21 May 6:39 pm

In case you didn't notice during Saturday's Chivas USA-LA Galaxy SuperClasico -- how could you not see it? -- Blair Gavin's mustache caused a little mini-stir.

It wasn't that the Goats' midfielder is now sporting a mustache. That's no big deal in this age of Movember and hipster irony. 

No, it's the style. Gavin's 'stache is downright stylish. It's Salvador Dali-esque, with a twist of Rollie Fingers and a whisp of Errol Flynn. It should be honored by the American Mustache Institute.

Anyway, it got us thinking about some of the other mustaches in recent MLS history, such as David Horst's "Horstache" or Heath Pearce's homage to John Oates or even Sacha Kljestan's Inspector Clouseau look.

And of course, we then had to know: Which is the best? 

21 May 11:58 am

Seattle, Kansas City et San José n’ont pu profiter de la journée de repos de Salt Lake ; New York et DC United réalisent la bonne opération au classement.

La vie n’a pas été facile pour les équipes du haut du tableau. San José a perdu deux points chez lui contre Columbus, et a sauvé le nul grâce à un nouveau but important de Gordon en fin de match. Seattle a souffert à Vancouver et doit son point aux changements tactiques de Sigi Schmid à la mi-temps et à un but de Montero dans les derniers instants. De son côté, Kansas City a galvaudé une avance de deux buts à Colorado qui est revenu au score grâce à des buts inscrits par ses défenseurs.

Du coup, New York a poursuivi son opération remontée en s’imposant à Montréal : l’absence des principales vedettes de l’équipe a été compensée par le petit nombre d’erreurs tant offensives que défensives. DC United a aussi fait une bonne affaire en battant Toronto grâce à un De Rosario inspiré face à ses anciennes couleurs. Bloqués à zéro point, les Ontariens sont dégoûtés de ne jamais être récompensés quand ils jouent bien.

Enfin, le derby angelino a été remporté par Chivas USA, renforcé par Califf et Agudelo, contre un LA Galaxy où les semaines se suivent et se ressemblent.

Vancouver - Seattle
Montréal - New York
New England - Houston
DC United - Toronto
Dallas - Philadelphie
Colorado - Kansas City
Chivas USA - LA Galaxy
San José - Columbus
Portland - Chicago

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19 May 9:05 pm

The UEFA Champions League final will never be forgotten by Chelsea fans around the world, including in New York City.

And, courtesy of Kick TV, you'll see many of them in the video below as they react to Chelsea's PK shootout victory over Bayern Munich in Saturday's final outside of Legends, a Chelsea fan bar in New York.

We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

18 May 4:15 pm

You may have heard that the New York Red Bulls traded Juan Agudelo to Chivas USA for Heath Pearce on Thursday.

It's a move that raises lots of interesting questions. Are young players getting enough match experience? Is experience more valuable than potential? Which player has the better set of abs?

I can almost guarantee that, prior to reading it, that was the very last question you had about that transaction. But now that I've read the latest analysis from the Kickette blog, it's the one that's going to be in my head for the rest of the day.

Drink him in, ladies and gentlemen. The Red Bulls may have just traded a promising striker, but in return they got one of Major League Soccer's sex symbols.

Photo Courtesy of Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

18 May 2:18 pm

LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham was in Athens this week for the handover of the Olympic flame and helped fly it back to the UK as the build-up to the London Olympics cranks up a notch.

But he still doesn't know if he will be at the Olympics as a spectator or competitor, trying to bring home a gold medal for the host nation.

After much speculation and debate over his presence at the London 2012 Olympics, Beckham reiterated his strong hope that he will be wearing the Union Jack in his hometown this summer.

Beckham spoke openly in an exclusive interview with the BBC about his chances of making the final 18-man roster for Team GB’s Olympic soccer team. The man in charge of the Olympics in London, Lord Sebastian Coe, recently stated there is no pressure from his staff for Beckham to be selected for the games.

Beckham also agrees there should be no room for sentiment, stating he has never relied on sentiment in the past to make a squad or team:

"You don't play for a Manchester United team managed by Sir Alex Ferguson or an England or Real Madrid team managed by Fabio Capello and get picked on sentiment."

"I've been picked to play in many games over my career because of what I've achieved on the field and that doesn't change. I'm in good form, I've scored a couple of goals lately and I'm feeling fit and working hard. So yes, if I'm called upon of course I'm ready. I've always said I wanted to represent my country in any way, shape or form."

"I've done that for many years with England, and I hope to do that with the Great Britain team."

Team GB manager Stuart Pearce will be announcing his squad at the end of May, so Beckham has a few anxious days ahead of him.

18 May 2:10 pm

Salt Lake au repos, ses poursuivants tenteront de le rattraper à l’occasion d’une journée de compétition qui offrira aussi le seul derby de la Major League Soccer.

Chivas USA et le LA Galaxy s’affronteront samedi dans leur stade commun en direct sur ESPN2, TSN2 et ESPN Deportes. Un seul point sépare les deux équipes, et les rojibblancos ont réalisé cette semaine des transferts qui leur permettent de revoir leurs ambitions à la hausse. Pas de quoi émouvoir Bruce Arena, l’entraîneur des champions en titre, qui a assez de soucis avec son effectif.

Contre Columbus, San José aura une double motivation : se hisser en tête du classement et aider Chris Wondolowski dans sa quête de sélection en équipe nationale américaine. De quoi aussi réaliser une bonne opération alors que Salt Lake ne joue pas et que les autres ténors sont en déplacement.

