josh whisenhunt

24 June 7:05 pm

So, this is some great news for a Sunday evening.

Kicking + Screening Soccer/Football Film Festival--founded in 2009 and kicking off this week in New York City--has partnered with KICKTV, meaning they're about to deliver something that wasn't possible before. 

The 4th annual K+S Festival begins on Wednesday night, but starting on June 30, KICKTV will launch an exclusive new 'Films + Documentaries' channel that will deliver some of the best soccer features anywhere to anyone that wants to see them all over the world.

Like what? Well, they'll be debuting with this:

K+S will also be advising KICKTV in terms of programming and film selection, so you know it will be legit. 

Feel like checking out more of the trailers for some of the works in store? The KICKTV crew has a playlist made just for you. And as the presenting partner for the New York festival, they're giving away tickets. Awesome. 

17 June 12:14 am

Great times had by all tonight at Stade Saputo, especially some of the Impact supporters, who orchestrated a serious march to the stadium from one of the pubs about an hour before kickoff.  I don't speak much French, so I couldn't tell you exactly what they were chanting, but I do know it was plenty of fun to see the looks around the neighborhood as the Ultras rolled through. 

Little surprise, they kept it up all evening. Late second half...

15 June 10:13 am

Morning, everybody. Just under 24 hours completed here in Montreal, and so far the stay has been fantastic. Our crew touched down yesterday and while we're getting ready to cruise out to Impact training, wanted to share a few images from our visit to the new Stade Saputo. 

Conclusion: You're gonna love it. 

The Impact were kind enough to hook up the Extratime Radio crew with some space to record yesterday's show, then Impact owner Joey Saputo stopped by, work vest and all. Awesome, and I have a feeling he might be out there again today. The shot above is the pitch from the big guy's office, not a bad view, right?

This was pretty sweet. It's a little tough to make out, but that was the number two spelled out on the far side in the seats. That area of seating acts as a countdown clock of sorts for everyone working out at the stadium, with the number changing each day. According to Saputo, they've been changing the number in the middle of the night since the 24-day mark. 

After the visit, the lovely folks at the new Football Cafe on Rue Saint-Denis took care of us for the Spain-Ireland massacre. If you're ever up here for a match, make sure you stop by. 

Very nice, and very much looking forward to Saturday. We'll check back in soon.