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08 February 12:03 pm

Most of us know Dwayne DeRosario as a playmaker and all-around MLS bad-man. We can now add "shake-maker" and "acquaintance of a Pussy Cat Doll" to his illustrious resume. I'm sure he's as proud of these accomplishments as he is of his 4 MLS Cup rings.

07 February 6:34 pm

Spotted in the hallways of the Home Depot Center ahead of the Timbers' preseason match vs. the LA Galaxy today: Portland head coach John Spencer with projected No. 1 NFL Draft pick Andrew Luck.

On the surface it may seem random but this certainly wasn't thier first meeting; Luck is the son of Oliver Luck, who was president of the Houston Dynamo while Spencer was an assistant there.

Photo courtesy of @TimbersFC.


31 January 3:23 pm

Obviously this is not what Vancouver's lineup will actually look like in 2012 but with the addition of Sebastien Le Toux Vancouver suddenly become one of the most offensively-blessed sides in MLS. And think about this for a second: there are 3 more forwards on the roster and even rumors of Robert Earnshaw coming in to add to the embarrassment of attacking riches.

And as the image above illustrates, they are lacking a little something in the defensive end of the midfield.

Maybe I should I try to get the CBC on the phone because Survivor: B.C. Place would be a great reality show. If someone's going to get cut --and there will most certainly be cuts before First Kick-- you may as well televise it. My money is on a Francophone alliance between Le Toux, Hassli and Chiumiento.

30 January 7:33 pm

Construction pushes ahead at Houston's BBVA Compass Stadium. We'll dig the orange accents, he'll dig in the dirt.


30 January 7:06 pm

File Under: Random Reunions

Former D.C. United midfielder and tattoo enthusiast Santino Quaranta's retirement lasted about as long as his Ochocinco's soccer career. The one-time Black & Red fixture has traded-in a retirement in Baltimore for a short stint near Bollywood, signing on with Team Siliguri of the new Indian Premier League.

While the surroundings may be foreign his coach on this 2-month adventure will be quite familiar: former D.C. teammate Marco Etcheverry will skipper the team which features a pretty good centerback by the name of Fabio Cannavaro.

There's another MLS-associated name involved in the IPL: former Whitecaps head coach Teitur Thordarson. Wonder how an Icelander who coached in Canada will take to the heat of West Bengal?

30 January 5:32 pm

Portland's inking of Scottish international Kris Boyd, a one-time finishing factory for Rangers, adds yet another name to the small, but growing, list of all-time scoring leaders now under the employ of a Major League Soccer club.

The Scotsman sticks out from the crowd though as his crown is for scoring within a domestic league; the other four names on the list hold their titles for scoring for their respective countries.

  • Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy): the all-time scoring leader for the USMNT
  • Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls): France's all-time scoring leader
  • Robbie Keane (LA Galaxy): the all-time scoring leader for the Republic of Ireland national team
  • Dwayne DeRosario (D.C. United): Canada's all-time scoring leader
  • Kris Boyd (Portland Timbers): the Scottish Premier League's all-time scoring leader

Not bad company to be in, is it?

Boyd may not have the name recognition that the others have south of Hadrian's Wall but if he can bring his penchant for finishing to Portland you can guarantee that the Timbers faithful will not only know his name but also work it into a song or two...providing they can find something that rhymes with "Boyd" other than "void", "tabloids" and "Altoids".


30 January 2:29 pm

"Everything fits right, everything feels right. It's not too in your face. It's really kind of subtle but in a very good way."

-David Beckham, soccer & fashion icon


The underwear may not be in your face but the commercial is. Brace yourselves for some extreme, intimate close-ups.

30 January 1:22 pm

The list of players who have stood on both sides of the Los Angeles MLS divide looks set to add another name to its ranks. Former Galaxy man Peter Vagenas is in camp with The Goats and may be sporting red & white stripes come March. Now there may be a few Chivas USA fans who are less than thrilled about this prospect but he certainly wouldn't be the first guy to move across the hall at the Home Depot Center. Here's a list of the top 5 Gals gone Goat.

Juan Pablo Angel

After a slow start to the 2011 season with LA, Angel was dealt to Chivas USA to make room for the incoming Robbie Keane. The change of locker room worked wonders for the Colombian as JPA picked up a hefty 7 goals in 9 games to end the year on a high note.

Paulo Nagamura

Before he was picked up by Sporting Kansas City in December's year's Re-Entry Draft, Paulo Nagamura was on his second stint with Chivas USA after having began his professional career with LA in 2005. Over the years Nagamura shined for both sides of the SuperClasico amassing 99 appearances for Chivas USA while turning out 54 times for LA.

Ante Jazic

After spending nearly 10 years plying his trade in Russia, Croatia and Austria, the Canadian defender entered the world of Los Angeles soccer in 2006 with the Galaxy before a switch to Chivas USA in 2009. He is widely acknowledged to be the most-accomplished Ante to suit up for both sides ahead of former Goats & Galaxy player Ante Razov*.

Alejandro Moreno

The Venezuelan striker has played for more MLS sides than you can count on one hand while scoring exactly 50 goals along the way. His first club? The LA Galaxy. His current club? Chivas USA.

Robin Fraser

The current Chivas USA head coach never played for the Goats but he is a stone cold, old school Galaxy legend with 129 appearances from 1996-2000. He is also the first guy to have played for both teams and later became an MLS head coach.

*That's a joke. It's Monday, you'll need a bit of humor to get through today.


30 January 11:28 am

When was the last time you saw an MLS player --or recently departed MLS player-- get the bedroom rock tribute song treatment? Personally, I haven't seen an acoustic anthem like this since Evan Brown was with Seattle back on 2009.

It's indeed a rare a treat and high praise that my ego is quite jealous of. How come no one writes anthems for bloggers?