Central Winger: Deconstructing Mexico vs. USMNT World Cup qualifier

Central Winger: Deconstructing Mexico vs. USA at Azteca

Some games, like the recent United States vs. Mexico World Cup qualifier at Estadio Azteca, are so tense that even long-time fans have a hard time grasping the game objectively. 

While spectacles like USA vs. Mexico are more than a simple match, on paper, it is still a game. And with the help of's Opta Chalkboard, we can step back and strip away the emotion and fanfare to grasp the important aspects of this crucial Hexagonal match.

02 April 12:05 pm

L’émission Coup Franc de cette semaine (à écouter ici) est consacrée dans sa quasi-intégralité au Sporting Kansas City. Olivier Tremblay était au Sporting Park le week-end dernier et nous recevons Christian Schaekels, de Vision du Jeu, pour peaufiner l’analyse.

Opta Spotlight: Is DaMarcus Beasley a stopgap or a solution to US left-back troubles?

Opta Spotlight: Is Beasley a stopgap or solution at left back?

DaMarcus Beasley: Opta Spotlight

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It was an experiment destined for failure, the critics said, an emergency stopgap who would create more holes in the US backline than he could fill. 

Turns out, the critics were wrong.

On a snowy, wind-swept Friday night at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, DaMarcus Beasley spent 90 bone-chilling minutes forcing observers to reexamine why it was they thought his inclusion in Jurgen Klinsmann’s XI was a sign of weakness – as well as calling his stopgap status at left back into question.

20 March 11:30 am

Surprenant deuxième du classement avec six points, Philadelphie compte en ses rangs le seul joueur de la compétition directement impliqué dans un but (en le marquant ou en donnant la dernière passe) lors de chacune des trois premières semaines de championnat : Sébastien Le Toux.

Central Winger: The true measure of passing efficiency has nothing to do with completion rate

Central Winger: Why everything you know about passing is wrong

Central Winger: Houston and Toronto passing

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In 2012, the Houston Dynamo and Toronto FC were on the opposite ends of the passing spectrum in MLS. But that doesn't tell the whole story, despite their equally opposite records last season.

By examining the passing trends of these two sides with the help of Opta's MLS Chalkboards, we can gain a better understanding of how their respective systems operated.

Castrol Index Weekly Top 20: Montreal Impact have MLS' best record and top player

Castrol Index: Impact have MLS' best record and top player

Castrol Index Weekly Top 20: New England's Matt Reis No. 1 for Week 2

Castrol Index: Revs' Reis leaves no doubts who's No. 1

Opta Spotlight: Statistically speaking, how MLS compares to soccer's biggest leagues

Opta Spotlight: How MLS compares to soccer's biggest leagues

Opta Spotlight: MLS vs the World

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EDITORS' NOTE: Due to a miscalculation of MLS's 2012 stats from an outside contractor, a previous version of this article displayed some errors in the statistics, including goals per game and passes attempted. They have been corrected.

By 2022, Major League Soccer hopes to count itself among the global soccer elite.

Castrol Index Weekly Top 20: LA Galaxy's Mike Magee, Robbie Keane ride to the top

Castrol Index: Galaxy's Magee, Keane ride to the top

Keane and Magee - Castrol

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USA Today

Mike Magee had a monstrous game to kick off the 2013 season, and as a result saw himself atop the year's first edition of the Castrol Index Weekly Top 20.

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