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21 June 6:28 de la tarde

Way to go, MLS fans.

You may have broken one of the most prolific communication tools to ever exist. Literally the minute we announced AT&T #MLSAllStar twitter voting was live, the platform stopped working. In fact, it was so dead that users didn't even get the Twitter whale to share in their tweetless solitude. 

We may not be thinking scientifically here, but we're having a good time theorizing that this timing couldn't be coincidence, and instead was due to the onslaught of #MLSAllStar tweets occurring at that very moment. Seems plausible right? At least a few folks agreed with us.

Luckily, Twitter is back up and running and there is still time left to vote for your favorite players. Here's the scoop:

Tweet a vote for your First XI players. Voting is open until Friday, June 22, at 11:59 PM ET.

  • An eligible vote consists of #MLSAllStar and the player's name (first and last required), with or without a space.
  • A user may vote for multiple players in a tweet; however, a user may not vote for a single player multiple times within one tweet.
  • There is no limit to the number of tweets a user may submit for any one player.
  • All users must follow @MLS for their votes to be eligible.
  • Choose from the 114 eligible players below, pre-determined by a panel of select media members.

Click here for the Twitter ballot, and remember to watch the 2012 AT&T MLS All-Star Game on July 25, 8:30 pm ET on ESPN2/TeleFutura/TSN/RDS! 


21 June 4:39 de la tarde

Join Gatorade, MLS, and the soccer community in supporting young female athletes to stay in the game.

Did you know?

  • In 1971, one in 27 high school girls participated in sports.
  • In 2012, one in 2.5 high school girls play sports!

In 1972, Title IX gave women and men equal access to federally funded programs. That means your mother, your wife, your sister and even YOU have seen equal opportunities to be a young athlete.

However, while we have managed to gain young girls equal access to sports, they're still dropping out at twice the rate boys do by age 14. 

We want to help change this trend.


  • A girl who participates in sports is more likely to get better grades and graduate high school with scholarships to college.
  • A girl who participates in sports is less likely to get involved in drugs. 
  • A girl who participates in sports will have greater confidence and self-esteem keeping her from depression and eating disorders.
  • A girl who participates in sports is less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior or become pregnant.

How can you help?

Support the cause by changing your profile picture to your 14 year-old self (or a special female in your life like your daughter or wife) playing sports. Tweet about how playing sports helped you get to where you are today using the #KeepHerInTheGame hashtag. Most importantly, continue to encourage your daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister and friends to keep her in the game.

For more information, visit

En Español 

21 June 12:01 de la tarde

Ayuda a Gatorade, MLS, y al mundo del fútbol a apoyar a las jovencitas de nuestro deporte para que se queden en la cancha con la campaña KeepHerInTheGame.


  • En 1971 solo una de cada 27 niñas participaba en deportes escolares.
  • ¡Hoy una de cada 2.5 chicas juega deportes en la escuela!

1972 Title IX le dio a mujeres la misma oportunidad que a hombres a participar en programas de gobierno, especialmente deportes. Tu mamá, esposa, hermana, hasta tú mismo has visto la diferencia y el impacto que Title IX tuvo para qué mujeres juegan deportes.

Aunque que la oportunidad de participar en deportes existe, las niñas están dejándolos atrás. A los 14 años, las niñas abandonan su juego a dos veces más que niños.

Es tiempo de cambiar esta estadística.


  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene más probabilidad de llegar a la universidad y ganarse becas.
  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene menos probabilidad de abusar de drogas.
  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene más confianza y menos probabilidad de tener depresión o desordenes alimenticios.
  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene menos probabilidad de arriesgarse en actividades sexuales y embarazarse.


Cambia tu foto de perfil a cuando tenías 14 años de edad jugando un deporte,o pon una foto de una mujer especial en tu vida, como tu esposa o hija, jugando deportes. Cuéntanos por Twitter usando el hashtag #KeepHerInTheGame de tu tiempo en la cancha y los beneficios que te brindó, y no se olviden de hablar con su nieta, hija, sobrina, hermana y amigas para que ellas sigan en la cancha.

Para mas información visite

In English:

21 June 10:57 de la mañana

This weekend, MLS will dial up the passion. It's time for some rivalry rancor, as Portland-Seattle (Sunday, 5 pm ET, ESPN) and New York-D.C. (Sunday, 7 pm ET, NBC Sports Network) take center stage.

Not only will the fans of the clubs be whipped into a frenzy, but the soccer culturati in the Rose City and in the Emerald City will be buzzing around to get their hands on these special-edition promo posters.




20 June 5:01 de la tarde

‘No’ es ‘no’ en francés, inglés y español. Esa es la única razón por la que Miguel Montaño pudo entender al trabajador en el sistema de trenes cuando negaba venderle boleto al jugador por no hablar el idioma francés.

Este miércoles por la mañana el mediocampista colombiano de Montreal Impact intentó comprar su boleto de tren pidiéndolo en inglés, pero se quejó de que los trabajadores de la estación no tomaron su dinero por no pedir el tiquete en francés.

