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ESPN may have finally exhausted its full allotment of Barclays Premier League television broadcasting rights – they'll relinquish that hold to the NBC Sports Group in the fall – and the broadcasting behemoth may only have one more World Cup to televise before FOX Sports takes over in 2018, but that doesn't mean the Worldwide Leader is looking to get out of the soccer business anytime soon.

ESPN announced on Tuesday morning that the network will launch a brand new, highlights-driven soccer studio show called "ESPN FC" later this year, set to hit cable boxes on August 11. The 30-minute show, which will air Sunday through Friday each week, will be shown primarily on ESPN2 six days a week, with the Sunday edition spanning an hour. ESPN FC's daily scheduling has not yet been announced, but soccer fans around the United States will be hoping for a prime, mid-morning or early evening time slot.

ESPN recently rebranded its online soccer coverage with a change from the old ESPN Soccernet to the new ESPN FC iteration, and the broadcast side will focus primarily on the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Spain's La Liga, the US and Mexican national teams and, of course, Major League Soccer. 

Some of the regular contributors to ESPN's digital and television soccer coverage – and potential on-air personalities for ESPN FC – include the likes of Derek Rae, Tommy Smyth, Shaka Hislop, Gabriele Marcotti and Janus Michalik. ESPN also boasts a stable of MLS-centric commentators and analysts such as Adrian Healey and former MLS-ers Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman. With Premier League and World Cup rights going the way of other broadcasting companies, MLS could be in a position to move closer to the forefront of ESPN's soccer coverage, both on television and digitally.

ESPN and ESPN2 have been a longtime official television broadcast partner of Major League Soccer since the league's inaugural season in 1996. The current broadcast agreement between MLS and ESPN runs until the end of 2014, with the network carrying 20 2013 regular-season games.

Stay tuned for further news regarding ESPN FC in the coming weeks and months. Who would you like to see spearhead this new venture for ESPN?

UPDATE:'s Grant Wahl on a potential time slot...

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We already know the British tabloids can be over the top and insensitive when it comes to issues they don't understand, but perhaps no one in the American soccer community knows that better than US national team and Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard.

The World Cup veteran and national team fixture since 2007 has gone from being called "disabled" and "retarded" by the British press when he moved to Manchester United in 2003 to something of a club legend and cult hero for current club Everton, all in the space of a decade.

Not only has Howard learned to cope with the Tourette's syndrome that accompanied him his entire life, but he's now raising awareness among children. The message? Tourette's hasn't defined Howard, and nor should it define them.

In the April-May issue of Neurology Now, Howard spoke at length about his life with Tourette's from his childhood struggles to life in the spotlight as a Manchester United and Everton star.

Said Howard of being a little boy with TS: “From the age of 9 to 15, it was just this chaos of different tics, and they were pretty strong. I would just begin to figure out how a tic worked with my body, and, bam, six months or a year later, a new tic would come.”

“On the field I wasn't Tim who had TS or Tim who had tics. I was Tim who scored goals or scored baskets or hit home runs.”

These days, Howard keep the goals out, but you can't help but admire him for pressing on and passing his message onto others with similar challenges.

Howard isn't the only professional athlete who thrived despite the sometimes nasty disorder. Former Major League Baseball player Jim Eisenreich had a 15-year career in the big leagues, while former NBA player Chris Jackson, who Howard himself cites as a role model in his early years with TS, was a first-round draft pick in 1990 and enjoyed a 15-year career in America, Europe and Asia.

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Is the quest for a place in the UEFA Champions League comparable to liberating a faraway kingdom from a terrible dragon?

That might be a good question for Tottenham and US national team star Clint Dempsey, who is one of many English Premier League players taking part in “Premier League Reading Stars,” a commendable project intended to develop and encourage reading skills among children in the United Kingdom.

Deuce's favorite book? J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy classic The Hobbit, which he enthusiastically describes as “a good read” and  “a story about personal growth” in a video for the project.

“It's being able to go outside the comforts of your own home, and go out into the real world and see what's out there,” said the Texan as he explained why he loves the 75-year-old tale. “And even though it's going to be tough, and it's going to be ups and downs, it's about the adventure that you would've never got if you'd never left home. Without putting yourself outside your comfort zone, you don't know what you're capable of doing.”

READ: American Exports: Dempsey's goal sparks Tottenham to massive win over Manchester City

As Dempsey narrates the harrowing adventures of Bilbo Baggins and his colleagues, it's not hard to see parallels with Dempsey's own professional journey from an unheralded rookie with the New England Revolution to USMNT captain and standout performer in one of the world's toughest leagues.

“He was able to find that he had a lot of strength inside himself and that there were a lot of things he could accomplish,” said Dempsey of Baggins. “I think it's a great story about how you find strength from within, and strength from putting yourself in uncomfortable situations sometimes and being able to prevail.”

Though he's since moved on to become Toronto FC's head coach, Ryan Nelsen is also featured in “Premier League Reading Stars” with footage recorded during his final season as a player with Queens Park Rangers.

