16 March 6:13 pm

Grande première à Montréal, duels entre équipes de tête, New York en danger et le LA Galaxy en quête de rédemption : la deuxième semaine de compétition ne manque pas de sources d’intérêt.

La journée s’ouvrira à Montréal pour le premier match à domicile du petit dernier en MLS. On espère y accueillir 60 000 spectateurs devant les caméras de TSN et RDS. Chicago compte sur son duo Nyarko-Oduro, rapide en reconversion offensive, et tentera, pour son premier match de la saison, d’être moins friable sur phases arrêtées qu’en 2011. « Il faudra limiter l’espace qu’ils peuvent exploiter, a déclaré l’entraîneur de l’Impact Jesse Marsch. Si les coups de pied arrêtés sont importants, nous nous concentrons surtout sur les forces de l’adversaire. »

Le sommet sportif opposera Salt Lake à New York. Les visiteurs ne seront pas favoris mais risquent le 0/6 en cas de défaite sur le terrain « d’une des deux meilleurs équipes de la ligue, de loin », dixit Thierry Henry. San José – Houston et Dallas – Portland vaudront aussi le coup d’œil, opposant des clubs qui ont tous gagné leur premier match. Plus tard dans la soirée, Seattle accueillera Toronto pour un duel d’équipes qui ont connu des fortunes diverses sur la scène internationale cette semaine.

Dimanche, Colorado tentera de confirmer ses bonnes dispositions en déplacement sur le terrain de Philadelphie et sur NBC Sports Network. Quant au LA Galaxy, il tentera d’éviter une troisième défaite à domicile en une semaine contre DC United qui a, lui aussi, raté son entrée (direct Galavision).

Samedi 17 mars
14h00 : Montréal - Chicago
17h00 : San José - Houston
20h30 : Kansas City - New England
20h30 : Dallas - Portland
22h00 : Salt Lake - New York
22h00 : Seattle - Toronto
22h30 : Chivas USA - Vancouver
Dimanche 18 mars
16h00 : Philadelphie - Colorado
19h00 : LA Galaxy - DC United

Toutes les heures HE (heure de New York et Montréal)
Rendez-vous ici pour la disponibilité des matchs sur MLS Live et les diffuseurs locaux
Hors États-Unis et Canada, vous pouvez voir des matchs de MLS via

16 March 9:43 am

Set your DVRs for this Sunday night's edition of ESPN Deportes Sportscenter (10 p.m. ET) for a look into the Chicago Fire like you've never seen before.

Get a sneak preview of this "All-Access" feature that has Pavel Pardo as its primary subject but gives more than a few looks at the rest of the squad.

15 March 4:00 pm

Like many men, I've wanted to be a professional athlete at times. They get to travel, make fair-to-obscene amounts of money and chicks dig them.

And after watching the latest installment of No Holden Back, I'll include the additional perks of healthy eating, mid-afternoon naps and arms big enough to be referred to as 'guns' to my list of reasons I yearn for the pro-ballers life.

Stuart Holden, you are my hero. My green smoothy-drinking hero.

15 March 12:02 pm

Les deux grands favoris à la conquête de la Coupe MLS ont pris un solide coup sur la tête ce mercredi, avec leur élimination en quarts de finale de la Ligue des champions. Seattle a été humilié à Santos Laguna, le LA Galaxy a subi se seconde défaite d’affilée à domicile face à Toronto.

Les Canadiens seront les derniers représentants de la Major League Soccer sur la scène internationale cette année. Obligés de vaincre au Home Depot Center, ils n’ont jamais sombré dans la précipitation (voir le résumé vidéo). Ils ont embouteillé l’entrejeu adverse, profité de la maladresse de LA devant et exploité les erreurs défensives de leur adversaire. Toronto s’est inspiré du seul but de LA le week-end dernier pour prendre l’avance, a ensuite marqué… contre son camp avant de s’emparer de la qualification grâce à Soolsma.

Le déplacement de Seattle à Santos Laguna a été un cauchemar teinté d’espoir. Après 10 minutes seulement, les Mexicains avaient renversé la vapeur, menant déjà 2-0. Si Fernandez avait réduit la marque avant le repos, la deuxième mi-temps a été un calvaire pour les Sounders, qui ont encaissé quatre buts, dont deux de leur ancien joueur Alvarez Gomez, pour repartir avec un score de tennis dans les valises. Toronto, qui affrontera Santos Laguna en demi-finale, est prévenu…

Ce jeudi, Metapan a aussi subi la domination mexicaine, s'inclinant sévèrement sur le terrain des Pumas de l’Unam. Quant au tenant du titre, Monterrey, il s’est qualifié en disposant facilement de Morelia. Rendez-vous ici pour lire les nombreuses réactions après cette soirée complètement folle.

Monterrey (Mex)  - Morelia (Mex)
Santos Laguna (Mex) - Seattle (É-U)
LA Galaxy (É-U) - Toronto (Can)
Pumas Unam (Mex) - Metapan (Slv)

4-1 (3-1)
6-1 (1-2)
1-2 (2-2)
8-0 (1-2)


15 March 9:27 am

Here's a morning pick-me-up for all of you LA Galaxy fans still reeling from last night's CONCACAF Champions League loss to Toronto FC: a 47 minute-long documentary on David Beckham's time in LA.

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll marvel at the circus that was the 2007 LA Galaxy season. Pull the curtains closed and press 'play'.

