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Dallas, Toronto et Rio sont les destinations privilégiées de l’émission Coup Franc hebdomadaire (à écouter ici) qui passe aussi par Tenerife, d’où Christian Schaekels rejoint l’équipe composée cette semaine de Matthias Van Halst et Olivier Tremblay.

Central Winger: Proof that qualifying for the World Cup out of CONCACAF is tougher than Europe

Central Winger: Why CONCACAF qualifying is tougher than Europe

USMNT celebrate vs Panama for Central Winger

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We might be beating a dead horse, but qualifying for the World Cup out of CONCACAF is an entirely different beast.

Looking at the Hexagonal matches for CONCACAF qualifying during the past three World Cup cycles in comparison to UEFA group-stage qualifying, you see an incredibly staggering advantage for home teams in North America.

Here is a percentile breakdown of results for CONCACAF:

Central Winger: Short corners are suddenly in vogue in MLS with Real Salt Lake leading the way

Central Winger: Short corners are in vogue with RSL leading the way

Central Winger: Does winning aerial balls translate into possession, winning games?

Central Winger: Win in the air, win in the standings? Maybe not

Aurelien Collin and Djimi Traore (Central Winger)

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Even without the help of modern soccer technology, soccer coaches – especially in my experience growing up in the American soccer system – had a passing interest in statistics. On multiple occasions, while sidelined with an injury, I was stuck tallying how many times my team won and lost "50/50" balls as well as the "second balls" that immediately followed.

Central Winger: Is the Portland Timbers' 11-game unbeaten streak "lucky"?

Central Winger: Putting Portland's unbeaten run in perspective

Central Winger - Timbers celebrate in DC

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Thirteen games into the 2013 season, the Portland Timbers have only lost one match and currently find themselves running fourth in the Supporters' Shield race. What's perhaps even more impressive is that they're currently on an 11-game unbeaten run.

In a league like MLS, where any team can beat another on any given day, this is particularly impressive. But just how exceptional is it?

15 May 8:36 pm

On Tuesday, I noted that Uri Rosell has done superb work cleaning up messes in the central midfield for Sporting KC which, in all honesty, was one of the big questions for that team headed into the season.

Thanks to his work (and Paolo Nagamura, and Benny Feilhaber, and Peterson Joseph, and even a little bit of Lawrence Olum), attacking KC up the gut is still a no-go. But attacking from out wide doesn't work so great, either:

14 May 5:22 pm

It's something of a transition year for Sporting KC, as they commit a little more fully to building chances from possession, rather than forcing chances via turnover.

That said, forcing midfield turnovers is still a huge part of their game, their high pressure still works, and someone still needs to do the dirty work in the midfield. Uri Rosell, the Barcelona product, has been more than happy to do that particular job:

Central Winger: Is there ever a good time to go down a man? A deeper look at red cards

Ref Week: Central Winger takes a deeper look at red cards

Juninho red card for Central Winger

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For our continuing Referee Week series, stats nerd Devin Pleuler takes a deeper look at just how significant it is when the man in the middle goes nuclear and pulls out a red card.

Since 2011, there have been about 60 red cards issued to MLS squads that were locked in a tie game. In 28 of these instances, the games resulted in a loss for the reprimanded team. That's only almost 50 percent. Not too bad? Well, if you have been following Central Winger over the past year, context is king and there is much more than what meets the eye.

Castrol Index Weekly Top 20: New England Revolution's Diego Fagundez all grown up

Castrol Index Top 20: New England's Fagundez all grown up

Fagundez - Castrol

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This was a banner week for the kids. And one of the very youngest was the very best.

New England Revolution Homegrown attacker Diego Fagundez is just 18 years old, but he is already in his third full year as a pro. And his game against the Red Bulls on Saturday was probably the best of his career – and good enough to put him at the top of the Castrol Index Weekly Top 20.

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