Nelsen picked a slightly different book, one from his five-year-old son's current rotation: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

“It just has a good buzz and wording to it, you can kind of sing it or you can read it,” said Nelsen. “My son absolutely loves it."

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Consider it their very own Columbus Crew Stadium.

The Costa Rican soccer federation is set to decide on Wednesday whether to stage the Sept. 6 World Cup qualifier against the US national team at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa, where the USMNT has never won, or at the newly constructed Estadio Nacional, which opened its doors in March 2011.

The artificial turf and the proximity of fans to the field and lockers have made the Estadio Saprissa a nightmare venue for the USMNT, living up to its nickname the "Monster's Cave." And the Costa Ricans know it.

PHOTOS & VIDEO: A look inside the Monster's Cave

The new Estadio Nacional, where Costa Rica have played their recent matches, was a gift by the Chinese government and features a pristine grass surface.

"I only want to confirm what I've been saying: Both stadiums are useful to the national team," said Costa Rica manager Jorge Luis Pinto in November 2012. "When we believe it's convenient, we'll use Saprissa or the National Stadium."

Especially in light of the SnowClasico victory by the USMNT — Costa Rica's protest of the match was struck down by FIFA — the Ticos want to do their best to exact some serious revenge on Jurgen Klinsmann & Co.

There's one hitch: Apparently the state of the artificial turf at Estadio Saprissa is such that it's not even clear that the Costa Rican national team players want to play on it.

Stay tuned.

USMNT at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa (last six matches)

Dec. 1, 1996 -- Costa Rica 2, USA 1
March 23, 1997 -- Costa Rica 3, USA 2
July 23, 2000 - Costa Rica 2, USA 1
Sept. 5, 2001 -- Costa Rica 2, USA 0
Oct. 8, 2005 -- Costa Rica 3, USA 0
June 3, 2009 -- Costa Rica 3, USA 1

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On Tuesday night Seattle fans were directing "Sounders Reject" chants at USMNT forward Herculez Gomez in the first half, only to get their comeuppance after he scored the game-winner for Mexican side Santos Laguna in their Champions League semifinal first leg.

Gomez was loaned out to the Sounders in their USL days while he was still an LA Galaxy player.

“I love it. Being called a Sounders’ reject – any kind of reject – digs deep. It fuels fire,” Gomez said after the match. “I didn’t have the easiest go at the beginning of my career, so any chance I can get to definitely redeem myself is a good chance.”

So now what happens when the USMNT comes to town to face Panama in a June 11 World Cup qualifier at the same stadium? Will those same Seattle fans taunting Gomez on Tuesday cheer him on vs. Panama?

How do you feel about Seattle fans mocking a USMNT player during a club match?

Share your thoughts below.

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Quels pays de la Concacaf iront à la Coupe du monde au Brésil l’an prochain ? Impossible à dire actuellement tant les six équipes se tiennent de près dans le dernier tour des éliminatoires.

Les deux favoris s’affrontaient hier au stade Azteca, et il n’y eut pas de but lors de ce Mexique - États-Unis qui a vu les Américains prendre le deuxième point de leur histoire chez leur voisin en match officiel, le premier datant de 1997.

S’ils ont tenu le coup, ils doivent une fière chandelle à leur gardien Brad Guzan, mais aussi à la paire de défenseurs centraux composée de Matt Besler et Omar Gonzalez, les deux derniers Défenseurs de l’année de la MLS. À l’arbitre aussi, ajoutent les Mexicains qui prétendent avoir été privés d’un penalty à deux reprises.

Leader avant les rencontres d’hier soir, le Honduras a été battu 2-0 au Panama où Blas Perez s’est illustré tant par son but que par sa célébration. Du coup, ce sont les Panaméens qui s’emparent de la tête du groupe avec 5 points, devant trois équipes qui en comptent 4 : leurs victimes du jour, les États-Unis et le Costa Rica, vainqueur 2-0 de la Jamaïque, qui ferme la marche avec 2 unités juste derrière le Mexique (3 pts).

Pendant que d’autres joueurs de MLS se produisaient ailleurs sur la planète, le champion en titre, le LA Galaxy, était reçu à la Maison-Blanche et retrouvait Landon Donovan. Par ailleurs, DC United, qui peine déjà offensivement, sera privé de Nick DeLeon pendant six semaines.

26 March 12:10 de la tarde

Ce mardi, les éliminatoires de la Coupe du monde se poursuivent partout sur la planète. Dans la zone Concacaf, un match attire l’attention plus que les autres : Mexique - États-Unis.

S’il oppose les deux ténors de la moitié nord du continent américain, le duel qui se jouera ce soir au stade Azteca est a priori déséquilibré tant les Mexicains sont forts chez eux en match officiel et les États-Unis peinent chez leur voisin du sud. Toutefois, ils s’y sont imposés l’an dernier et ne considèrent plus la tâche impossible. Les Mexicains prendront garde de ne pas les sous-estimer. Si ce match vous passionne, lisez les nombreux articles de qui vous en offre une couverture exhaustive.

