». L’objectif de l’étude était de voir quelle structure de compétition conviendrait le mieux au pays.

La solution recommandée est le développement de championnats régionaux semi-professionnels axés sur le développement des talents locaux âgés de 18 à 23 ans, avec une phase finale nationale pour boucler la saison. Malgré le peu d’intérêt suscité chez les supporters, c’est, selon le rapport, l’option qui cadre le mieux avec les structures actuelles et évite les risques financiers et ceux liés aux ambitions démesurées.

L’étude parle de trois ou quatre compétitions à travers le pays, regroupant des clubs actuellement amateurs qui changeraient de statut, ayant une structure et une philosophie communes mais organisées en fonction des réalités régionales et chapeautées par une entité unique qui garantirait une importante standardisation.

Le rôle de l’ACS là-dedans ? Plutôt limité. Le rapport explique qu’elle ne doit pas gérer cette nouvelle organisation, mais veiller à ce que ses gestionnaires ne fassent pas n’importe quoi. Elle ne doit pas trouver elle-même des investisseurs mais rédiger un document qui les encourage à investir dans le soccer. L’étude préconise aussi la participation de l’une ou l’autre équipe semi-professionnelle au Championnat canadien Amway.

Les trois autres options étudiées, et non retenues, étaient de créer une D2 nationale, d’inscrire les équipes nationales -19 et -23 ans en USL et NASL, ou de multiplier les franchises canadiennes en PDL.

Le rapport complet est disponible, en anglais, ici.

04 February 5:31 de la tarde

Tough offseason for Freddy Adu.

First, John Hackworth says what everyone's known all along. Next, a couple pics pop up of Adu smoking hookah, and everyone is all in a tizzy. 

Now, Freddy hasn't done anything wrong here. Hookah isn't illegal, he's certainly not the first footballer to partake and he definitely won't be the last.

The timing is just a little...inconvenient. 

The best part of this are the tweets (now since deleted) of one of the kids he was hanging with. Matt Marks can't believe his luck.

Matt Marks (@MattMarks19) February 4, 2013

Freddy Adu is about to be in my apartment
Matt Marks (@MattMarks19) February 4, 2013

If he actually comes Im going to die!
Matt Marks (@MattMarks19) February 4, 2013


Matt Marks (@MattMarks19) February 4, 2013

Imagine that. Freddy Adu, international soccer star, in the flesh, right next to your washer/dryer combo.

Best night ever. 

***UPDATE: Well, well, well, looks like the story has taken a turn. The following is clarification from Marks, sure glad we got this sorted:

04 February 3:11 de la tarde

Bob Bradley never could completely win over American fans or journalists during his time at the helm of the US national team, sentiments that look increasingly misguided as his accomplishments benefit from time and perspective.

But nobody can dispute the fact that Bradley has been the epitome of grace since arriving in Egypt to lead the country's national team. In the wake of the Port Said tragedy, Bradley took to the streets to mourn. And he never left when others would have been tempted to take the first flight out of Cairo, staying put as Egypt's political structure and domestic league descended into chaos. In the process, the stoic tactician earned the respect and admiration of a soccer-mad nation desperate to see their team succeed against all odds.

Now, the Pharaohs are doggedly trying to qualify for the 2014 World Cup, currently sitting atop Group G with six points after two matches.

Can they make it to Brazil? That remains to be seen, but they've certainly overcome staggering odds to get this far during arguably the most turbulent period in Egypt's modern history.

Watch Bradley's recent interview with CNN above and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Has your opinion of him changed in the past year?

04 February 3:03 de la tarde

If the trailer for American Football left you hungry for more, you're in luck.

Just in time to get Sounders fans revved up for their March 2nd season opener, Levy Films released a rough cut of their unfinished feature-length documentary on Seattle Sounders FC. The footage takes you even deeper into the world of Sigi Schmid and what it means to play on his team.

Even if the Sounders aren't your team, this video will leave you longing for the return of Major League Soccer, which is now only 26 days away. Enjoy!


04 February 2:34 de la tarde

While we were busy debating whether the Fire or Crew got the better end of a deal that sent Dilly Duka and the right of first refusal to Robbie Rogers to Chicago and Dominic Oduro, Rogers was finding out the news on his own.

No phone call. No nothing.

The former Leeds United winger took to Twitter Monday morning to express surprise that his MLS rights had changed hands.

Bizarre? Sure, but perhaps par for the course in the often wacky world of MLS swaps.

03 February 12:39 de la mañana

Not like you needed any reminders, but we're officially a month away from the start of 2013 MLS season. 

That got us thinking: Obviously you're excited (Or nervous. Or worse.) to kick this party off, but what is that one thing you're looking forward to the most?

Rolling into the parking lot for that first tailgate?

Diego Valeri, if you're a Timbers fan?

The Chelís era?

Whatever it is, it's all good. There's no wrong answer, but we'd love for you to share. We'd make a list of our own, but it'd be pretty long. 

One month. 

02 February 6:03 de la tarde

We won't know Jurgen Klinsmann's full roster for the US national team's World Cup qualifier against Honduras until Monday, but a celebrity sighting appears to have revealed at least one name on the list.

That would be Sporting KC's Matt Besler, who scored a picture with Kim Kardashian on a flight to Miami (destination revealed thanks to Ms. Kardashian's personal account) and tweeted it to his followers with this message: "Yes, of course you can sit next to me on my flight this morning. Nothing to worry about, Kayne."

Smooth, Matt. Real smooth.

Just spell Kanye's name right next time, OK?