21 August 7:35 de la tarde

Dans l’émission Coup Franc de cette semaine (à écouter ici), l’équipe renforcée par Nicolas Gaillard se penche sur une grande variété de sujets :
- Gros plan sur les meilleurs jeunes de moins de 24 ans qui évoluent en MLS. Les animateurs de l’émission dressent leur top 5 pour la saison actuelle et expliquent les qualités qui leur plaisent chez ces joueurs. Vous pouvez élire celui que vous trouvez le meilleur : dites-nous qui sont vos choix.
- Discussion sur l’arbitrage lors des rencontres de la dernière journée, notamment à DC United - Philadelphie. Lisez le plan de la MLS pour le professionnaliser.
- Retour sur la forme actuelle de Montréal et sa victoire contre San José avec Olivier Brett (consultant pour TVA Sports). Comment l’allure du match a changé suite à la double exclusion. Quel visage présentera la défense montréalaise contre DC United ?
- Débat : connaît-on déjà les 10 qualifiés pour la phase finale de la saison ? Qui, à ce stade, est le plus à même de jouer la finale de la Coupe MLS ?
- Les beaux buts du match Houston - Columbus, dont celui de Moffat contre son ami Gruenebaum.
- Avant-goût des rencontres de Ligue des champions de la semaine impliquant des clubs de MLS.

L'émission Coup Franc est aussi disponible sur Stitcher et iTunes. Vous pouvez nous joindre par courriel ( ou sur Twitter (@CoupFrancMLS).

21 August 3:39 de la tarde

It turns out the duo that helped the US earn their first-ever victory at Estadio Azteca may yet be reunited at club level.

Maurice Edu has been looking for a destination away from fourth-division Rangers for much of the summer, and manager Ally McCoist revealed on Tuesday that a suitable club may have gotten the process started by contacting the American's representatives.

"We hear from his agent that there is a potential deal to be done with Stoke," McCoist told BBC Scotland.

Of course, that's no indication of a done deal -- or even the beginning of earnest negotiations -- but it does seem to be a good sign for a player desperately in need of a new home.

Would Stoke City be a good move for Edu? Let us know in the comments sections below.

20 August 8:43 de la tarde

A few weeks ago, I was pretty convinced that the Western Conference playoff race was over. Sure, Chivas USA were lurking around, and Colorado had some pieces in place, but neither really seemed threatening.

LA, meanwhile, were heating up, and Vancouver seemed rock-solid despite overhauling their roster.

Fast forward to this week. The 'Caps have lost two in a row, and are just 3-6-3 in their last 12. They're right there with the Galaxy on 37 points, and should be safe, but ... here come FC Dallas.

They've been a new team since David Ferreira has returned to fitness, and the reigning MLS Player of the Week just so happened to eviscerate the Whitecaps last Wednesday in a 2-0 win at BC Place. Brek Shea has come to life for club and country, while Fabián Castillo has started to look the part of a Designated Player thanks largely to the space Ferreira has created for him in attack.

They've just been missing one piece: center forward Blas Pérez. The big Panamanian was one of the stars of the early-going this year, but has missed much of the last several months with both injuries and personal tragedy when his father passed away.

It's been a long road back. Which probably made this tweet that much more satisfying:

20 August 3:49 de la tarde

Everyone likes goals. That's indisputable truth as far as I'm concerned.

With that in mind, you have no excuse not to check out all 31 goals scored during Major League Soccer's Week 24.

Oh, and vote for AT&T Goal of the Week while you're at it.

20 August 12:15 de la tarde

Le seul duel de la journée opposant des équipes de haut de tableau a été facilement remporté par Seattle, où presque tout le monde dit que Montero et Johnson forment le meilleur duo offensif de la compétition, contre Vancouver privé de Robson la veille du match.

Dans les autres rencontres, les favoris se sont cassé les dents plus souvent qu’autrement. Le leader San José n’a jamais pu se remettre de la sortie de Lenhart, suite à une double exclusion mieux digérée par Montréal, l’équipe en forme du moment. Lors d’une fin de match complètement folle, DC United a perdu deux points précieux contre Philadelphie.

Contre Dallas, Salt Lake a très mal géré sa combativité et a préparé de la pire des manières son match de Ligue des champions contre le Tauro FC. Higuain a réussi ses débuts pour Columbus, qui a failli infliger sa première défaite à domicile à Houston : les Texans sauvent un point grâce au tir à distance de Moffat et à une erreur de Gruenebaum.

Les surprises ont été majoritaires, mais quelques favoris se sont quand même imposés. Non sans peine pour New York, auteur d’une remontée spectaculaire contre Portland. La défense de Kansas City a retrouvé toutes ses sensations à Toronto. Et l’attaque de Chicago a montré qu’elle avait, enfin, des solutions de rechange.

Seattle - Vancouver
Toronto - Kansas City
Montréal - San José
Chicago - New England
Colorado - Chivas USA
Salt Lake - Dallas
DC United - Philadelphie
New York - Portland
Houston - Columbus

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Always kind of worry about the Sunday afternoon game. A Saturday's worth of matches usually supplies its fair share of drama on any given weekend, so depending on who's facing who on Sunday, the MLS weekend can sometimes fizzle out. It's happened before, you know it.

Not today, not for D.C. United and Philadelphia Union.

We made it out to RFK Stadium to find the I-95 Rivalry alive and well in the nation's capital. Below you'll find some of the best images from a crazy, crazy day at RFK.

Shortly after arrival we were waiting in the parking lot when a few D.C. United and RFK staffers came hustling out from under the stadium. Dwayne De Rosario had arrived, along with the NBC Sports Network camera crew filming his edition of MLS 36. Little did anyone know the kind of footage they were about to capture. Oh, and how about this license plate?

