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26 November 11:24 de la mañana

Happy MLS Cup week, everybody. 

The 2012 season kicked off on March 10. Crazy. Over eight months and some 800 goals later, we have just one match remaining and two teams left standing. 

Tell us, who lifts the trophy on Saturday? 

25 November 10:54 de la tarde

Ready for MLS Cup week?

We are, and so apparently is the crew from Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Set your alarms, because at 7:50am ET tomorrow morning Commissioner Garber will be on to talk LA v. Houston: The Sequel with Joe, Mika and the excellent Roger Bennett of ESPN FC. Sounds like a good way to start a Monday to us. 

Below is the clip of the 2011 segment, should be a good time.

16 November 11:57 de la mañana

Such a sucker for stuff like this.

No team gave the neutral more memorable moments this year than the San Jose Earthquakes. 

Thankfully, they've packaged the highlights together with a sickeningly-catchy pop hit to give us one of the better season review compilations we can remember. 

The 'Quakes won't be playing in MLS Cup, but without a doubt 2012 will be remembered as the Year of the Goonies.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have something in my eye. 

14 November 2:08 de la tarde

What do Messi, Falcao, Neymar and Eric Hassli have in common? They've all scored mindblowing goals over the last year, or so. 

Yep, today FIFA announced the list of nominees for the 2012 FIFA Puskás award, given annually for the best goal in world football.

Your boy Eric is in.

The guy didn't win Goal of the Year in MLS for 2011, but Hassli's wonderstrike against Toronto FC this season might end up grabbing some hardware, and rightly so.

Voting ends November 29, get in there

12 November 6:35 de la tarde

The rich just keep getting richer. 

Right when you think things can't get any better for LA Galaxy, they get some twitter love from Snoop Dogg. 

The Lakers and Clippers also get a mention, which makes you wonder how Chivas USA must be feeling. Snoop was clearly a Robin Fraser guy. 

09 November 6:18 de la tarde

Jimmy C. has high hopes for Michael Bradley.

So, naturally, he put together a musical tribute to the USMNT midfielder. 

We think you'll like it. Track topics include baldness, Sr. Bradley, Daniele de Rossi and (of course) Jonny Bornstein. 

Plus, who doesn't love a little One Direction on a Friday?

08 November 3:22 de la tarde

We all know what happened at Red Bull Arena last night, huge bummer for pretty much everyone involved. 

That doesn't mean the night didn't provide us any memorable moments. In fact, quite the opposite. 

At first, it appeared that United were dead set on playing, even if it was against themselves. Chris Pontius ran out onto the pitch, he was followed by Brandon McDonald. 

Impromptu training session? Might as well, right? "I don't know." said Josh Wolff. Then it became clear. 


No, no kickaround for the Black-and-Red. They were instead walking from the tunnel to section 220 to clap their travelling supporters. Pretty cool, but then the players took it to another level. 

One by one they jumped the field boards, on their way to climb the stairs to get to their fans who had made the trip, and would be making a return trip that night.

We went along for the ride. Video below. 

So with that, we're off to RBA once again. We'll see what goes down.

06 November 12:27 de la tarde

Happy election day, everyone.

We're not in the business of telling you who to vote for, but we did want to pass along the latest and greatest from Sporting KC. 

Ever wanted to know the difference between Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO?

Vote Sporting, and you might find out. 

05 November 11:39 de la mañana

Remember the college goalkeeper who rose to YouTube prominence a few years ago with the help of his friends, foot skills and a little T-Pain? Yeah? No?

Doesn't matter. With the help of KICKTV, Lassi Hurskainen is back.

Not totally back (The former UNC-Ashville Bulldog returned to Finland after graduating and passing on a chance to try his luck in MLS), but back in the digital, you-can-watch-him-volley-a-beer-out-of-a-dude's-hand-in-the-video-below kind of sense. 

Good enough for me. 

04 November 11:45 de la mañana

It was the first playoff game in half a decade for DC United, at home, against their most hated rival. Of course there was a chance that RFK was gonna get weird last night. It definitely did. Thanks in part to bizarre scenes on the pitch, and a jacked-up vibe in the stands, we won't soon forget it.

It was freezing, so we eventually made our way to Lot 8 to warm up next to the grills at the DCU tailgate. Really strong decision. Video below.

We've been going to games for a while, but we can't ever remember seeing something like this. During D.C.'s warmup, we had a supporter toss a playing card, the ace of spades, onto the field near where Bill Hamid and Pat Onstad were getting ready. I can't really do the rest of it justice, just watch.

My first RFK experience was in 2007. It was David Beckham's competitive debut in MLS, and it was wild. The atmosphere at RFK last night measured up to that match, easily. This was, as you might gather, just before kick off.

If you watched the game, you know there were plenty of crazy moments. We were lucky (right word?) enough to catch the crowd react to D.C.'s penalty appeal in the second half. Real serious.

The series now turns to Red Bull Arena, we hope Wednesday will be just as crazy.