À Colorado, Kansas City voudra éviter une quatrième défaite consécutive, et Aurélien Collin tâchera de ne pas concéder de penalty. Seattle alignera son quatuor offensif magique pour son déplacement à Vancouver (direct TSN et RDS2). Probablement privé de Thierry Henry, New York misera sur Kenny Cooper, capable de marquer dans toutes les situations, pour infliger à Montréal sa première défaite au Stade olympique.

Dimanche, Portland comptera encore sur la Timbers Army pour l’aider à faire la différence contre Chicago devant les caméras de Galavision.

Samedi 19 mai
17h00 : Vancouver - Seattle
19h30 : Montréal - New York
19h30 : New England - Houston
19h30 : DC United - Toronto
20h30 : Dallas - Philadelphie
21h00 : Colorado - Kansas City
22h30 : Chivas USA - LA Galaxy
22h30 : San José - Columbus
Dimanche 20 mai
19h00 : Portland - Chicago

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17 May 5:33 pm

This week, Red Bulls defender on the turntables, Fox Soccer anchors working far too hard, and LA's trip to the White House see's some familiar faces pop up.

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Red Bulls defender Solli has kept his love for music no secret in the past. Listen to his new mix, it's very, very good. Can we get #SolliFistPump trending?!

After helping D.C. to a shutout win over Colorado, Hamid was pumped to see some NHL stars waiting for him in the locker room. Scratch that, Bill was super pumped!

So Heath Pearce obviously knew a trade to the New York Red Bulls was on the cards. But he suffered from something we can only describe as premature tweeting, as he announced his official move from Chivas USA.... more than 3 hours before it actually became official.

The guys at Fox Soccer have been working hard lately, what with the climax to the EPL season and the Champions League Final just around the corner. Anchor Rob Stone claims they've been in overdrive....the pic suggests otherwise!

Galaxy striker Chad Barrett enjoyed his trip to the White House to meet President Obama. He also enjoyed meeting this guy, well, sort of.

If you see a soccer tweet that should be included in our top five, be sure to send it to the @MLS_Insider!

17 May 12:46 pm

"At first, most people were like, 'We don't want no damn American,'" Abdel says. "They thought Bob was all about fitness. His teams won because they were in the best shape. But now they've gotten to see the man and know the man. And they love him. Now, he's a rock star. He's bigger than Obama."


When Bob Bradley accepted the job at the helm of the Egyptian national team last September, he ended up signing on for much more than the position of head coach.

In the eight months since his signing – a period during which Egypt have lost only once in 10 matches – the former United States boss has come to realize that in a country so heavily impacted by political turmoil and soccer tragedy, his role transcends the sport.

In an ESPN "Outside the Lines" special, senior writer Wayne Drehs takes a first-hand look at coaching an Egyptian side desperate for success in the world of soccer, and what it will take for Bradley to lead the national team to the 2014 World Cup – for just the third time in 80 years.

Read the full interview here and check out this video of Bradley discussing his time in the Middle East.


17 May 11:44 am

En réalisant le partage 1-1 à Vancouver, Toronto s’est mis en bonne position une semaine avant le match retour de la finale du Championnat canadien Amway en Ontario.

Rapidement, Vancouver a pourtant appliqué son plan : tout à l’attaque ! Mais en raison d’un manque de support de l’entrejeu, d’une créativité déficiente et d’un Barbara peu inspiré, les occasions ont été rares malgré une domination en possession de balle. Rarement dans le camp adverse, Toronto a quand même été menaçant à quelques reprises.

Après la pause, mis en confiance, les visiteurs ont été les plus dangereux et quand Johnson a ouvert la marque, on ne pouvait pas dire que l’avance était volée. Martin Rennie a dès lors fait entrer ses atouts offensifs et il fallut une sublime volée d’Hassli dans les derniers instants pour sauver le partage. Heureux de son but, le Français l’était toutefois moins du résultat, tout comme ses coéquipiers.

Un partage qui arrange les Torontois, dont les jeunes joueurs – Henry (19 ans), Morgan (21), Lambe (21), Plata (20) – continuent de prendre du galon alors que les blessés réintègrent peu à peu l’effectif.

En MLS, DC United a confirmé sa bonne forme en s’imposant facilement 2-0 face à Colorado.

16 May 1:06 pm

So MSNBC host Chuck Todd may not be the biggest fan of MLS, or soccer in general. But is that really a reason to make snide comments about the LA Galaxy’s trip to see President Obama at the White House to be congratulated for their 2011 MLS Cup triumph on Tuesday?

As Todd read out the President’s daily schedule during The Daily Rundown, he quipped in a slightly bemused tone:

“As you can see, he… welcomes the Major League Soccer champions? All you LA Galaxy fans out there– does this mean Beckham shows up? I’m not sure. Is he really a member of the Galaxy or not?” 

Todd went on to say, “No more soccer references. I promise.”

Fernando Fiore, host of the most popular sports show on Univisión (República Deportiva), took Todd’s comments to heart and reached out to Twitter to air his distain at the comments.

Fiore also tweeted in Spanish, “I am watching MSNBC and the commentary from a Mr. Chuck Todd over the LA Galaxy White House visit is deprecating. Why? Ignorance.”

You be the judge regarding Todd’s comments. For now it seems the beef is brewing between Mr. Todd and Señor Fiore.

Stay tuned, this could get meaty.

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