Hanging out: #NYvCHI style

04 October 10:26 de la mañana

Hanging out: #NYvCHI style

By Josh Whisenhunt

We're getting closer to Saturday's massive matchup between New York and Chicago (3:30pm ET, NBC), and as part of the buildup, is giving you the chance to interact with four of the fixture's most central characters. 

Beginning at 1:15pm ET today, log on to to see Dax McCarty, Heath Pearce, Patrick Nyarko and Austin Berry in a live Google+ hangout hosted by editor Andrew Wiebe

The Red Bulls duo of McCarty and Pearce will be live at 1:15pm ET, followed by Nyarko and Berry at 1:45pm ET.  

Mr. Wiebe will be taking your questions to pass along to the guys, so if you want to submit any, leave them in the comments or ask them on Twitter using the hashtag #NYvCHI. 

Should be a good time, the last one we did certainly was. See you then.