06 February 11:23 am


To most of us the Tweet above means about as much as the Latin script on the back of a coin. But send it through Google translate with the knowledge that it's coming from former Hibs midfielder Victor Palsson, who is in Cancun with the Red Bulls, and it becomes a lot more menaingful to non-Icelanders.

"Signed a contract for two years this morning, very pleased with it. Now I am waiting for permits."

There's no word from New York yet but if you read between the tweets --the digital age equivalent of tea leaves-- it certainly seems like more there could be a new addition to Hans Backe's Nordic All Star team.


06 February 9:16 am

Chris Birchall wasn't a household name like some of the other internationals acquired by the LA Galaxy a few years ago. But he has been a stalwart of the Trinidad & Tobago national team since 2005, and he put in three more-than-serviceable years for Bruce Arena & Co. 

From the looks of this tweet on Monday morning, his time at the HDC is done.

A few weeks ago, Arena had this to say about Birchall: “There hasn’t been a decision made on him. Originally he wanted to go back to England, so we obviously agreed to that and didn’t renew his option. He was looking to explore opportunities in England. Perhaps he’ll want to come back.”

Not sure at this point if anything happened in England, but it seems like the manager's final question has been answered.

03 February 6:08 pm

On Thursday's edition of ExtraTime Radio, we all got into a discussion about the best songs by Thin Lizzy, the 1970s rock band led by the incomparable Phil Lynott. (Look 'em up, kids.) 

We bandied about "The Boys Are Back in Town," "Cowboy Song," "Jailbreak," and my personal favorite, "Fighting My Way Back." Suffice to say, it was a rocking show, one that I'm sure Houston Dynamo coach Dominic Kinnear -- a diehard Thin Lizzy fan -- would appreciate.

In the aftermath, an @ExtraTimeRadio fan on Twitter sent this tweet:

That, naturally, set off a back and forth about Thin Lizzy songs and where they would play on the field. Naturally.

So here's the Thin Lizzy Starting XI, according to me and @chestrockwell14.

I'm sure there are plenty of music snobs (don't we all fall into that category, really?) that have a beef or two with this. Fine. What musical Starting XI would you come up with?

03 February 4:53 pm

En Nueva York, cuando toma el ‘Subway’, uno espera que en algún momento en el camino el tren se detenga y deje de correr. ¿Por qué? Porque ya estamos acostumbrados.

Sin embargo, en el caso del José Adolfo ‘El Trencito’ Valencia, todos quedamos sorprendidos de que este nunca saliera de la estación. Y es que el joven colombiano de 20 años se quedará estancado luego de que se diera a conocer estará fuera de las canchas entre 6 y 12 meses.


Sorprendidos quedamos todos, y cuando digo todos, es TODOS.

Sorprendidos en Colombia, donde ni el médico del Independiente Santa Fe (ex equipo de Valencia) sabía de la condición del jugador, según nos comentó Fabián Rozo del diario El Tiempo en el podcast Tiro Libre.


Sorprendidos los Portland Timbers, que anunciaron con bombos y platillos la llegada de su Jugador Franquicia Juvenil. Cuando el jugador ya había llegado al club, el club lo presentó a la afición y lo tuvieron en varios eventos, sin saber que horas después conocerían la verdad detrás de los problemas en los cartílagos de su rodilla derecha. Este video con la afición salió al aire después del primer día de entrenamientos del equipo:


Por último, ¿debería estar sorprendido el mismo Trencito? Puede que si. Siempre activo en Twitter, el joven delantero documentó varias entradas en la red social, y saltan a la vista unas en particular:

Un jugador dudoso de su estado físico no gritaría a los cuatro vientos (¿eso es lo que Twitter hace verdad?) que se hará exámenes médicos.

Lo único que queda es desearle al Trencito Valencia mucha suerte con la cirugía y una pronta recuperación y aplaudir a los Timbers por no rendirse y velar por su rehabilitación.

02 February 9:08 pm

For many American soccer fans who watched Wednesday's soccer tragedy unfold in Egypt's Port Said, Bob Bradley immediately came to mind.

