US National Team

01 February 3:17 pm

The Canadian Soccer Association is set to make a few big announcements on Thursday, but who saw this one coming?

Rumors are that the CSA will not only announce the sites for Canada's World Cup Qualifying matches on Thursday, but it appears they'll also drop the news that Canada will host the US sometime in a friendly tuneup before the qualifiers. The US - who beat Canada in Detroit during the group stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup last summer - have not played in Canada since a 3-0 win in Vancouver in 1997.

The Canucks lead the series 6-3-1 in matches played in Canada all-time, dating back to 1925. (CBC Sports - Canada to face US in World Cup qualifier tuneup)


30 January 10:28 am

When was the last time you saw an MLS player --or recently departed MLS player-- get the bedroom rock tribute song treatment? Personally, I haven't seen an acoustic anthem like this since Evan Brown was with Seattle back on 2009.

It's indeed a rare a treat and high praise that my ego is quite jealous of. How come no one writes anthems for bloggers?

27 January 2:49 pm

If you've spent any time at this week, you've got a pretty well-rounded understanding of Tim Ream's transfer to Bolton Wanderers, a sale that was long rumored but only recently completed.

We've given you the facts. American Exports extraordinaire Greg Seltzer gave his take. Hans Backe chimed in, and Ream detailed how comfortable he feels at Bolton.

There's still more to talk about today, specifically Ream and his new wife's sacrifice to get the deal done and his thoughts about where the move fits into his career trajectory. But there is even more that didn't have a logical destination, though that doesn't mean it isn't fascinating as well.

Check out even more insight from Ream below from his conference call with reporters on Friday.

On Stuart Holden's role in his transfer to Wanderers:

“He showed my wife and I around Manchester and took us out to dinner. We caught the Man U game with him. I think having him around will make the transition easier. I see how much he loves it there and how much he talked about the club and the people invlolved there. It definitely wasn’t the deciding factor, but he’s definitely eased my mind and helped in the transition.”

On the work permit process:

“We were pretty confident. I think there was only one point where we were 50-50. After seeing Robbie Rogers get his and having some of the people back us with some pretty good resumes, we were confident going in on Monday that we were going to get it.”

On the prospect, however unlikely, of facing former Red Bulls teammate Thierry Henry on February 1 when Bolton host Arsenal:

“That would be one heck of a storyline. I’ll be very honest: when this all started wrapping up and I saw that game on the schedule, it was something that I was aiming for just because of the headlines and being a teammate of Thierry’s just a few weeks ago.”

On where he stands within Jurgen Klinsmann's national team setup:

“I believe I’m in the mix, but at the same time I know that there are things that I have to work on and do better to solidify a spot as one of those center backs. I didn’t have a very good year with some of the games (I played) and the mistakes that I made. People make mistakes, and I learn more from mistakes than I do from playing really well. I’m going to take that and run with it and learn from it. Hopefully in the next year solidify my spot and make it on that World Cup roster.”

25 January 10:49 pm

Graham Zusi may be a newcomer to the USMNT setup but he's definitely making an impression early on by adding creativity to a midfield that sometimes lacks in ideas. He's also adding goals to the scoreboard which also tends to help your cause.

Check out Zusi's game-winner against Panama tonight; it's a strike so deliberate that if the ball killed someone on the way into the back of the net he'd be charged with murder instead of manslaughter.