Central Winger: Why everyone is playing MLS Fantasy wrong - and why it's difficult to play right

The key to fantasy - why you might be missing it

Let's start with a thought experiment. Suppose for a moment that you were given an additional MLS Fantasy team to manage alongside your current one. An expansion club, so to speak. Would you manage your B team the same way you would manage your first team?

Central Winger: Digging deeper on secondary pass – which players make life easier for teammates?

Central Winger: The secondary pass – who makes life easiest for his teammates?

Back in June 2012, Central Winger introduced the concept of the "secondary pass," one of the many current methods of augmenting raw passing data. It's a part of the general ethos of this series to challenge raw numbers and rates and ask if we're accounting for an adequate amount of context to provide meaningful – if not yet actionable – results.

Our explorations into secondary passing is an exercise in just that.

Central Winger: Is David Beckham MLS' top free-kick taker since 2011? Results might surprise you

Central Winger: Is Beckham really MLS' top free-kick man since 2011?

David Beckham, Central Winger

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Since 2011, there have been 1,151 shots taken in MLS directly from free kicks. Of them, 61 of these shots resulted directly in goals – giving MLS an overall free kick conversion rate of 5.3 percent.

Of the free-kick goalscorers, David Beckham leads all players since 2011 with an impressive tally of five goals in 44 shots – nearly doubling the league's overall conversion rate over the same period. Impressive, no doubt.

16 December 1:20 pm

Retour aujourd'hui sur mes bilans de saison : on atteint le dernier carré du flop 10, avec deux équipes qui avaient de nombreux atouts pour aller jusqu'au bout mais ont vu leur route s'arrêter en raison d'un point faible récurrent tout au long de la saison.

05 December 2:10 pm

La finale Kansas City - Salt Lake est évidemment le sujet de discussion principal de notre émission de la semaine (à écouter ici) lors de laquelle on discute aussi du discours sur l’état de la Ligue – avec des débats sur les sujets les plus chauds – et on présente notre Onze idéal de la saison.

Central Winger: Contrasting approaches to possession set to clash in MLS Cup

Central Winger: Contrasting approaches to possession clash in Cup final

RSLvSKC for Central Winger

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As this year's MLS Cup finalists show, being a "possession-oriented" and a "slow buildup" team are not mutually inclusive attributes. Being one does not necessarily make you the other by extension.

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