14 March 4:33 de la tarde

Aimer le soccer ne se limite pas à aller au stade une fois toutes les deux semaines et à suivre passivement les nouvelles de son équipe préférée. La Major League Soccer est particulièrement active, ou plutôt interactive avec les supporters. Alors voilà quelques manières simples d’en être, vous aussi, des acteurs :

De quoi vous occuper entre deux rencontres, n’est-ce pas ? Et même au match, soyez actifs. Comme le disent les UM02, supporters de Montréal, l’ambiance est faite par tous les supporters présents au stade. Et ce qui vaut à Montréal vaut évidemment partout ailleurs. On en a d'ailleurs eu un magnifique exemple à Portland ce lundi.

14 March 2:33 de la tarde

On the MLS Road Trip to First Kick, we documented the journey of the match ball from Philadelphia to Dallas, and shot some quick bits with players in various cities along the way to help keep the ball moving. For the most part, these shoots went off without a hitch. In Orlando one day, we made it to the end of Houston's training session to shoot with the Dynamo pair of Tally Hall and Brad Davis. Brad took a couple shots on Tally, who made the saves, then got up and threw the ball out to his right. Easy. The next shot called for Brad to receive the throw from Tally, take a touch, and volley to his right. Let's just say Brad didn't approach that first take with the seriousness and focus he normally brings to the pitch in MLS (you can hear Tally mockingly call him "All Star" around 0:18).

Fortunately for everyone involved, Brad did re-focus and managed to knock out a pretty good take from Tally's throw (his teammate was actually throwing it to him off camera) at 0:47 of the finished video HERE.

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I decided to look at the US Soccer online store today, and it had nothing to do with the e-mail blast they sent out telling me about their Spring collection. Cross my heart and hope to die.

And though it may not be particularly Spring-y, I found a hoodie that was well worth the price of admission.

The words on the back say, and I quote, "Haters Welcome."

I'm not really sure what that means. Is it a defiance thing a la "Don't Tread On Me?" Kind of a "hate us because we win?"

Is it an invitation to soccer "haters" to start watching? God knows I have enough friends who are haters, but I'm not sure that wearing this sweatshirt would convince them to start watching games with me.

Look, I'm all for helping the uninitiated get into soccer. Convincing – and I mean really convincing – someone to follow the beautiful game is unbelievably rewarding. Haters? Not sure if it's worth the fight. After all...

Thoughts, everyone? Smart? Silly? Would you wear it? Hit up that comment section and let us know.

14 March 12:02 de la tarde

Even Portland Timbers supporters will find the humor in this video clip that the New England Revolution produced to promote their home opener.

The only question we have: It took Slyde 20 minutes to handle that guy in the Timbers scarf?

14 March 11:47 de la mañana

The Montreal Impact may be a brand new expansion club, but they have a leg up on most of the other MLS teams in one department: documentaries.

A new soccer documentary -- "L'Impact vers la MLS" -- is set to launch on Thursday night March 15 and it gives the exclusive, inside scoop leading up to the Impact's MLS debut.The film crew followed the team's every step from California, Florida and Montreal.

This week's broadcast will be the first of five 30-minute episodes that will run on Thursdays from March 15 through April 12 on TVA sports. Here's a teaser:

L’Impact vers la MLS | TOXA from TOXA on Vimeo.

13 March 4:50 de la tarde

Ne manquez pas les matchs retour des quarts de finale de la Ligue des champions en ce milieu de semaine, il y aura du spectacle et du suspense, c’est garanti ! Seattle et Metapan espèrent devenir le premier club étranger à éliminer une formation mexicaine, alors que Toronto sent l’exploit à sa portée au LA Galaxy.

Menant 2-0 à l’aller, les Canadiens ont-ils manqué le coche chez eux (2-2) ? La tâche sera redoutable au Home Depot Center, où LA n’est cependant plus invincible. La défaite de ce samedi contre Salt Lake pousse même Bruce Arena à effectuer de nombreux changements dans son équipe. Pendant que Donovan et consorts pansaient leurs plaies, les Torontois ne jouaient pas et sont arrivés, frais et dispos, en Californie ce dimanche, avec le moral gonflé à bloc.

