27 August 11:03 am

Alors qu’en milieu de semaine, tout Montréal suivait le premier déplacement de son club en Ligue des champions, ce week-end, tout ceux qui s’intéressent à la MLS de plus ou moins loin avaient les yeux tournés vers Seattle pour le choc contre Portland. C’est donc sans surprise que ces deux sujets occupent la plus grande partie de notre émission de la semaine (à écouter ici).

On revient en long et en large sur le sommet entre Seattle et Portland (voir le résumé vidéo), les clefs et tournants du match, la prestation de Donovan Ricketts, le rôle de Clint Dempsey et la protection à accorder à certaines vedettes. Une soirée pleine d’ambiance qui nous fait digresser sur les relations entre supporters et clubs – voyez le documentaire sur le Parc des Princes recommandé par Frédéric Lord ainsi que l’épisode de MLS Insider où les supporters de Portland exaucent le rêve du petit Atticus.

Montréal a connu une semaine en deux temps : défaite à Heredia en Ligue des champions puis plantureuse victoire contre Houston en championnat. On ose poser les questions qui fâchent et y répondre sans complaisance. Mieux communiquer aurait-il permis d’éviter la grogne de certains supporters ? Quels mérites et quel respect pour Heredia ? L’Impact a-t-il gagné son pari ? Peut-on réellement parler de rotation d’effectif ? Que penser de la gestion du temps de jeu des joueurs moins utilisés ?

On boucle l’émission en parlant des équipes qui sortent du lot en ce moment, en essayant de trouver un favori pour la prochaine Coupe MLS. Pas simple… Mais le LA Galaxy vient peut-être de corriger une grosse faiblesse, avec Penedo (voir son superbe arrêt à Vancouver).

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13 May 5:09 pm

Sometimes, supporters groups' tifo displays are designed to look really cool, to recognize a player's career-long contributions to the club or even to intimidate that day's opponent with a massive pregame display that covers the entire end of a 70,000-seat stadium.

And other times, the displays transcend the sport of soccer altogether, making a statement about life in general.

On the same day a match in Italy – one that happened to involve United States national team midfielder Michael Bradley's club team, AS Roma – had to be momentarily halted because of racist chants aimed at opposing AC Milan players, the Timbers Army chose to spend their Sunday afternoon taking a stand against another sensitive social issue in the sports world: homophobia. The 5,000-person section used roughly 4,500 colored cards to create the display, according to Timbers Army 107 Independent Supporters Trust board member Abram Goldman-Armstrong in an e-mail exchange with on Monday.

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The display spanned six sections at JELD-WEN Field and featured a banner in the center reading simply "Pride, Not Prejudice." The Timbers went on to put three goals past the Chivas USA defense, picking up yet another impressive home victory to extend their unbeaten run to nine games.

It just so happens you can check out video of the Timbers Army tifo here and here. This is what the organization itself had to say:

"The Timbers Army has had a 'zero-tolerance for intolerance' policy since its inception in 2001,'" Goldman-Armstrong told "Our display in honor of the International Day Against Homophobia demonstrates our commitment to making certain all people are welcome at the beautiful game, on the pitch and off of it.

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"As the language San Jose's Alan Gordon used to attack captain Will Johnson shows, homophobia is still a real issue in North American sports. As supporters, we must do our best to show that there is no room for such bigotry in our sport. Sunday's display is an indication of that sentiment."

The Timbers Army will be the first of many independent supporters groups across MLS to lend their support to the "Pride, Not Prejudice" cause this week, as many groups have agreed to unveil their own unique stands against homophobia prior to their club's home game that falls closest to the 2013 International Day Against Homophobia on May 17.

08 May 4:04 pm

It took a day or two, but cooler heads have prevailed in Houston after an unfortunate incident involving homophobic tweets posted on a Dynamo supporters group's Twitter account Sunday night.

On Monday Dynamo officials met with the leadership of the Brickwall Firm, the group at the center of the controversy, and determined that the tweets were the product of a single individual whose statements did not reflect the group's collective values. Brickwall has been tasked with identifying and ejecting -- from their ranks as well as from future Dynamo matches -- the person who wrote them.

“First of all, something totally unacceptable in society has occurred,” Dynamo president Chris Canetti told the Houston Chronicle. “We are condemning the comments. The leaders of the group are condemning the comments. They don’t share those values. It was an individual.

“It doesn’t paint a broad picture of members of Brickwall, our supporters groups, our fans or our community. We are going to work with the group to have the person identified and have the group take action against that individual.”

The Brickwall Firm's official account tweeted out an explicit slur towards LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan after Houston's 1-0 win over LA. A day later, Brickwall apologized for the incident in a series of tweets that underlined the isolated nature of the opinions which had been expressed.

30 April 12:21 pm

Entre les matchs aller et retour des demi-finales du Championnat canadien Amway, cette compétition est au centre des discussions de l’émission de la semaine (à écouter ici) animée par son quatuor désormais habituel.

Le fait d’avoir de nombreux réservistes traditionnels dans le onze de départ a suscité beaucoup de commentaires. On se demande si les clubs prennent cette compétition au sérieux et si les supporters peuvent se sentir floués. En alignant beaucoup de jeunes, chacun n’a peut-être pas pris les mêmes risques. Les résultats ont aussi suscité des débats sur les responsabilités des joueurs sur le terrain ainsi que sur la qualité en profondeur des divers effectifs. L’essentiel de la discussion porte sur Toronto - Montréal mais on parle aussi d’Edmonton - Vancouver.