14 March 6:42 pm

US soccer announced on Wednesday that John "Clarkie" Souza had passed away over the weekend. The 91-year-old National Soccer Hall of Famer was a starter for the squad that famously beat England 1-0 at Belo Horizonte in the 1950 FIFA World Cup.

Souza is the second member of that famous team to pass away in recent months, as standout defender Harry Keough was laid to rest on Feb. 7.

Follow the US MNT Blog for confirmed funeral arrangements.

14 March 6:40 pm

As I look back on the last two weeks leading up to MLS First Kick, I'm left with one word repeating in my mind: overwhelming.

I was tasked with documenting the travels of Brian Dunseth and Drea Avent as they toured the West Coast, starting in Tucson, Ariz., and moving up and down I-5 from Los Angeles to Seattle and back again. The mileage was overwhelming -- more driving in two weeks' time than I'd done in the last several years combined (over 3500 miles).  

With camera in hand, we set off in brand new VW's and I filmed as much as I could.  The amount of footage I ended up with was a bit overwhelming. Sunrises and sunsets. Hard tackles and spectacular goals all flooding in through my lens. I did my best to cut together our memories and put them on the site so that other fans could see the sights and get excited along with us.


I got to meet many great and interesting people. Players, coaches, analysts, fans, restauranteurs, security guards and so on. Everybody was welcoming as we travelled through their territory. Everybody wanted to let us into their experience and share their passion for the game. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of each person we spent time with.

As I sit here, decompressing from our journey, I have time to reflect on some of the many memories: watching team USA beat Italy in a pub in San Jose, almost getting stuck in the snow of Southern Oregon, jumping and singing with the Timbers Army, following AIK out of the tunnel and onto Jeld-Wen Field, getting goosebumps as the fans at CenturyLink field yelled, "Seattle!! ... Sounders!!", breakfast burritos at Hermosa beach with new friends that will last my whole life and cheering as the whistle finally blew to begin the first week of games this MLS season. I am overwhelmed by these experiences and will remember them forever.

Finally, I am overwhelmed by how far this great game has come in the US. Remember when beating Italy would have made you pass out with joy? Now, we just say, "Cool. Good game by the boys." Remember when we were so excited just to have a soccer game on TV? Now we need multiple screens all Saturday long. Now we complain when Seattle "only" has 23,433 fans show up mid-week for a non-league game, because we are spoiled by their regular league attendance. Now we complain about teams selling out their tickets too fast. Fans are beginning to hold coaches and players accountable. Team jerseys aren't just worn by players on gameday, but by fans on every day of the week. Remember when you had to convince your buddies to go to a game with you? Nobody needs to be convinced anymore.

Friendships and memories, games and goals. Now, as I put the camera away and look through my own eyes, it's overwhelming to see how much the game has changed me.

14 March 6:07 pm

If you were one of the 47,568 fans at the Rogers Centre for the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal between LA Galaxy and Toronto FC, you better hope you weren't picking your nose or making an awkward face at the wrong moment. If you were one of those unlucky few, don't be surprised if your technologically savvy friends give you some grief in the next few days.

That's because there was literally nowhere for fans to hide last Wednesday as their side jumped out to an quick 2-0 lead against LA before coming back down to earth and settling for a 2-2 draw. You can thank Toronto FC for that. The club set up a camera that captured a high-resolution, 360-degree photo of the scene inside the Rogers Centre.

Not only can you zoom in on just about any section of the stadium, making out faces and everything else as clear as day, but fans can also tag themselves, commerating what was a historic night for the club and its supporters. Needless to say, this is pretty awesome technology, and it really gives you an idea of what the stadium looked like on gameday.

Spend five minutes playing with it, and I guarentee you won't be disappointed. You may want to be on your best behavior at matches from now on, however. You never know who's watching.

14 March 4:33 pm

Aimer le soccer ne se limite pas à aller au stade une fois toutes les deux semaines et à suivre passivement les nouvelles de son équipe préférée. La Major League Soccer est particulièrement active, ou plutôt interactive avec les supporters. Alors voilà quelques manières simples d’en être, vous aussi, des acteurs :

De quoi vous occuper entre deux rencontres, n’est-ce pas ? Et même au match, soyez actifs. Comme le disent les UM02, supporters de Montréal, l’ambiance est faite par tous les supporters présents au stade. Et ce qui vaut à Montréal vaut évidemment partout ailleurs. On en a d'ailleurs eu un magnifique exemple à Portland ce lundi.

14 March 2:33 pm

On the MLS Road Trip to First Kick, we documented the journey of the match ball from Philadelphia to Dallas, and shot some quick bits with players in various cities along the way to help keep the ball moving. For the most part, these shoots went off without a hitch. In Orlando one day, we made it to the end of Houston's training session to shoot with the Dynamo pair of Tally Hall and Brad Davis. Brad took a couple shots on Tally, who made the saves, then got up and threw the ball out to his right. Easy. The next shot called for Brad to receive the throw from Tally, take a touch, and volley to his right. Let's just say Brad didn't approach that first take with the seriousness and focus he normally brings to the pitch in MLS (you can hear Tally mockingly call him "All Star" around 0:18).

Fortunately for everyone involved, Brad did re-focus and managed to knock out a pretty good take from Tally's throw (his teammate was actually throwing it to him off camera) at 0:47 of the finished video HERE.