Soccer Culture

11 March 3:48 pm

Based on this tweet, we know two things about Chicago Fire striker Quincy Amarikwa.

First, he's a multitab iPhone browser. Second, he's probably better than you at MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager.

If you're in public League 3005 or 2975, it looks like you'll be fighting for table position with a current MLS player – and probably ending up on the wrong end of that deal.

11 March 1:05 pm

Beware the vicious pine marten. This small animal, native to North Europe,  belong to the Mustelidae family -- it's related to the weasel -- generally spend their time hanging out in wooded areas and chasing squirrels along treetop branches.

But when that gets boring, it seems pine martens like to get in a little game of soccer.

On Sunday, a pine marten invaded the field in the middle of a Swiss Super League match between FC Thun and Zurich FC. Then it bit Zurich defender Loris Benito after being scooped up in an impressive diving maneuver.

The whole episode reminded us of that time the black cat invaded BMO Field in the middle of a CONCACAF Champions League match last August. An omen? Well, TFC lost the match 3-1.


08 March 11:31 am

As soon as we heard that D.C. United's Chris Pontius was going to do the weather report on FOX5 in Washington -- tune in at 8:15 am to find out if it's going to rain or shine on United's home opener vs. Real Salt Lake on Saturday -- we culdn't help but recall the words of the immortal Dave Spritz:

"I remember once imagining what my life would be like, what I'd be like. I pictured having all these qualities, strong positive qualities that people could pick up on from across the room. But as time passed, few ever became any qualities that I actually had. And all the possibilities I faced and the sorts of people I could be, all of them got reduced every year to fewer and fewer. Until finally they got reduced to one, to who I am. And that's who I am, the weatherman."

02 March 1:13 pm

As the sun came up on North America, the Twitterati took to their laptops, phones, tablets, soup cans, whatever they use to tweet, in order to express their thoughts about the 2013 MLS season opening up on Saturday. Here are some of my favorite ones.








And here's one of my own (shameless self-promotion!) with a priceless quote from a family member.

01 March 1:15 pm

This unplugged musical tribute to Kei Kamara, currently on loan at EPL side Norwich City from Sporting KC, and his "heart-shaped hands" goal celebration isn't going to get a favorable review in the latest issue of NME, but you've got to applaud the guy's gumption to sing it loud and proud on BBC Radio Norfolk's McVeigh and Butler show. And the audience participation. And the jersey.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

27 February 12:34 pm

Passé, présent et avenir sont tous trois à la une de l’actualité du jour.

L’avenir, c’est celui de la talentueuse génération des -20 ans canadiens qui ne disputera pas la Coupe du monde de sa catégorie d’âge cet été. Le Canada a été battu 4-2 par les États-Unis dans le match décisif (résumé vidéo ci-dessus) et regrette une nouvelle occasion ratée. Mission accomplie en revanche pour les jeunes Américains dont certaines des vedettes pourraient être sur le terrain en MLS dès ce week-end.

Le présent, c’est la saison 2013 qui est sur le point de commencer. Don Garber en tiendra le discours inaugural ce soir sur le coup de 18h00 sous une forme novatrice, puisqu’il sera non seulement diffusé en ligne mais que le commissaire répondra aussi aux questions des journalistes via une vidéoconférence. Cette saison pourrait s’ouvrir sans Dwayne De Rosario, qui risque une suspension pour un mauvais geste durant la préparation.

Le passé, c’est l’histoire à laquelle le Philadelphia Union a fait un superbe clin d’œil hier soir en dévoilant son troisième maillot, référence au Bethleem Steel, un des plus grands clubs d’avant-guerre aux États-Unis. La Semaine des maillots se poursuit en beauté et ce soir, ce sera au tour de Montréal de dévoiler sa troisième vareuse, qui ne fera pas référence à Carsteel (puissance du soccer des années 30 au Québec) mais probablement au titre remporté par l’Impact en 1994 en APSL.

20 February 11:32 pm

Landon Donovan has a history of insightful, personal interviews. He just hasn't given very many of them lately.

That seems to have changed on Wednesday night, as the US national team and LA Galaxy legend answered questions in public for the first time since helping lead his team to the 2012 MLS Cup. Donovan appeared at a Q&A session titled "The Competitive Edge" on the campus of the University of Southern California.

One promising young scribe proceded to live tweet the event. We can't vouch for the veracity of his transcription, during which Donovan talks about everything from his relationship with his dad to that time he almost quit soccer in 2006 (which, from memory, was right before kickoff vs. Ghana), but I guarantee you we'll all be talking about this out-of-the-blue appearance by LD for the next 48 hours:

Here's the best part, if you're a US fan:

And here's the part that's Landon being Landon to, like, the Nth degree:

17 February 12:00 pm

Whether you enjoy the Harlem Shake or not, it's now infiltrated MLS clubs. The Seattle Sounders, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Houston Dynamo (a special edition with the Dynamo Girls) are the latest to join the viral video movement.

Where would you rate Jimmy Conrad and his KICKTV crew in the American soccer Harlem Shake hierarchy?

15 February 8:39 pm

Short, sweet and unambiguous support for Robbie Rogers:

WATCH: MLSers react to Rogers coming out

15 February 8:27 pm

It's been an emotional day for all of MLS and US soccer, but doubtless nobody's gone through the wringer quite as thoroughly as Robbie Rogers.

Here's his 13-word response:


But from where I sit, the best part of today is that the next guy (or gal) to debate whether or not to come out can expect "this." It's a more tolerant and loving world than we all thought it was nine hours ago.