20 April 4:18 pm

To be clear, I didn't oversell that headline.

Sporting Kansas City's Bobby Convey really is in his bathrobe in the club's new video series "#FollowFriday with Bobby Convey." He really does have a dog on his close attention to the identity of said pup.

He also starts the video with a disclaimer: "I'm not on Twitter. I don't ever plan on being on Twitter." Maybe it's just me, but that's exactly what I would expect Convey to say.

If that didn't sell you on hitting play, just trust me that this is gold from the folks in Kansas City, who appear to be having plenty of fun (see Collin's Corner) during their 7-0-0 start.

The best moment comes when Soony Saad reenacts the Lion King with what -- I believe -- are his kittens. Quite a household...Saad, Konrad Warzycha, Dom Dwyer and two fluffy kittens.

20 April 4:06 pm

A German report is pointing to a new fullback for the New York Red Bulls.

Former Italian national team defender Gianluca Zambrotta is said to be talking with NYRB, according to German soccer site

The 35-year-old is out of contract with AC Milan this summer and several online reports state that the Italian giants will not be re-signing him.

Zambrotta has 11 appearances and one goal for the rossoneri this year.

20 April 3:43 pm

Vaya semana para hacer pronósticos…

Nos enmudecimos la jornada anterior pero regresamos en esta fecha para desafiar al futuro y predecir lo que ocurrirá en los partidos de la Jornada 7 de la temporada regular.

El Gringo Simon Borg tuvo algo de suerte en la Jornada 5 y nos ganó a todos, mientras que Kristel y yo tenemos que desempatar esta semana. Carlos por su parte... pobre Carlos.

En fin, los verdaderos expertos son ustedes, los aficionados, así que como siempre esperamos que también nos den sus predicciones en los comentarios abajo o por Twitter en @Futbol_MLS.

Deséenme suerte, y los dejo con esto:

ESCUCHA: El Matador Luis Hernández opina sobre la suspensión a Rafa Márquez  

Semana 7


Kristel Valencia

Edgar Acero
Editor Asociado

Simon Borg
Editor Senior

Carlos Rodriguez
Editor de Video

(Sab, 3:30 ET)


(Sab 7:30 ET)


(Sab, 9 ET)



(Sab, 10 ET)


(Sab, 10:30 ET)




(Sab, 10:30 ET)



(Sab, 10:30 ET)


(Dom, 6 ET)

















20 April 2:38 pm

After his latest multi-game suspension in a New York Red Bulls uniform, some in the media have wondered whether it's time for Mexican midfielder Rafael Marquez to move on.

But how many were expecting this?

ESPN Deportes reporter Rafael Ramos tweeted the following on Thursday night: "Everything indicates that Rafa Marquez will end up with Chivas USA. It looks like they will end up paying 50% and 50% together with the Red Bulls. In NY he's the rotten apple."

That tweet was immediately followed up with a response from Chivas USA GM Jose Domene: "Dear Rafa [Ramos], I don't know who your source is, but we have not sought him out. I'd be glad to chat with you when you'd like."

20 April 1:19 pm

Earth DaySunday, April 22 is Earth Day! You know… that day when everybody wears green and remembers to recycle their bottles (or is that St. Patrick’s Day?).  Regardless, at MLS, we’re proud to be part of the movement. 

Throughout the day, the @MLS twitter handle will be tweeting out special moments in Major League Soccer history and will use #RecycledMLSMoments as the hashtag.

You tell us

Are there any special moments you’d like to see? Tell us in the comments below.

Recycle your own moments

Tweet your favorite MLS moment in history and include #RecycledMLSMoments #EarthDay and @MLS in your tweets. Top moments will get retweeted!

Going to a game?

During MLS W.O.R.K.S. Greener Goals Week, 100 percent of the electricity used at MLS stadiums will be offset with the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), ensuring that only green energy will be used at home matches taking place April 14-22.

Fans attending MLS matches during this time frame will receive flower seed and green tips. Tweet us a pic @MLSWORKS when you receive your flower seed packets and we’ll retweet our favorites!

How Green Are Your Goals?

Win a trip to MLS Cup!

MLS W.O.R.K.S. and Continental Tire have launched the “How Green Are Your Goals? campaign as a way to engage MLS fans to participate and support environmentally friendly efforts leading up to Earth Day.  

Enter here and win a trip to MLS Cup 2012!  

Happy Earth Day!

20 April 11:06 am

Outre un alléchant San José - Salt Lake, on surveillera les retours de Torsten Frings et Juan Pablo Angel, qui tenteront de mettre fin aux séries négatives de leurs clubs respectifs.

La journée s’ouvrira sur NBC Sports Network par un nouvel épisode de “Toronto cherche un point”. Face à Chicago, Aron Winter compte sur le retour de Frings. Suffisant pour une première victoire en championnat depuis le 17 septembre dernier ?

Portland, dans sa forteresse naguère imprenable, tentera de faire trébucher Kansas City. Aurélien Collin, dont l’apport est aussi décisif offensivement que défensivement, va-t-il encore se retrouver “au bon endroit au bon moment” ?

À domicile contre Salt Lake, San José devra chambouler son équipe, mais les visiteurs savent que Wondolowski reste l’homme à surveiller. Ils doivent aussi prendre garde à leur droite contre un dangereux flanc gauche californien. En évitant de trop reculer contre une équipe qui fabrique ses buts haut dans le camp adverse, San José réussira une bonne partie de son travail défensif.

À quelques encablures de là, Chivas USA, qui n’a plus marqué dans ses installations depuis le 23 octobre dernier mais récupère Angel, recevra Philadelphie, qui n’a plus encaissé depuis le 24 mars.

ESPN2 diffusera dimanche le dernier duel de la journée, entre deux des équipes en forme du moment, DC United et New York.

Samedi 21 avril
15h30 : Toronto - Chicago
19h30 : Columbus - Houston
21h00 : Colorado - LA Galaxy
22h00 : Vancouver - Dallas
22h30 : Chivas USA - Philadelphie
22h30 : San José - Salt Lake
22h30 : Portland - Kansas City
Dimanche 22 avril
18h00 : DC United - New York

Toutes les heures HE (heure de New York et Montréal)
Rendez-vous ici pour la disponibilité des matchs sur MLS Live et les diffuseurs locaux
Hors États-Unis et Canada, vous pouvez voir des matchs de MLS via ces diffuseurs ou

20 April 10:44 am

This week, commentators take over as NBC's main man revels in the lighter side of soccer commentary. Rimando and Shea head for a match up off the field and DeLaGarza's on the red carpet.

Don't forget to follow our two official Twitter handles to find out the latest from inside MLS   

NBC Sports chief MLS commentator Arlo White has some fun with the guys from ETR after watching this video of English actor Steve Coogan impersonating a soccer commentator, the proof is in the pudding!

RSL's 'keeper and FC Dallas' star striker may soon have a showdown on the wooden deck of a shuffleboard table, instead of on the pitch. Intense.

LA's young defender is on the red carpet with Snoop and company. Classy.

This well-known college basketball commentator looks to be heading for a career in soccer commentating. What's BG you may ask? Only Gus knows, the "Beautiful Game" perhaps?

Vancouver's captain gets an Easter gift and gives a shout out to his Mom.

If you see a soccer tweet that should be included in our top five, be sure to send it to the @MLS_Insider!

19 April 5:49 pm

David Beckham is one of MLS's -- nay, the world's most high-profile athletes -- and as such, there isn't much that fans don't know about him.

But can you answer these five trivia questions about him? If you do, you could win an LA Galaxy jersey.

19 April 2:15 pm

Harry Redknapp may yet get his wish for goal-line technology, and if he does, Major League Soccer is likely to be at the forefront of the effort to develop it.

Speaking to the Associated Press Sports Editors on Thursday, Commissioner Don Garber said MLS would like the be a test league for goal-line technology once it is approved by the International Football Association Board, which could come as soon as July.

“We’re interested in being a test league and we hope that we could achieve that,” Garber told the APSE. “I would be open to whatever it is that could be done to ensure that we have goal-line technology.”

The English Premier League is expected to use the technology during the 2012-13 season.

Garber also discussed MLS’ interest in Spanish forward Raul Gonzalez, and the league’s continued focus on placing a team in the New York area as well as the “auction-like” process to choose an owner.

Check out the full story here. In the meantime, tell us what you think in the poll.

WATCH: MLS goal-line decisions in real time

19 April 11:56 am

If you've been watching American Idol, you're probably familiar with Hollie Cavanagh, an 18-year-old from Texas who is among the finalists on the show.

Turns out she's originally from Merseyside, England -- her family moved to Texas 10 years ago -- and she's a Liverpool FC fan. Cavanagh is such a diehard supporter that she was planning on attending the Carling Cup final but missed out because of American Idol.

Well, Liverpool apparently heard about this and sent her the special 'good luck' message below which made air on Wednesday night on Fox network TV. The club's American owner, John Henry of NESV, will surely have been happy to see it.

The question now is: What was the more memorable moment? Her "surprise" to see Jamie Carragher on the big screen or the live audience's reaction (or lack thereof) to what they had just witnessed?