Les deux autres rencontres de la zone Concacaf, où le classement est très serré, promettent d’être captivantes. Leader, le Honduras, emmené par Roger Espinoza et Jerry Bengtson, disputera son premier match en déplacement au Panama, toujours invaincu. Le Costa Rica tentera de se remettre de son cauchemar enneigé (dont le résultat a été validé par la Fifa) face à la Jamaïque, qui reste sur deux nuls en autant de duels.

On suivra aussi les nombreux autres joueurs de MLS en action à travers le monde. Roy Keane, blessé au mollet, sera au repos et on ne connaît pas la durée de son indisponibilité. Mauvaise nouvelle pour le LA Galaxy. Ailleurs en MLS, notons la finalisation de l’échange Adu - Kleberson et le fait que Martin Rennie préfère que la critique ne sorte pas du vestiaire, même si elle est constructive. Enfin, le Canada a été battu 2-0 par le Belarus hier en match amical.

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Are you a US national team fan? Are you getting more and more amped as the hours tick down towards the next round of  World Cup qualifiers on Friday night?

Jimmy Conrad the the rest of the crew over at KICKTV are right there with you. They've just dropped the latest episode of “The Hex,” KICKTV's video series on the final round of CONCACAF qualifying.

“Hexagonal 101” delivers a fast-paced refresher course on the long, global road to the World Cup, the structure of the competition and the many challenges that the USMNT and their five regional counterparts must overcome in order to book a place in Brazil 2014.

Sporting the USA's brand-new centennial jersey, which the Yanks will debut against Costa Rica at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colo., on Friday, Conrad reminds us how difficult the two-and-a-half-year-long process can be, a lesson he's learned through firsthand experience.

This is a great way to start the final countdown to the big games – and an excellent primer if you've got friends or family who could use a bit of Hex background.

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Ce vendredi, presque toute la planète aura les yeux rivés sur la reprise des éliminatoires de la Coupe du monde 2014. Dans la Concacaf, on disputera la deuxième journée du dernier tour, sur fond de polémique aux États-Unis qui s’apprêtent à affronter le Costa Rica d’Alvaro Saborio puis le Mexique.

Après une défaite initiale au Honduras, Jürgen Klinsmann a convoqué un groupe loin de faire l’unanimité et se fait tirer dessus à boulets rouges par un article de Sporting News qui, en gros, le dépeint comme un incompétent habile à créer des tensions dans le vestiaire, le tout grâce à des témoignages anonymes d’internationaux américains.

Il va sans dire que l’ambiance n’est pas au beau fixe et que les réactions fusent de toutes parts. Les analystes se demandent si les joueurs sont des enfants gâtés ou remettent en question la communication de Klinsmann. Honte, gêne, déception : certains internationaux, à l’image de Michael Bradley, ne sont pas heureux de voir les sentiments sortir du vestiaire.

Autre son de cloche du côté d’Herculez Gomez, pour qui il était à peu près temps que les médias commencent à poser des questions difficiles. « On serait au Mexique, ESPN en parlerait toute la journée », ajoute le joueur de Santos Laguna qui pense que l'équipe en ressortira plus forte. Voilà qui remet les choses en perspective.

Ah, oui, le Canada aussi joue ce vendredi, il affronte le Japon au Qatar. Seul pays du G8 à être déjà éliminé, il a un entraîneur par intérim qui est aussi directeur technique de la fédération. Cette dernière programme des matches (c’est un progrès par rapport à il y a 10 ans), prétend qu’elle cherche un sélectionneur et prépare la prochaine Gold Cup mais n’expose aucun plan à long terme pour aller en Russie en 2018. Pas de polémique cependant : les médias s’en désintéressent complètement, en dehors de quelques-uns très complaisants. Vu sous cet angle, ils sont chanceux, les Américains…

20 March 2:33 de la tarde

Former Major League Soccer veteran Alejandro Moreno has officially joined the ESPN soccer family, and will work the US national team game as an analyst when the Americans take on Mexico next Tuesday night in Mexico City.

Moreno (above, with Chivas USA in 2012) will primarily serve as an analyst for Mexican national team and Liga MX matches on ESPN’s English networks, as well as a studio analyst for marquee events such as MLS Cup, Confederations Cup 2013 and other FIFA events.

“Alejandro has a remarkable knowledge of the game and the rare ability to communicate it with insight,” ESPN senior vice president and executive producer Jed Drake said in a statement. "His work for us so far has shown he will be a great addition to our talented and diverse analyst team."

Moreno’s relationship with ESPN dates back to 2011, when he was a guest studio analyst for the MLS Cup Playoffs while playing for Chivas USA.  He returned to the same role in 2012.

Moreno played for six different MLS teams before he retired after last season. He also earned 43 caps for the Venezuelan national team from 2004-11.