Hassoun Camara, defensa del Impact, acompañaba al joven delantero cafetero y fue testigo del incidente. Ambos jugadores se quejaron con el Société de Transport de Montréal (STM).  

Pero ahí no se acaba el asunto.

Enojado y frustrado, Montaño, de 20 años de edad, buscó desahogo en Twitter acusando a Montreal, su casa de menos de un año, de ser una ciudad racista.

“Como son de racistas en montreal , no me quisieron vender un boleto para montarme al metro por q no hablo frances #encontradelracismo100%”, expresó el colombiano.

El atacante después pidió disculpas por la red social antes de cerrar su página de Twitter, la cual actualmente ya no existe.

El club se refirió a los hechos afirmando los incidentes por parte del STM y la queja oficial de Montaño en un comunicado de prensa.

“En el momento Montaño habló por Twitter con emoción, pero luego se disculpó, afirmando que la cuidad de Montreal no es racista”.

15 June 10:25 de la mañana

After watching from afar as Jimmy Conrad and Kick TV cavort around Poland enjoying Euro 2012, I'm pretty much at a loss for words.

Life isn't fair, that much is clear to me now. Of course, that sentiment is also coming from someone who has watched all but one game of the tournament, so I'm sure there isn't going to be much sympathy coming my way.

Still, the tournament looks like a blast apart from a few scattered incidents, and fortunately Conrad has been kind enough (it's his job after all) to send back regular reports from the front lines, where Zywiec flows freely from the taps, song crops up around every corner and faces rarely go unpainted.

If you haven't been paying attention for the past few days, check out Jimmy's horse-drawn carriage interview with Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl and his afternoon of revelry with Croatian fans. Let's just say he seizes the day in Poznan.

14 June 2:55 de la tarde

Habrán perdido 2-1 ante México, pero la pasión de la gente de El Salvador hacia sus jugadores es admirable, especialmente hacia el defensa de los Portland Timbers, Steve Purdy.

El espigado salvadoreño-estadounidense tuvo una gran actuación ante los jugadores aztecas, logrando cumplir la difícil misión de marcar a Giovani Dos Santos y Javier “Chicharito” Hernández. La afición cuscatleca se hizo notar en Twitter, donde una y otra vez elogiaron el trabajo del jugador de los Timbers.

Estos son algunos de los mejores tweets:

A sus 27 años, Purdy se encuentra jugando su segunda temporada con los Timbers y aunque ha tenido tiempo limitado en el campo (3 partidos como titular), dejó demostrado ante México que es lo que El Salvador justamente necesita para afrontar las difíciles eliminatorias mundialistas.

12 June 4:16 de la tarde

2012 hasn't been particularly kind of FC Dallas on the field, but it seems the return of El Capitán, the cannon awarded to the winner of the Dallas-Houston rivalry, could go a long way toward increasing morale.

At least that's the message I'm getting from the club's most recent video offering, an immensely enjoyable dub over featuring many of the squad ahead of Saturday's match on ESPN2.

Although there is some debate around MLS Digital HQ about FC Dallas' dance moves – the feelings range from envy to embarrassment – I've got to give Schellas Hyndman's side credit ... they really embraced the concept.

My favorite moment from FC Dallas' ode to El Capitán? The scene from 1:35 until 1:59 with David Ferreira waltzing in from left to right to start things off and Jair Benítez flashing a megawatt smile throughout.

29 May 5:03 de la tarde

Schellas Hyndman is not a man worth messing with. Fortunately for MLS fans, comprehensive video backing that assertion up pops up from time to time.

The latest proof that pushing Hyndman too far is a terrible, no good, very bad idea comes from this video of the FC Dallas manager dropping a grown man to his knees with barely a touch. Hyndman was taking part in a radio interview that turned from soccer to, apparently, submission moves, prompting the black belt to demonstrate on one of his interviewers.

In case you were unaware of the former SMU head coach’s martial arts prowess, read this story from 2008 detailing Hyndman’s upbringing and eventual status as a master of self-defense. It’s fascinating stuff.

And in case you need further proof, here is a well-worn video that cements Hyndman as MLS’ toughest head coach (you can skip ahead to the 16-second mark).

18 May 4:15 de la tarde

You may have heard that the New York Red Bulls traded Juan Agudelo to Chivas USA for Heath Pearce on Thursday.

It's a move that raises lots of interesting questions. Are young players getting enough match experience? Is experience more valuable than potential? Which player has the better set of abs?

I can almost guarantee that, prior to reading it, that was the very last question you had about that transaction. But now that I've read the latest analysis from the Kickette blog, it's the one that's going to be in my head for the rest of the day.

Drink him in, ladies and gentlemen. The Red Bulls may have just traded a promising striker, but in return they got one of Major League Soccer's sex symbols.

Photo Courtesy of Victor Decolongon/Getty Images