Seattle a aussi pu se reposer avant son déplacement on ne peut plus difficile à Torreon, où Santos Laguna vient de prendre la tête du championnat du Mexique. Redoutables à domicile, les Mexicains feront toutefois face à l’équipe de MLS qui se comporte le mieux hors de ses bases. « Personne n’a peur d’aller là-bas », résume le milieu de terrain Brad Evans. L’entraîneur Sigi Schmid insiste sur le besoin de bien défendre, mais précise : « Nous sommes tout à fait capables de marquer. »

L’exploit est aussi toujours envisageable pour les Salvadoriens d’Isidro Metapan, qui auront toutefois fort à faire à Mexico pour confirmer leur victoire 2-1 à l’aller contre les Pumas de l’Unam. Enfin, dans un duel de compatriotes, le tenant du titre Monterrey semble idéalement placé après avoir gagné 1-3 à Morelia.  


Horaire Match (aller) Télévision
Mardi 13 mars, 22h00 (HE) Monterrey (Mex) - Monarcas Morelia (Mex) (3-1) Galavision, ESPN Latin Norte, ESPN Caribbean
Mercredi 14 mars, 20h00 (HE) Santos Laguna (Mex) - Seattle Sounders (1-2) Fox Soccer, Sportsnet, TeleFutura, ESPN Dos (Mexique, Venezuela, Caraïbes)
Mercredi 14 mars, 22h00 (HE) LA Galaxy - Toronto FC (2-2) Fox Soccer, Sportsnet One, TeleFutura, ESPN Dos (Mexique, Venezuela, Caraïbes)
Jeudi 15 mars, 22h00 (HE) Pumas Unam (Mex) - Isidro Metapan (Slv) (1-2) Galavision, ESPN Latin Norte, ESPN Caribbean

Rencontres également disponibles sur CONCACAF TV

13 March 3:51 de la mañana

Después del partidazo que los Portland Timbers le ganaron a Philadelphia Union en su debut en la temporada 2012, me topé con José Adolfo “El Trencito” Valencia, el joven delantero colombiano que tuvo que ver sentado (y con muletas al lado) el encuentro. Sonriente por el triunfo de su equipo, pero triste de no poder participar, el Trencito le mandó un saludo a su afición y nos dio un pequeño informe del progreso de su lesión y su vida en Portland. Aquí va:

13 March 1:48 de la mañana

Palabras no pueden describir lo que se vivió en el JELD-WEN Field de Portland en su noche de debut en la temporada regular de la MLS. Como las palabras no lo pueden hacer, voy a permitir que este mini-video lo haga.

¡Así es como se vive el fútbol de la MLS!

12 March 5:48 de la tarde

There were some rumblings on Twitter during NBC Sports Network's first MLS broadcast on Sunday and Keel Cam Part 5 confirmed it: Ryan Meara is essentially Larry Bird in a goalkeeper's kit and gloves.

Don't believe me? Check out the side-by-side photo below of Larry Legend at Indiana State and Meara following his side's 2-1 defeat to FC Dallas.

The best part about it? He joins Mehdi Ballouchy as New York Red Bulls with celebrity doppelgangers. As the Shawn "MLS Insider" Francis pointed out to me a few months ago, Ballouchy bears a striking resemblance to John Oates of Hall & Oates fame.


12 March 5:32 de la tarde

My love for all things Keel Cam is well documented. New York's mop-topped defender is simply magnificent at providing behind-the-scene moments with his own brand of humor and some spot-on one-liners mixed in for good measure.

He's done it again with "Keel Cam Part 5," an examination of what tagging along for team bonding at the golf course with the Red Bulls might be like.

My favorite lines:

"That has house written all over it."

"Dax, grab your balls."

"Maybe stand up on your toes, just to get the full flex."

"Does Bruno Mars have any golf game? The club looks as big as he does."

"Can I introduce my caddy, Mehdi Ballouchy?"

As Ryan Meara says, anything for Keel Cam. Let the ridiculousness begin...