The Castrol Index is the Official Performance Index of Major League Soccer. Castrol's team of performance analysts will use the latest technology to objectively analyze every match in the MLS season, logging an average of 1800 player movements per match.

The Castrol Index tracks every move on the field and assesses whether it has a positive or negative impact on a team's ability to score or concede a goal and a key factor for all areas of performance in the Castrol Index is which zone on the pitch the action takes place.

Monthly, Castrol's team of performance analysts crunch all the data and award each player a Castrol Index score to determine the best performing players in MLS.

The Castrol Index widget, by default, shows the top 10 players ordered by the number of points they have accumulated over the 2014 MLS season thus far. The widget also has a secondary tab that lists the top 10 performances from the past round of games. 

To view the full Castrol Index results, click here. You can embed the Castrol Index widget on your website, blog or forum post by simply copying and pasting the code into the relevant page. The widget will automatically update every time we update it.