Central Winger: Behind Houston's elegant, efficient system

Why the Dynamo's ruthless system is more elegant than you think
Substance Over Style
How HOU got here

During the 2012 postseason, the Houston Dynamo have put on a master class, proving "symmetry isn't essential in football, but balance is."

Castrol Index: 2012 Top Player exemplifies year of striker

Castrol Index 2012 Top Player exemplifies this year's attacking mindset
Year Of The Striker
Castrol Index 2012

Keane - Castrol Index

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In case you were still wondering, 2012 really was the year of the striker in MLS. Especially according to the Castrol Index.

Central Winger: Wondo, Kamara opposite sides of the coin

Advanced metrics measure how stars stack up vs. expectations
Finishing Clinic
Shooting Efficiency

Wondo and Kamara - Winger

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Early this season, I investigated shooting efficiency within the context that not all shots are of the same relative difficulty. However, this analysis suffered from a small sample size, noisy findings and results that had not yet regressed to the mean.

Central Winger: Pythagorean Expectation tested in MLS

Dr. Howard Hamilton's pythagorean expectation in focus
Central Winger: The doctor is in
Soccer Analytics

Union celebrate, Revs don't - Central Winger

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As soccer analytics continues its slow growth from infancy to childhood, it's natural for the movement to look at strides made in other sports and try to emulate them. Bill James’ Pythagorean Expectation is no exception.

30 October 1:32 pm

Notre émission de la semaine (à écouter ici) est entièrement consacrée à la première année de l’Impact de Montréal en Major League Soccer. Un bilan effectué avec des invités d’horizons très variés qui nous permettent de revenir sur la saison sous de nombreux angles différents :

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