Avec l’arrivée d’une équipe de NASL à Ottawa l’an prochain, le format de la compétition sera légèrement adapté avec un tour préliminaire entre les clubs de NASL. C’était prévisible mais quel message cette décision passe-t-elle ?

Chicago vit un début de saison difficile, qui a été confirmé lors de la dernière journée à Montréal. On a pu constater de près certains progrès de l’équipe mais surtout un manque d’imagination, un potentiel mal utilisé et une défense susceptible de s’effondrer à n’importe quel moment au sein d’un onze qui semble être entré dans une routine menant difficilement à la victoire.

On connaîtra dans les prochaines semaines l’identité du vingtième club de MLS. Les signes mènent vers une deuxième équipe New Yorkaise basée dans le Queens. Alors que les Red Bulls peinent à remplir leur stade, certains s’interrogent sur la pertinence de cette décision qui pourrait cependant amener de nouvelles vedettes internationales en MLS. Et après, quel développement pour la ligue ?

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13 February 12:39 pm

While manager Oscar Pareja continues to revamp the Colorado Rapids on the field, the club's supporters may be responsible for the biggest preseason development off the field.

The Bulldog Supporters Group, Pid Army and Class VI joined forces to form Centennial 38, a name which harkens back to an old Rapids supporters group.

The new Colorado supporters group already has a Facebook account and Twitter handle.

Are clubs better off with all supporters groups united under one umbrella? The Timbers Army seems to think so:

04 February 3:03 pm

If the trailer for American Football left you hungry for more, you're in luck.

Just in time to get Sounders fans revved up for their March 2nd season opener, Levy Films released a rough cut of their unfinished feature-length documentary on Seattle Sounders FC. The footage takes you even deeper into the world of Sigi Schmid and what it means to play on his team.

Even if the Sounders aren't your team, this video will leave you longing for the return of Major League Soccer, which is now only 26 days away. Enjoy!


15 January 3:52 pm

US international Robbie Rogers’ contract with Leeds United has been terminated by mutual consent, so what does that mean for the winger’s future? Could a return to MLS be in the cards?

The Columbus Dispatch has some early details for those wondering. For now, though, Rogers' agent is staying mum on the subject of potential destinations for the former Crew star.

The 25-year-old joined the Championship side 12 months ago after a successful trial period, but a head injury and ankle injury limited his involvement to just one start and three further appearances as a sub.

Rogers left MLS on a free transfer after five seasons with the Crew and is free to sign with any team overseas, but his rights belong to Columbus after the club made the left-footed winger a qualifying offer after the 2011 season.

Should Columbus bring him back? Or should Rogers look for another landing place in Europe?

08 January 7:03 pm

If you didn’t catch the trailer for American Football after it was accidentally posted in November, it's time to fire up that internet connection and block out six-and-a-half minutes.

The trailer is for an unfinished feature documentary on the Seattle Sounders FC, produced by Levy Films. And, well, the footage is incredible, truly capturing the beauty of the sport. It was shot in a way that makes you feel like you're part of the team – you hear personal struggles from some of the Sounders squad and are even witness to a post-game schooling from head coach Sigi Schmid. 

It’s an intimate look at the Seattle Sounders and will surely leave you wanting more. That is, unless you're a diehard Timbers or 'Caps fan.

Hopefully, Levy Films will finish the full doc soon, but it looks like the 2013 MLS season might kickoff before the film. But it seems it will be well worth the wait.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

05 December 5:44 pm

Good supporters' group songs in MLS have a way of going viral. Everybody steals (borrows, improves upon, whatever) from everybody else.

And the song of recent vintage that's done the rounds the most is "I Believe That We Will Win." Since coming to MLS via the Red Bull Arena SouthWard in summer 2010 (and if you have evidence someone else in the league did it earlier, do go ahead and post it in the comments below), it's become a de rigeur chant.

Let's face it, though: KC does it best. The Cauldron absolutely owns this one.

Anyway, here's what our guy Shawn Francis over at TheOffsideRules called the song's "own, heart-fluttering short film," courtesy of the American Outlaws. It looks like it was shot primarily (completely?) at Livestrong Sporting Park and the surrounding drinking establishments before/during/after the recent US national team game vs. Guatemala, and it is pretty damn awesome:

04 December 6:46 pm

Por tercera temporada consecutiva, Portland tendrá un equipo profesional de fútbol en la ciudad que ellos mismos denominan “Soccer City, USA”.

Y, además de los traspasos que han llevado a cabo hasta el momento, los Timbers tendrán desde hoy la plena seguridad que su estadio JELD-WEN Field contará con el mismo apoyo que hasta hoy han tenido en las gradas.

Los leñadores han anunciado que ya se vendieron por completo todos los abonos para la temporada 2013, renovando 96% de sus abonados de este año.

Una de las fanaticadas más impresionantes de la MLS, vuelve a responder… Las palabras sobran, así que disfruten de las imágenes:

Y si quedaron con ganas de más, el volante mexicano del Valencia español, Andrés Guardado, y el colombiano de los Timbers Diego Chará, nos llevan a la tribuna de Timbers Army: