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16 May 12:06 pm

So MSNBC host Chuck Todd may not be the biggest fan of MLS, or soccer in general. But is that really a reason to make snide comments about the LA Galaxy’s trip to see President Obama at the White House to be congratulated for their 2011 MLS Cup triumph on Tuesday?

As Todd read out the President’s daily schedule during The Daily Rundown, he quipped in a slightly bemused tone:

“As you can see, he… welcomes the Major League Soccer champions? All you LA Galaxy fans out there– does this mean Beckham shows up? I’m not sure. Is he really a member of the Galaxy or not?” 

Todd went on to say, “No more soccer references. I promise.”

Fernando Fiore, host of the most popular sports show on Univisión (República Deportiva), took Todd’s comments to heart and reached out to Twitter to air his distain at the comments.

Fiore also tweeted in Spanish, “I am watching MSNBC and the commentary from a Mr. Chuck Todd over the LA Galaxy White House visit is deprecating. Why? Ignorance.”

You be the judge regarding Todd’s comments. For now it seems the beef is brewing between Mr. Todd and Señor Fiore.

Stay tuned, this could get meaty.

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16 May 10:57 am

Qui représentera le Canada lors de la prochaine Ligue des champions ? Nous aurons un premier élément de réponse ce soir, suite à la finale aller du Championnat canadien Amway entre Vancouver et Toronto (22h00 HE).

Tenants du titre, les Torontois savent qu’une compétition n’est pas l’autre : leur début d’année raté en MLS a été partiellement occulté par une demi-finale sur la scène continentale et serait mieux digéré en cas de succès en coupe nationale. Aron Winter sera privé de Torsten Frings (blessé) et de Richard Eckersley (suspendu) mais peut à nouveau compter sur Danny Koevermans, de retour de blessure. Le Néerlandais espère être enfin lâché par la poisse cette saison.

Chez lui, Vancouver veut absolument faire la différence avant de se rendre en Ontario la semaine prochaine. La consigne est claire : tout à l’attaque ! Forts quand ils passent par les flancs, Camilo et ses partenaires pourraient profiter d’une défense torontoise particulièrement friable sur son côté gauche. Vancouver cherche la clef qui lui ouvrira la porte de la Ligue des champions pour la première fois de son histoire.

Au sud de la frontière, au lendemain d’un nul blanc entre Houston et Portland et de la visite du LA Galaxy à la Maison-Blanche, DC United accueillera Colorado à 19h30.

15 May 3:57 pm

Dan Gargan usually paints to find an escape from his day job, but the Chicago Fire defender mixed his two passions in a piece he painted for Wednesday’s “Art of Futbol” Gallery showing in Chicago, which takes place on Wednesday and benefits the Chicago Fire Foundation.

Gargan’s piece is called “The Beautiful Game,” and is an abstract vision of what Gargan believes soccer embodies.

“It’s pretty simple,” Gargan told “It’s got a bunch of flowers in it. When I think of the game, there’s just a bunch of different ways you can express yourself through the game.

"I feel like no one person’s expression or interpretation of the game is the same, and that’s reminiscent of how flowers are. They’re all unique, and they’re all beautiful in their own way.”

Gargan has loved painting since he was a kid, and he minored in studio art at Georgetown University.

Most of his painting nowadays comes in the offseason. His paintings usually end up somewhere in his apartment or in a family member’s home, but a few players around MLS have asked him to paint for them.

This offseason, Colorado forward Conor Casey, Gargan’s former teammate, gave him a wall in his home to use as his canvas.

“He’s always been a big fan of my art,” Gargan said. “He gave me a wall and said, ‘Go for it.’”

Gargan is working on a web site to promote his art work, which he said should be up in the next few weeks.

The Fire defender is hoping people will be interested in his work, and is excited about Wednesday’s showing, which takes place from 7 to 9 pm CT at Society Art Gallery in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.

But he’s perfectly fine if painting remains just a hobby.

“What I’m getting out of it right now is exactly what I’m looking for,” Gargan said. “That’s the ability to step away from soccer and just have fun with it. It gives me a lot of joy and a lot of happiness to me and my friends and my family. If it was to get bigger, or people were interested in it, that’s great. But it’s more of just an outlet for me.”

15 May 2:42 pm

Lately, Osvaldo Alonso has been the most-talked-about defensive midfielder in MLS, praised for his outstanding development on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball. This past weekend however, Alonso struggled to get anything going offensively.

When looking at his passes – successful and unsuccessful (image below) – you can see that nearly every attempt to contribute offensively was immediately shutdown by the RSL defense.

Alonso is great at starting the attack, but isn’t the ideal player you want on the ball in the final third. Out of 51 completed passes, he connected with Mauro Rosales the most – 12 times. This is something opposing teams should look to limit going forward.

Because Alonso plays so deep he rarely gets involved in the attack. This is the main reason why he hasn’t scored more than 6 points in Fantasy Soccer: Manager this season. He’s very consistent, but he probably won’t get you that 8-10 point game anytime soon.

One thing we have to credit Alonso for is his ability to keep the game moving. He doesn’t slow down play with meaningless “back passes” – something several other holding midfielders are known for. His defending skills and counter-attacking ability make him exceptionally unique when comparing players at this position. If he can add some offensive qualities to his game, he’ll add even more value to an already potent attacking core.

15 May 1:59 pm

Branden Steineckert plays drums for Rancid. That, by definition, rocks. That he is an avid soccer fan and a passionate Real Salt Lake supporter rocks even harder.

But the fact that he's such a geniune, cool, down-to-earth guy who wants to encourage people to express themselves, that's punk. 

I met Branden when I was in Salt Lake City a few months ago. He was sitting in the back of a town-hall meeting between the supporter groups and RSL brass. At some point, the supporters brought up their dislike of the song played at Rio Tinto Stadium whenever the home side scores. "It's lame," one person said.

Naturally, everyone in the room eventually turned to the guy in the back who tours the world as a musician.

Steineckert didn't hesitate to give his opinion. But he didn't opine on the music. He didn't say the current goal song was bad or that another song would be better. No, instead, he challenged his fellow RSL supporters.

"Let's come up with something of our own," he said. 

15 May 10:52 am

La MLS nous gratifie régulièrement de superbes buts (pensez d’ailleurs à voter pour le but de la semaine). Ô joie, quand c’est votre équipe qui le marque ! Mais quand c’est l’adversaire, comment réagissez-vous ?

De mon côté, tout dépend de l’importance du match, et de l’influence du but sur le résultat. Concrètement, ça se manifeste soit par le silence complet qui ne prend pas en considération la beauté du but (voire quelques mots marquant un certain enragement), soit par un « magnifique » ou des applaudissements polis contrastant parfois avec un visage qui trahit ma déception.

Samedi à Montréal, David Beckham a été hué pendant tout le match. Mais quand il a égalisé d’un sublime coup franc, des supporters de l’Impact ont célébré comme si leurs favoris avaient marqué. Une réaction qui n’a pas plu à tout le monde.

Sur les réseaux sociaux, de nombreux fidèles du club ont trouvé ça « désolant »… comme certains joueurs apparemment, à l’image de Zarek Valentin qui s’est offusqué sur Twitter, se disant assez contrarié de voir des gens avec des maillots et des écharpes de l’Impact fêter de la sorte après le but de Beckham.

Qu’en pensez-vous ? Et comment saluez-vous les splendides buts inscrits par l’adversaire ?

14 May 10:40 am

Vainqueur à Seattle, Salt Lake réalise en compagnie de New York la bonne opération d’une journée lors de laquelle San José et Kansas City ont aussi perdu des plumes.

Disputant son cinquième match en 15 jours (et après avoir gagné les quatre premiers), Seattle s’est incliné par le plus petit écart contre Salt Lake, suite à un but d’Espindola qui attribue sa forme actuelle aux joies de la paternité. La formation de l’Utah prend ses distances en tête du classement.

En effet, Kansas City a subi à Chicago sa troisième défaite consécutive, suite à des décisions arbitrales qui ont provoqué la colère de Peter Vermes. Pour sa part, San José a perdu deux points chez lui contre Chivas USA, et aurait concédé la défaite si Gordon n’avait pas sauvé les meubles dans les derniers instants.

Du coup, New York rejoint le peloton de tête, grâce à sa victoire à Philadelphie marquée par le retour réussi de Rafa Marquez et l’exclusion de Freddy Adu.

À Houston, la fête ne fut pas seulement sportive : l’inauguration du nouveau stade a dépassé toutes les attentes, et Brad Davis a encore confirmé son importance dans l’équipe en marquant le but de la victoire contre DC United.

Événement aussi à Montréal, où plus de 60 000 personnes ont assisté au nul de l’Impact contre le LA Galaxy.

Montréal - LA Galaxy
Houston - DC United
New England - Vancouver
Columbus - Dallas
Chicago - Kansas City
Seattle - Salt Lake
Philadelphie - New York
San José - Chivas USA

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11 May 5:11 pm

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with this.

Adidas have come out with a new soccer shoe that actually helps players with specific facets of their game. And that's not just promo copy.

In Kick TV's latest Gear Show, they showcase the new Predator LZs that have a cushion to help with passing and grips on the outside of the boot that enhance dribbling and control.

Find out why the hosts call it a "radically different predator" than any that adidas has produced. And they're not just referring to the colors.

You need to see it to believe it. Check it out below.

11 May 3:50 pm

Earlier this week, profiled Earthquakes right back Steven Beitashour as a player that could be on US national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann's radar.

Turns out, Klinsmann and US Soccer may have to move sooner rather than later if that's the case.

Beitashour, who led the Quakes last year with seven assists and already has four to his name in 2012, holds dual US-Iranian citizenship. According to Centerline Soccer's Robert Jonas, the San Jose native has been contacted by the Iranian national team, but not yet by the United States:

So it appears for the time being, Beitashour will hold out for a call from Klinsmann. But if the coach dawdles in calling up the third-year defender, Beitashour could easily be added to US Soccer's list of ones that got away.

Power 5: Steven Beitashour on Klinsmann's radar?

11 May 12:29 pm

En la edición de esta semana del podcast Tiro Libre tuvimos como invitados a dos jugadores colombianos de experiencia que tienen algo en común: ambos han vestido los colores de su selección nacional… pero hace tiempo.

Tressor Moreno y Nelson Rivas ahora le ofrecen su talento a la MLS y ambos jugadores no pierden la esperanza de que el seleccionador de Colombia José Pekerman le de una miradita a lo que pasa en la MLS.


Moreno es una de las razones por las cuales su equipo está en los primeros lugares de la liga, por encima del Galaxy de Beckham, Donovan y Keane, entre otros. Por su parte, Rivas jugó su primer partido para Montreal el fin de semana anterior, en un juego donde el club de expansión sorprendió a los líderes del Este, Sporting Kansas City, con un contundente 2-0 como visitantes. El defensa colombiano fue señalado por la prensa como uno de los mejores de su equipo.

Aun así, si ambos colombianos llegarán a mantener su ritmo y a ser los mejores en la MLS, ¿les llegaría el llamado?

Colombia es un país particularmente conocido por no reconocer el nivel de la MLS, lo cual es gracioso cuando se toma en cuenta que es el país que más ofrece jugadores internacionales a esta liga. Países como Honduras, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Irlanda y por supuesto Estados Unidos, entre otros, miran al talento de sus países en la MLS y lo convocan. ¿Por qué no Colombia?

Este tema se puede ir para largo, entonces paro ahí, pero los dejo con la encuesta: ¿Crees que Tressor Moreno y Nelson Rivas tengan chances de regresar a su selección?