The storyline heading into this match was focused on young Danny Cruz. Lovable, bursting with honesty and energy, Cruz had endeared himself to the DCU faithful before being moved to Philadelphia in the week for Lionard Pajoy. After getting off the bus, Cruz walked the pitch at RFK all on his own, taking in the vibe from a place that was no longer home. The emergence of United defender Daniel Woolard caught Cruz's eye, as the two shared a few laughs together before Cruz disappeared into the visitor's tunnel before warmups.

It wouldn't be an I-95 clash without a big group of travelling support, and the Sons of Ben made themselves heard. We caught some video of the chant below, but sadly the footage isn't exactly...umm...deliverable. This should suffice:

The last time we saw Carlos Valdés in the flesh he was representing MLS against Chelsea. Today he did his club proud, turning in another boss performance at the back once he got his captain's armband sorted before walking out for the anthems.

Back to DeRo. Not only is he on 98 career goals, not only was he being filmed for MLS 36, it was also his bobblehead game. We managed to find one near midfield during the second half, after we caught a pretty cool moment between DDR and Olsen before the second half began.

The Sons of Ben were doing their thing in section 317 all game, but one of the iconic images you'll find from attending any United match are the bouncing stands along the sideline. This photo came from when D.C. found themselves trailing. Can't you tell?

Of course we all know what happened at the end of the match, and I'll leave the analysis about what should or should have went down to all of you. But as the seconds melted off the clock, we caught a glimpse of a substituted De Rosario, leaning on the field boards watching the madness unfold just like everyone else at RFK, and the nationwide audience at home. Needless to say, don't miss his MLS 36 episode, because you know it'll be crazy.

John Hackworth said postgame in his press conference that it was a good point for the Union. Olsen's tone was decidedly different. A young coach quite rightly upset, but you feel that Olsen's demeanor rubs off easily on his charges. If I were Frank Klopas, I'd be a lot more worried about going in there on Wednesday.

18 August 3:08 de la tarde

Fresh off selling Michael Bradley to Roma, it seems Chievo Verona are eyeing another talent who made a name for himself in MLS.

That would be Seattle Sounders forward Fredy Montero, who has scored 41 goals and dished out 30 assists during league play in three-plus seasons in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the brightest young talents in the league, Montero has never shied away from expressing a desire to test himself in Europe. In 22 games this season, Montero has scored seven goals to go along with four assists.

Would a move to Chievo make sense for the Colombian? Make your voice heard in the comment section below.

17 August 2:27 de la tarde

En dehors de Seattle - Vancouver, toutes les équipes de la première moitié de classement affronteront des adversaires de la « colonne de droite » : toute perte de points est dès lors proscrite.

Le sommet de la journée est ainsi facile à déterminer. Sur les bords du Pacifique et en direct sur RDS et TSN2, on prévoit une nouvelle chaude lutte pour la bataille du Nord-Ouest, tellement serrée cette saison que seul… Portland a gagné une confrontation directe entre les trois rivaux de la région.

L’ancien gardien de Portland Troy Perkins et Montréal voudront continuer sur leur lancée contre le leader San José, où le meilleur buteur Chris Wondolowski ne prend pas la grosse tête. Ses 4 matchs sans marquer ne sont rien comparés à la disette de 10 rencontres de Fabian Espindola, qui compte y mettre fin lors de Salt Lake - Dallas.

Kansas City est heureux de retrouver un temps plus clément pour son déplacement à Toronto, mais devra se méfier d’Eric Hassli qui n’a pas tardé à y prendre ses marques. Contre New England, Chicago devra trouver comment remplacer Logan Pause, blessé pour plus d’un mois.

Dimanche s’ouvrira avec le choc des capitales sur RDS2, NBC Sports Network et TSN2 : les regards seront tournés vers Lionard Pajoy, qui vient de quitter Philadelphie pour DC United. Sur Galavision, New York partira largement favori face à Portland, alors que Ricardo Clark voudra réussir ses débuts à domicile pour Houston contre Columbus.

Samedi 18 août
16h00 : Seattle - Vancouver
16h30 : Toronto - Kansas City
19h30 : Montréal - San José
20h30 : Chicago - New England
21h00 : Colorado - Chivas USA
21h00 : Salt Lake - Dallas
Dimanche 19 août
17h00 : DC United - Philadelphie
19h00 : New York - Portland
21h00 : Houston - Columbus

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Después de 75 años de no lograrlo, Estados Unidos finalmente puede decir que le ganaron a sus archirrivales de la CONCACAF en su casa. México cayó en el Estadio Azteca gracias a un gol de Michael Orozco (que irónicamente es mexico-estadounidense).  

Muchos en Estados Unidos piensan que una importante barrera ha caído, que ese triunfo demuestra lo cerca que los estadounidenses están de los reyes de la CONCACAF, algo que llega en un momento critico, ya que recientemente el Tri había superado a Estados Unido en todo sentido… Copa Oro, Olímpicos, Mundiales juveniles, etc, etc, etc.


Sin embargo, es solo un partido, y no se jugaron puntos. Es solo un triunfo, en comparación de los muchos que ha tenido México ante los estadounidenses.

Pensando en eso nos preguntamos, ¿Cuántos partidos pasarán para que EE.UU. le vuelva a ganar al Tri en México? ¿Será que la brecha si se ha cerrado, o será que tendremos que esperar otros 75 años para ver esto?

Voten, comenten y escuchen el debate de Tiro Libre… la rivalidad continúa…