The American is the head coach of the Egyptian national team and he chose to live in Egypt with his wife as part of the job. A day after the stadium riots that claimed 74 lives and injured a few hundred others following the match between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, Bradley took to the streets. 

Along with thousands of other Egyptians, Bradley and his wife were photographed at the protest march held Thursday in Central Cairo to commemorate the victims and condemn the violence. The ex-US national team coach spoke to Steven Goff of The Washington Post regarding his thoughts on the events and their impact on the national team.

“When a tragedy like this occurs, it’s important to show respect,” Bradley told The Washington Post.

Below is a video of comments made by Bradley to Egyptian TV.

02 February 8:33 pm

Raise your hand if you are clueless about the Roman numerals involved in this upcoming NFL Super Bowl on Sunday. 

Ok, so it's "XLVI" and I've drawn a massive blank on that grade school class that I need to decipher it.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I lost count a long time ago, which is why I think it’s inevitable that the NFL will eventually buckle and go the MMA route with how they identify their main event: Super Bowl 60, Super Bowl 61, etc.

And MLS should give some thought to making the switch as well.

In the event the regular season ever moves to a winter-spring schedule that overlaps two calendar years, attaching the actual year to "MLS Cup" will be irrelevant. Take England for example: How muddled is it to call Manchester United the 2010-2011 Premier League Champions? No, they were technically never champions in 2010.

And so why not take advantage of the fact there is a new format for MLS Cup this year with the highest remaining seed hosting the final, and rebrand the way we refer to soccer’s championship match in the USA?

The new nomenclature would also allow for multiple championship matches in the same calendar year if MLS ever opted to go to a split season (ala the aperturaclausura set-up in other leagues in South America). Ever try to follow the champions in Mexico? It’s a mess.

So "MLS Cup 17" this December! Has a decent ring to it.


02 February 5:57 pm

Last night I had the great pleasure of accompanying's Simon Borg to the movie theater to see The Grey, reportedly his first trip to see any movie in the theater since 1995.

He was understandably confused about certain elements of the modern movie-going experience, but it was a thrill to get ET Radio's main man out of the house and into public to see if Liam Neeson could previal in a fight against a pack of wolves in the Alaskan wilderness.

Here's a look at our night out and our review of the film. Stay tuned for future adventures.

02 February 4:37 pm

It seems that the 4-3-3 revolution has reached the Rockies. Colorado Rapids technical director Paul Bravo, head coach Oscar Pareja and team captain Pablo Mastroeni sat down with supporters on Wednesday night and talked about the direction the team's headed in preseason, with the answer being "We're going Dutch."

As with all 4-3-3s, the key is finding the right man to run the midfield, and Bravo had news on that front as well. He and Pareja will be working their South American contacts to find a "true No. 10."

Think Juan Román Riquelme is answering his phone these days? -- (

02 February 2:53 pm


En la “Twittermósfera” hemos recibido varios comentarios tildando a Gales y a Bosnia-Herzegovina – próximos rivales de México en su gira por Estados Unidos – como equipos no dignos de enfrentar al Tri. Lee la nota del anuncio AQUÍ

¿Dónde está Italia, Alemania y España? Bla bla bla…

La verdad del caso es que estos dos equipos ofrecen gran competencia para los del Chepo de la Torre, o pregúntenle a Gio Dos Santos, que semana tras semana tiene que ver desde la banca como el galés Gareth Bale deslumbra a la Liga Premier con el Tottenham. Además de Bale, considerado uno de los mejores laterales en el mundo actualmente, Gales cuenta con dos figuras de la EPL que cualquier selección en Norteamérica quisiera tener: Craig Bellamy (Liverpool) y Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal).

Por su parte, Bosnia-Herzegovina tiene su carta de gol en nada más ni nada menos que Edin Dzeko del Manchester City, un jugador que ha anotado cuatro goles más que Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández esta temporada .

Contener a este tipo de jugadores va a ser todo un reto para la zaga mexicana. De la Torre no comete el error de mirar con desdén a nadie y por eso le va bien…

Los dejo con esta: Bale, un volante, también ha anotado más goles que el Chicharito en la EPL esta temporada.

Dzeko, 11 goles

Bale, 9 goles

Hernandez, 7 goles

Craig Bellamy, 6 goles