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30 April 9:48 pm

If you spend enough time around Red Bull Arena, you might notice a guy decked out in Red Bulls gear buzzing around, shaking hands and sharing laughs with a variety of faces, young and old

Fernando Ruiz is that guy.

The video above courtesy of New York profiles Ruiz, who made the decision to trade NJ Transit for the training pitch and hasn't looked back since. 

30 April 12:17 pm

So, the Columbus Crew paid a visit to WWE Raw last night. It was pretty ridiculous. Daniel Withrow might have a future with these guys if the whole soccer thing doesn't work out. 

It got us thinking, though: Which MLS player would make the best professional wrestler? Jamison Olave? Omar Gonzalez? Donovan Ricketts? Steven Lenhart? 

Tell us in the comments, and feel free to volunteer some nickname suggestions, too.

29 April 11:51 pm

Ever wondered what a match is like at Stade Saputo? The video above might give you a decent idea. Next level quality. 

Neutral MLS fan alert: Viewing may spark newfound affinity for Montreal Impact

Consider yourself warned, amusez-vous!

19 April 2:25 pm

Believe it or not, just like you and me, professional soccer players do get bored from time-to-time. Even those who call Chelís their boss. 

Latest piece of evidence: An epic, three-round thumb war between Carlos Borja and Marvin Iraheta. Good times at Chivas USA. 

18 April 3:34 pm

Michael Bradley is just in the groove right now. 

Living the life with his family in Rome, jamming to Springsteen, doing yoga and just killing it in general whenever he steps on the pitch for club and country. 

Check out MB90 in the latest edition of the Forza Roma series from KICKTV, and tell me you can't hear Bob in a few of those answers. 

17 April 2:19 pm

We gotta hand it to Juan Agudelo. Kid knows how to make an entrance.

In his first career regular-season start as a professional, at the tender age of 18, he notched a game-winning strike for New York Red Bulls.

24 minutes into his USMNT debut, he scored the goal to beat South Africa.

And now, in just his second-ever effort as a Vine user, Agudelo provides us this gem from the Chivas USA training room (do yourself a favor and turn on the audio):

Not bad at all for a second effort. Here was his first:

As you can see, loads of promise in this young man's Vine game. We'll look forward to seeing how he develops.

11 April 9:37 pm

There's been a lot of positive energy headed Kevin Alston's way this week, plenty of it from people who don't even know him.

Add Thierry Henry to that list. All class, all the time. Well done. 

11 April 5:43 pm

Sneaky big weekend coming up. 

As part of the occasion, four market-specific posters have been released for the two matches that will air on NBC Sports Network. 

They're pretty cool.

Above you'll find the art pertaining to LA's visit to FC Dallas Stadium on Saturday. Not a ton of rest for the weary. 

Of course on Sunday, we get another good one.

Portland-San Jose, 10:30pm ET:

Which one do you like best? I could really do with some brisket right now, so I'm gonna go with the FC Dallas BBQ sauce. Leave your choice in the comments. 

10 April 6:28 pm

Ah, college. Miss you. 

Best friends all around, not a care in the world, maybe an adult beverage if you're of legal age and into that sort of thing. Not gonna lie, we get a little jealous every year of all the kids at College Cup. 

And if you live in the D.C. area, you're at least a little jealous of all the students who'll flock to RFK on Saturday when their beloved United host the New York Red Bulls

How about this for a deal: $20, a sideline seat to a huge rivalry matchup and a chance to look at Chris Pontius, in the flesh, running up and down the flank for 90-plus minutes. Everyone's a winner. 

Cool sidenote about this one, the George Washington University radio station will be cranking out an English radio broadcast. Good to see the Colonials stepping up to the plate.

Buy tickets here. 

08 April 2:59 pm

Huge night at Buck Shaw on Saturday.

Gordon and Lenhart back in the team, big-time matchup against Vancouver and a couple guests of honor taking in the proceedings. 

UFC fighters Luke Rockhold and Daniel Cormier were in attendance, which included a head-to-head halftime penalty shootout against the Earthquakes mascot, Q. 

It was all fun and games until they stepped up to the spot. As you'll see below, Q gets a little unlucky. And by "a little" we mean very, very unlucky: 

Somewhat unlucky for Rockhold too, as Q's "save" allowed Cormier to claim the win, prompting the following exchange after the contest: