Commentary: The "300-50-50 Club" gives us a new benchmark for elite MLS attackers

300 GP, 50G, 50A: A new benchmark for elite MLS attackers?

BRad Davis

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Last week, the Portland Timbers' Jack Jewsbury hit a milestone: He played his 300th regular-season game in MLS.

That's impressive. Incredibly impressive. Jewsbury is the 26th player to hit the milestone – out of the 2021 who have ever made an MLS appearance.

So, first: Congrats, Jack.

29 July 2:19 pm

En tête du championnat dont il a été un autoritaire leader pendant de nombreuses semaines, Seattle est au centre des préoccupations de notre émission de cette semaine (que vous pouvez aussi écouter ici) avec une analyse approfondie en compagnie d’Olivier Tremblay et Christian Schaekels. Parmi nos principaux sujets de discussion :

Central Winger: Can Bradley Wright-Phillips keep his breakneck pace en route to MLS scoring record?

Central Winger: Can BWP keep on pace for MLS scoring record?

BWP for Central Winger

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USA Today Sports

Bradley Wright-Phillips' 17 goals this season for New York would have put him in an respectable fourth place in last season's Golden Boot race.

The catch, of course, is that the Red Bulls have only played 20 matches so far this season and Major League Soccer is quickly approaching the All-Star Break. Camillo Sanvezzo, the eventual Golden Boot winner in 2013, was sitting on just 13 goals (of his eventual 22) coming into his All-Star Break after 21 matches. 

Which MLS teams have taken the biggest step forward in 2014? Which have taken a step back?

Has your team improved or taken a step back so far in 2014?

Are you wondering exactly how much better or worse your team is faring in 2014 as opposed to 2013? Well, we've got you covered.

Below is a chart that shows the point differential for each team when comparing this season with 2013. Each total was calculated by taking the amount of points each team earned through the amount of games they played in 2014. So for example, Chicago has earned 19 points through 17 games in 2014. They collected 21 points through 17 games in 2013. Therefore their point differential is -2.

World Cup: How Germany's 7-1 destruction of Brazil broke statistical models | Central Winger

Central Winger: How Germany's destruction of Brazil broke statistical models

Tuesday night, in the 2014 World Cup semifinal, Brazil out-shot Germany 18 to 14. So given that Brazil and Germany are the two greatest footballing nations of all-time, and given that they were the two favorites heading into this tournament, and given that the game was in Brazil itself, it’d be natural to assume it was a fairly even encounter. Context, right?

01 July 10:27 pm

Évidemment, l’essentiel de l’émission est consacré à une analyse exhaustive du match entre la Belgique et les États-Unis (victoire des Belges 2-1 après prolongation) avec, entre autres, les points suivants :

World Cup: Wall Street Journal exposes biggest floppers, injury fakers – Brazil, Honduras | SIDELINE

World Cup's biggest floppers and injury fakers: WSJ has the numbers

An injured Honduras player lies on the ground

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USA Today Sports

Flopping, faking injuries, trying to con the referee — parts of this beautiful game of soccer and the World Cup that we all undoubtedly hate.

But how could we go about ridding the game of these nasty imperfections which turn off so many would-be soccer fans from the sport? Since FIFA, world soccer's governing body, seem uninterested in doing much of anything about it, we must resort to ridicule as a deterrant for players.

Central Winger: How Jurgen Kinsmann is using USMNT diamond to multiple outcomes

Central Winger: One diamond, different looks – inside the USMNT's tactics

Ahead of the final World Cup "tune-up" for the US national team this past Saturday against Nigeria, coach Jurgen Klinsmann played down the effect of the sudden formation change the national team has experienced since the 2-2 draw with Mexico in Arizona on April 2.

03 June 3:32 pm

Équipe en forme du moment, New England attire l’attention de tout le monde, y compris celle de l’équipe de Coup Franc qui lui a consacré son émission de la semaine (à écouter ici) au cours de laquelle nous décortiquons le club, son jeu et de nombreux paradoxes apparents :

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